Ascended Masters' Teaching
on Reincarnation and Changing the Consciousness
at the special event in Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA
August 19-20, 2017

I really appreciate the opportunity to be in the service of the Ascended Masters and Tatyana Mickushina during the Skokie "Body Mind Spirit Expo".

I enjoy talking to people, especially Polish, as that is my native language. I feel that they are looking for spiritual knowledge and they ask when we are going to have a Meet Up group. I hope, with Divine blessings, we will get together soon.

During events like this I feel like I'm on my mission and on the right path and everything makes sense.

This was our 14th Expo in Chicago and it was a pleasure to work together with everyone again.

That was the reason why I had the message from my higher self to translate the recent Dictation of Sanat Kumara from June 20, 2017 and now I'm so happy I did that...

Greetings to all light workers all over the world!

Thank you for your support and your prayers!

With love,

I enjoyed attending and participating in the 14th session of The Ascended Masters booth representing Tatyana Mickushina at the "Body Mind Spirit Expo".

There were many different types of people who stopped by and we shared the Teachings with those who would accept it. Many people were pleased to read the Messages. I felt uplifted several times by the energy surrounding our booth.

This is our 7th year and people come visit us as friends after meeting us through Tatyana Mickushina. It is a nice feeling.

I am Blessed to be part of this experience!

Love and Light!

The Presentation about The Law of Reincarnation and Changing Consciousness held in Chicago at Mind, Body , Spirit Expo was absolutely beautifully done. We are so Blessed and Greatful to have this wonderful opportunity to participate in sharing and spreading The Teachings of The Ascended Masters given trough The Messenger Tatyana Mickushina in the United States. And it is always life changing experience for all of us.

We had a more then 40 people attended the presentation. Guests listen very attentively , absorbing Divine knowledge and high vibrational energies, The presentation went very smoothly. Afterwards, many people explored the books with great interest, asked questions, and shared their impressions. Several people who were already familiar with the Teaching and who had previously purchased and read Tatyana Mickushina's books came to the presentation as well. It was wonderful to see that their interest is growing and they are striving to deepen their knowledge. We want to Thank Tatyana N. Mickushina and Ascended Masters for their unconditional love and care, support and help during this critical time on our Planet Earth. We are so honored to represent Tatyana Mickushina , and the Teaching given through her, here, in America.

We also Thank those beautiful Souls who did support and assist us during The Presentation and during The Expo. Thank you with big Gratitude!

Love and Light to everyone!

Los Angeles

The exhibition at the "Body Mind Spirit Expo" was held in one breath, the time flew by incredibly fast and we really did not want to part ... It was so nice to see our team together again, and we all felt like a single spiritual family. It was also a joy to see the regular visitors of our booth acquiring new books.

One case in particular stands out in my mind and I would like to share it with you. A year ago a family with two children came to our stand. A six-year-old boy, who was not yet able to read, picked up the book "Saint Germain" 326and could not part with it ... the parents were very surprised by this, but were not ready to buy the book, and we gave it to the child. The boy's father came to our booth at the next exhibition, half a year later, and said that not only his eldest son, but also his youngest daughter is drawn to this book. He asked how, in our opinion, he could educate and nurture the understanding of such unique and interesting children. We recommended that he buy the first volume of the book "The Words of Wisdom". At this exhibition the whole family, in full strength, came to our stand. The boy immediately reached for the book "Saint Germain", and then he became interested in the books "Sanat Kumara" and "Jesus." The child did not want to close these books and leave us ... This time the parents bought the remaining 4 volumes of the five-volume "Words of Wisdom" and now the family has all five volumes with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters! We were filled with great joy and a sense of calm for the future of these beautiful children.

In general, it was very pleasant to see the genuine interest of young people in the Teaching. There was a sense of the importance of their acquaintance with the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom. The feeling of Love was felt throughout the exhibition and this continued after ... I thank the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatiana Nikolaevna Mikushina, God and all the Ascended Host for this invaluable Teaching and the opportunity to spread it to the English-speaking world. This is a great honor and blessing! Also I thank all light bearers for the joy of working together for the common good and unforgettable moments spent in the presence of the Masters.

With love and gratitude,

Dear Tatyana Nicholaevna, Dear Tatyana Viktorovna, Dear faithful friends, and like-minded people from many countries of the world!

Our fourteenth exhibition of the "Body Mind Spirit Expo" in Chicago was a real feast of the Spirit, a unity of hearts and souls of all the members of our wonderful team!

This exhibition crowned the seventh year of our work on the dissemination of spreading the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, given through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina here, in America and in the English-speaking world.

At this Exhibition the full Teaching of the Ascended Masters, translated into English was presented for the first time, and published in five volumes.

This is the result of the inspired work of our friendly team!

An unusually joyful, bright atmosphere governed our stand during these two unforgettable days. It was an oasis of sincere Love and devotion to God, the Masters, and our beloved Teacher Tatyana Nicholaevna! What happiness it is to feel unity and community in aspiration to the light and the future with many, many devoted souls! Low bow and a great thanks to God, to the Ascended Masters, to our beloved Teacher Tatyana Nicholaevna, to our friends Ц and like-minded people from many countries around the world for their help, sincere support, trust and the opportunity of such a Service!

With the Love of Our Hearts!
Maria, Galina