Ascended Masters Books
at the special event in Chicago
suburb Naperville
Chicago, IL, USA
April 2, 2017

Dear friends!

We are pleased to share with you our impressions of the Presentation of Tatyana N. Mickushinas books, which took place last Sunday in Chicago suburb of Naperville!

The topic of the Presentation Ascended Masters Teaching on Compassion and Mercy was not chosen by coincidence we all need the manifestation of these Divine qualities in our everyday life!

Mother Marys icon and a statue of Quan Yin, which Maria brought from her home with love, created a sublime and light-full atmosphere from the very beginning!

Prior to the Presentation, we made a Call to the Ascended Masters for Protection and Divine Guidance, we felt their presence; the Ascended Masters were definitely with us!

Our guests attentively listened to the Presentation with adoration!

We felt, that everything, they saw and heard touched their hearts, to such an extent that some of our friends couldnt hold the welled up tears in their eyes

The Presentation opened the hearts of all of us, and they were filled with Divine Love, Mercy and Compassion!

At the end of the lecture, everyone stayed seated, nobody wanted to leave, which has become a usual occurrence for us. Guests sincerely shared their feelings about the Presentation and we were glad to see happy smiles on their faces. One of them said that instead of modern TV programs, television should be spreading this information

During our communication we had the opportunity to explain, to our friends, in detail about how the Miracle of transmitting the Messages from Higher Octaves to our physical world began, causing everyone who came to listen gratefully in rapt silence. We bow in respect and are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Ascended Masters and the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina, who carries the Divine Knowledge, Love and Hope for a light-full future for the whole world!

With Love from our hearts, Light and Gratitude,