Ascended Masters Books
at the East West Bookshop
in Mountain View, CA
June 6, 2017

Today our team presented the Teaching of the Ascended Masters given through Tatyana N. Mickushina at the East West Bookshop in Mountain View, CA.

We had a full house - over 30 people attended the presentation. Guests listened very attentively, absorbing the Divine Knowledge and high vibrational energies.

The Masters were undoubtedly with us.

The presentation went very smoothly. Afterwards, many people explored the books with great interest, asked questions, and shared their impressions. One of the attendees said that he felt that we spoke from the heart, and that the pure energy emanating from us, allowed everyone to understand the information from the heart, rather than from the level of the mind.

Another gentleman noted that it was great that we spoke about the unity of nations and the importance of maintaining inner balance, which is indispensable for changing the surrounding world.

Several people who were already familiar with the Teaching and who had previously purchased and read Tatyana Mickushina's books came to the presentation as well. It was wonderful to see that their interest is growing and they are striving to deepen their knowledge.

Many people subscribed to the email newsletter, many bought the books and Masters' Images.

We think that we will hold many more presentations in this wonderful store in the future, spreading the Divine Knowledge and meeting many more beautiful souls.

We thank Tatyana N. Mickushina for her titanic effort, important work, and for the honor to represent her, and the Teaching given through her, here, in America.
We also thank the Ascended Masters for their help and support during the preparation process and the presentation itself.
Additionally, we thank all those who helped us prepare the materials for the presentation, and those who came to support and assist us tonight.

With love,
Hanna Mityashina
Julia Romanova