Jesus Christ WHAT Star was it that guided the Magi? Of course it was the Command of the Brotherhood: To hail Jesus, to safeguard, and to bring some means to the poor family. We walked over the face of the earth not knowing the exact spot. The Commands of the Teraphim directed us or led us from day to day. When we heard, “It is near!”, we had just lost all signs of habitation. Could one expect a miracle of so unprecedented an Annunciation in the midst of camel dung and the braying of donkeys? Human thought attempted to locate the future prophet perhaps near a temple or at least majestic walls. We received the Command to halt at a humble inn. In the low-ceilinged house with clay walls we stopped for the night. A fire and a small oil lamp filled the room with a red glow. After our meal we noticed that a servant poured out the remains of the milk into a separate amphora. We said to her, “It is not right to save it.” “But,” she said, “it is not for Thee, O Lord, but for a poor woman. Here behind the wall lives a carpenter. Recently a son was born to him.” Extinguishing the fire, we laid on our hands and asked, “Whither shall we go further?” Came the answer, “Nearer than the nearest. Lower than the lowest. Higher than the highest.” Jesus Christ Not understanding the meaning we besought a Command, but we were told, “Let the ears hearken.” And we sat in the darkness in silence. And we heard how somewhere beyond the wall a child had begun to cry. We began to mark the direction of the cry and we heard the Mother’s song so often heard in the homes of husbandmen: “Let people count thee a plower, but I know, my son, thou art a king. Who, save thee, shall raise the best seed, the most fruitful. The Lord shall call my little one and say, ‘Thy seed alone hast glorified My feast. Sit with Me, king of the worthiest seeds.’ ” As we heard this song three knocks resounded in the ceiling. We said, “In the morning we shall go there.” Before dawn we donned our finest garments and besought the servant to lead us in the direction of the cry. She said, “The Lord wishes to visit the family of the carpenter. I had better lead you around for here one must pass through the cattle fold.” Recalling the Command, we chose the shortest way. Here behind the manger was a tiny dwelling leaning against rock. Here W 32 by the hearth was a woman and in her arms—He. What signs accompanied? He stretched out His little hand and on the palm was a red sign. Upon this sign we placed the most precious pearl of those we brought. Bestowing the treasures and the sacred objects, we warned the mother of the need of wanderings and at once we turned back crossing the same manger. Behind us the mother said, “See, my little one, thou art the king. Set this diamond upon the forehead of thy steed.” We departed bearing in mind the sign of the red star upon the palm. Then, also, had been said, “Remember the day of the red star upon the forehead of the warrior.”

“On Easters Crossroads. Legends and Prophecies of Asia”
by Helena Roerich (Josephine Saint-Hilaire).