Ascended Masters Books
at the Mystic Journey Bookstore
Los Angeles, California, USA

We had a wonderful Presentation last night at the Mystic Journey Bookstore( Los Angeles, California) and all those in attendance seemed to really enjoy and appreciate the new presentation on Compassion and Mercy.

Thanks to everyone for your Love and support and thanks to those who helped develop the new program.

We had many comments on how beautiful the presentation was and when it was over, everyone applauded.

There was a deep feeling of love and light in the room. It is always such a joy at being at the Mystic Journey Bookstore, and they told us many time how much they enjoy having us there.

They were also excited about all the books that were sold. Lina, Nesrin and Maria did such wonderful work on the presentation. Special thanks to them.

Thank you to our Messenger Tatyana Mickushina and all the Ascended Masters for their Love and endless Compassion.

With love and gratitude.
Tatiana and Grant