Books by
Tatyana N. Mickushina
presented at:
New Living Expo
April 28 - 30
San Mateo, CA

Dear friends!

Our 3rd year of participation in the New Living Expo in San Francisco, Bay Area has just come to an end.

This year it was especially wonderful, because team members from all over the North American continent came to help, including Maria and Lina from Chicago, Grant, Rima and Tatyana from Los Angeles, and Natalia, who flew all the way from Canada just to participate in the expo with us. Our team worked very efficiently and harmoniously, rendering help wholeheartedly and inspiring one another. It is wonderful to see how the number of Light bearers is growing in the United States, and how many beautiful souls get attracted and stay with the Teaching. Old friends, who had bought the books in the past years, came to visit us again, told us about their impressions from reading the books, and purchased additional ones. Of course, we also met many amazing souls who opened their hearts to us when coming in contact with the books.

I was especially touched by meeting a woman called Morgan, who was the author of the original photo of Babaji, which we offer as one of the Master Images. She took it many years ago in India and was really glad to see that we were using it for such a wonderful cause. Morgan later attended our presentation and was very happy to learn about the Teaching and about Tatyana Mickushina.

The presentation titled What Ascended Masters Say about America which we held during the expo surpassed all expectations. Over 80 people came to the presentation. Many of them had to stand or sit on the floor as there were not enough seats to accommodate all. Many people thanked us after the presentation for the valuable information that they received, they also purchased the books and signed up for our newsletter.

From the bottom of my heart, I give thanks to Tatyana Mickushina for her grand Work as the Messenger, to all the Ascended Masters for their Light, Love and help which they gave us throughout the expo. I also thank all our team for coming here from all parts of the continent in order to bring Light into the hearts of people in Northern California.

With Love,
Hanna, San Jose


Ultimate thanks to Tatyana Mickushina and the Ascended Masters for the opportunity to spread their Teaching at the New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA. It was a real delight to be together again with the other volunteers, followers of the Teaching, and share in the Light at the booth where the books were presented to so many people. The presentation was so well attended, it was standing room only. We also announced a follow-up presentation at a local bookstore in June. Many people in the Bay Area were blessed this weekend by being introduced to the Teaching.

Love and Light to all,
Grant, Los Angeles

What a great opportunity it was for me to participate in the Expo, in America, spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, given through the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina. The exhibition in San Mateo attracted the hearts of many people of different nationalities, different levels of consciousness, and different world views, but they were all connected by one purpose - search for the Truth. Our booth attracted such seekers of Truth by our light and pure energies, because we were like Angels, as many people told us, bringing the Divine Light into this world. Many people with open hearts found what they were looking for when they came to our booth. The book "Words of Wisdom" was very popular during the Expo. Upon opening this book, many people found the answers to long standing questions they had. At that moment, the connection with The Divine World was established, and they purchased the book which their Heart told them to buy. I am Thankful to all Forces of Light, to the Ascended Masters, and to Tatyana N. Mickushina for their love, support, and service for the good of mankind. "May the World be Happy" as Lord Maitreya said.

Wishing Love and Light to all the Souls inhabiting our Planet,
Tatiana, Los Angeles


Thank you Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Ascended Masters for the opportunity to be a part of this great work in spreading the Teaching of the Masters. We had great success with the presentation on Saturday afternoon, with so many wonderful people searching for the Truth. It was such an honor to be with so many like-minded people who have a great love for the Masters.

With much love and gratitude.

I thank you all!️
Rima, Los Angeles

The Expo in San Mateo was my first experience in spreading the Teaching at an exhibition. I flew to California from Canada, to learn from, and share, this experience with like-minded people, as they had already had 17 exhibitions in America!

The team of spiritual people works together harmoniously. One feels care, love, full devotion and an understanding that we are united. In my heart I have the feeling of extreme gratitude to our team! I had communicated with them at our weekly online conference before I met them in real life in San Mateo and felt even more warmth and devotion to Service.

What are my greatest impressions? First, it is the feeling of the powerful support of the Ascended Masters. Second, it is the feeling of joy when more and more people discover the Teaching for themselves. Third, it is the excitement and happiness at seeing the hall filled with people at the presentation of the Teaching.

Tatyana Mickushina, as Prometheus, brought the Light of the Divine Knowledge to the people of the Earth. It is now our turn to share this Light in our hearts with the rest of the world.

Natasha, Canada


The New Living Expo in San Mateo, a suburb of San Francisco, was held in a very elevated state of consciousness by all the members of our friendly team. A festive atmosphere of love, warmth and happiness accompanied our booth during all 3 days of the Expo!

We were pleasantly surprised by the readiness of so many souls to perceive the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

The Presentation What do the Ascended Masters say about America caused unbelievable interest in the Expo visitors. The amount of attendees was huge, we had a full house, the room couldnt fit everybody, lots of visitors were sitting on the floor, crowded in the door ways, stood along the walls, some simply couldnt come in The Presentation began and most of the visitors closed their eyes, emerging into a meditative statethe presence of the Masters was strongly felt. At the end we heard a thankful round of applause!

After the Presentation many guests came up to our booth, with words of gratitude and admiration along with purchasing the books.

One woman confessed that our Presentation touched her so much, that she couldnt hold the tears.

People were continuously coming to our booth till the end of the Expo, purchasing books and images of the Masters. A lot of books were sold at this Expo and a large amount of people said that they would start their journey to the world of the Ascended Masters by visiting the Sirius website.

I thank God, our beloved Teachers and Tatyana N. Mickushina for the happiness and honor of Serving The Great White Brotherhood! I also thank all the members of our tight-knit team for their love and support! Together, we're a force to be reckoned with!

With Love and a low bow,
Lina, Chicago

Dear like-minded friends!

In advance of the just-finished Expo in San Mateo, CA, we received a Blessing from our Beloved Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina, and this Blessing elated and inspired us!

I am amazingly happy to write these lines to you today!

I would love to sincerely share the happiness from the magic feeling of witnessing the Divine World descend to the hearts and souls of people when they come into contact with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters!

Three days, full of Love, Joy, Inspiration and Happiness flew by like a flash!

Its hard to say how many souls of light and open hearts we met these days, how many words of gratitude we heard and how much sincere appreciation we received from visitors to our booth!

Our beautiful team strengthens and is filled with joy from Serving the Common Good!

Peace, Light and Love to every particle of Life!

With a profound bow, a heart filled with endless Gratitude and great Love to God, the Ascended Masters, to the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina, Tatyana Martynenko and all our like-minded friends from different countries of the World!

Maria, Chicago