"The Teaching of the Ascended Masters
about the Law of Karma"
at the special event in Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
October 15, 2017

This day was especially joyful, we were honored to present the books of Tatyana Nicholayevna Mickushina, here in the Chicagoland area!

The theme of our Presentation was "The Teaching of the Ascended Masters about the Law of Karma".


All our friendly team prepared for this meeting very thoroughly and seriously, taking in consideration the importance of the topic of the presentation and feeling the responsibility for the worthy holding of this important event!

Long before the scheduled meeting, we (our Chicago group) decided, that on the 15th of October we will hold the Prayer Vigil "Repentance will save Russia" all together, and it was truly an unforgettable experience when we all prayed together!

Our hearts and the surrounding space were filled with Light and Love, and in this sublime state we met our guests, and the Presentation went easily and smoothly!

All the energy, that was released during the joint prayer and following Presentation, we dedicated to the support of all the Light Forces, which are opposed to the release of the slanderous film "Matilda" and which defend the Light Name and feat of the Spirit of Emperor Nicholas II and His family and the greatness of the sacrifice they brought!

This time, the energies of Masters were felt especially strongly!

We were very happy to see more guests at this meeting then before.

For the majority of guests, this was the first experience of attending the Presentation of books containing the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.   One young man saw an ad in a cafe, and said to himself: "I must go to this meeting."

Several visitors from Poland, who we met at the BODY MIND SPIRIT Exhibition also visited us, wanting to understand and feel the Teaching more deeply. One guest, hearing about our presentation in the church, brought two daughters.

We spent a lot of work advertising the forthcoming presentation and, again and again, we were convinced that when we do everything that depends on us, we feel a great help of the Masters!

Our wonderful guests listened to us with great interest!


One visitor, originally from Argentina, shared that she heard exactly what she needed to hear and purchased all 5 volumes of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

One young man offered help in spreading information about the Teaching in social networks.

Many books were purchased; all the additionally printed Dictations on the Law of Karma went momentarily.

With each meeting we realize deeper and deeper how much more we can and need to do ...

It was a truly magnificent day. What a happiness to share the Teaching of the Masters and the wisdom that comes from the books and videos of Tatyana Nikolaevna!

A huge thanks to all our like-minded friends from different countries who helped and supported us during the preparation and holding of this meeting! This help and support was very much felt!

We are infinitely grateful to God, the Ascended Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina for the opportunity to hold the Presentation at this difficult time for the world and for the honor and joy of service!

We look forward to the next meetings!

With Love and a low bow,

Lina, Rick,
and our whole wonderful team, who works to spread the Teaching to the English-speaking space of the Planet Earth