The Teaching can be passed on to future generations only in the form of books.

 Excerpt from the speech of Tatyana N. Mickushina

in the Educational Center in March 2015.

Tatyana Mickushina1. Changing the Cycles of the Universe is relevant to each of us.


It is known from the Ascended Masters’ Teaching that the time of the Great Transition, the change of cycles of the Universe has come: the time has come for the Universe to be curtailed, for the manifested worlds to be curtailed.

The cycle of the Universe relates to each individual. Every person first goes outward to fulfill all desires, to try everything.

 But there comes a stage when a person is completely saturated with the material world, everything is tried, and he has only one desire - to return Home, to God. That is, on the Path of Return there is one desire: "To Serve God".

And then all activities of the life of a person turns into self-sacrifice: a person does everything not for himself, but for others.

For these people, the ones who have come to the point of return to God , the Masters have been giving their messages for 10 years.


How to turn your life into a Service?


2. We need to act. our way to returning to God, the Lords gave us one of the main recommendations - to act, act and act.

Many of us do not understand what it means to act and what to do. Why is it so important for us to act in the physical world?

When we act in matter, we use matter, the objects of the physical world, then we inevitably get the fruits of our actions on the physical plane, literally we come across these fruits of our actions. And so we can evaluate them. "Judge by the fruit," Jesus said. At present, this criterion is the only true one.





3. Act with the right motive.


On the path of action the most important thing  is to understand the motive of our actions: what motivates us to activity and what it is to be accomplished. It can be very difficult to act with the right motive and to understand what your motive is.

The Masters tell us the correct motive: do for the common good, for the whole Life, for God.

To follow the Path of Action is to follow the path of Karma Yoga, selfless action.



4. The environment for our actions.


In order to carry out actions, we need an environment in which we can act. We have this environment:

the largest all-American exhibitions, where we present the books of the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina to a very large

number of people; numerous book presentations in different cities of America; Tatyana Mickushina's author page on, where people can purchase all of her books; English Sirius website; Youtube channel, Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Each of these creates an environment in which we can act and Serve Life and God.




5. Necessary conditions for our actions.


What are these conditions?


1) There must be a desire to act.

2) Learn to make decisions together.

3) Distribute powers and responsibilities.

4) Find resources for implementing the tasks and events.

5) To fulfill the plans.

6) Think and make plans.


Lord Shiva:

"As soon as you turn your thoughts in the necessary direction and imbue the images emerging in your mind with the Divine energy, I will have the opportunity to help you and to imbue your imageries with my energy."


6. The Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom should be spread through books.


From the very beginning, when the Masters only began to give the Teaching, They assumed that the Teaching should be spread through books.

A book is something that has a prolonged, long-lasting effect.

For example, remember how the Bible or the Koran came to us. They came to us not through the Internet. These Teachings came to us in the form of books.

The Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood, as Wanga said, is the "Fiery Bible."

Lord Saint-Germain said that the Messages are the Bible for the Transition period.

We need to preserve this "Bible" - the Messages of the Masters for future generations!


Can we save and pass on to the next generations the Teaching that we trust in the computer on the website? What if something happens with the Internet, with the website?


Only books will pass on the Teaching!

-          The presence of Masters is in every book.

-         Books alone change space.

-         This dispensation will last for several more years. What will happen next is unknown.

That is, even if a person takes a book, does not read it, but simply puts it on the shelf, the book will still "work" and  change the space around it. And maybe someday a person will want to read it.


Research scientists have shown that a person develops only when he reads books. Computers and TV lead to people's degradation.

Now in America there are elite schools, colleges for the children of very rich people. In these educational institutions it is forbidden to watch TV, use a and a telephone. They teach only with the help of books. A person develops only when he reads books. If you do not read, then the brain does not develop.


Teaching can be passed on to future generations only in the form of books.

Therefore, our task is to give people the opportunity to have books. Simply, distribute, distribute and distribute books. Spread in any ways: give to friends, give to libraries, sell through stores and so on.



There is a humanitarian catastrophe. Our actions, Karma-Yoga, should be aimed at spreading as many books as possible.