Ascended Masters’ Books 
at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo 
Chicago, IL, USA
March 2017

The exhibition "Body Mind Spirit" was held in Chicago. From preparation to completion, this exhibition was inspiring.

All members of our team felt themselves as a one spiritual family. Throughout the exhibition we felt the incredible closeness of the Ascended Masters.

Many visitors to our stand, opening the books, experienced a profound sense of the Divine Energy contained in the Messages, to the very core of their beings.

It was very nice to see that many couples were planning a joint reading of the dictations, realizing the benefit not only to themselves but also to the importance of proper spiritual education for their children.

At the last exhibition a six-year-old boy came up to our stand with his parents and little sister. He picked up the book "Saint-Germain" and would not let it go, so we gave him this book.

Today the father of this boy came and told us that their two-year-old daughter also started to take an active interest in this book. He asked us to recommend a book for him and his wife to read in order to properly educate and communicate at the appropriate level with their special children.

We advised him to buy the first volume of "The Word of Wisdom," and he did.

Throughout the exhibition I was filled with a great feeling of Love and Gratitude to God and the Masters! This feeling is still with me!

We thank our warm, friendly team — and especially Maria — for their support and unity in service for the good of humanity of Earth!

I thank our Beloved Teacher Tatiana N. Mickushina, and God, and the Masters of Wisdom for the honor of Service to the Great White Brotherhood!

With love from all my heart,




First, I want to thank All the Ascended Masters and Tatyana Mickushina for their Love and Wisdom, and unending support for Humanity on Earth.
The Body, Mind & Spirit Expo in Chicago was well attended and we introduced many new people to the Teaching. Entering our 6th year of exhibiting at this Expo, friends returned to the booth to thank us and ask about new books.

Over 30 people attended the presentation, and many of them came back to the booth to find out more. We also announced the 40 Day Joint Spiritual Practice that begins the day after the Expo ends. What a great timing.

It was a delight working with everybody on the team and such an uplifting experience for all. The spirit of Service was clearly visible.

With Love and Gratitude


Los Angeles

I will remember this expo forever because of joyful Divine energy I felt.


I have a special appreciation for the opportunity to represent the Ascended Masters and our Messenger Tatyana Mickushina.


Six years ago I met the Sirius team, Maria and Gala, for the first time at the same Body Mind Spirit Expo in Northlake, and now Rick and I have become volunteers as well.


My heart rejoices because with the help of our American team, we started to promote Sirius in Poland ("Syrius")!


We prepared the ads with the website and Facebook page on them, a picture of Sanat Kumara, and a quote from his first dictation from March 4, 2005. The first Polish woman who stopped by our booth said that she had been attracted by our Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara.


I'm very happy that we exchanged contacts with a lot of Polish guests, and I hope that more Polish people will be able to receive this Precious Divine Knowledge.


With Love and Gratitude,




To my dear "Chicago family":

Thank you for all for your friendly teamwork in the preparation and organization of the exhibition!

Thanks to our Beloved Ascended Masters and to our Beloved Teacher, Tatyana Nicholayevna!

As always, it was an unforgettable experience and a much-needed service, and I was glad to share it with you all.

Thank you, Grant, for finding the opportunity to fly in and take part in the exhibition!

All of us have compiled an excellent, harmonious team that supports each other in the work process.

I am very happy for all the wonderful people who came to our stand to find out about our Messenger and about the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

Remember when one of our guests said that the morning before the exhibition, he prayed to God to help him find what he had been looking for for a long time?

And when I told him about the Messenger and about the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, he said he felt that it was exactly what he was looking for. It was very touching.

I did not want to move away from the booth for a minute.

There was a feeling that it is simply vital for people to get access to this sacred knowledge, and I was filled with extraordinary joy and gratitude to the Masters for the fact that many people have found a clear direction for their spiritual growth.

I am particularly pleased for the children — even a little girl, who is only 19 months old — who showed a genuine interest in the Masters’ images and to books with the Teaching.

Many more good and joyful words of gratitude can be said.

I wish all of us new achievements on the spiritual path and more of these meetings, which all of us need!

I embrace you all, my beloved!


San Francisco.

For one and a half years, I have lived in America. I miss my native Lithuania with its forests, fields, clear rivers, and the Sirius Center in Kaunas, which I love very much.

 Only my Teachers — the Ascended Masters and the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina — are always with me, even in America.

I am very grateful to Maria for inviting me to participate in this Expo. I had a very serious experience working with all of our friendly team!

I really felt that, here in America, people have a genuine need for this sacred knowledge!

With Love and Gratitude!





Dear Tatyana Nicholaevna! friends and co-followers!

I wish I could convey to you the state of Joy, Inspiration, and Hope that we have experienced in these unforgettable days of our favorite exhibition, "Body Mind Spirit Expo" in Chicago!

In March 2011, we took our first step in spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters transmitted to humanity through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina, here in America in Chicago, Illinois!

This happened at the same exhibition — at "Body Mind Spirit" — in the same Midwest Conference Center!

It so happens that the most "American" city in the United States, Chicago, is the cradle of the organization and formation of our wonderful, talented, cohesive team, which now has already become international, working on the spreading of the Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the English-speaking area of planet Earth!

These days we have been working like a well-tuned orchestra, where each member has played his part being in harmony with all and everyone! Nicholaevna, in her directions to our team before this expo, said:

"Wherever you are, there is an outpost of the Masters on the Earth!" It inspired us so much, just gave us wings, and our hearts were filled with great Love and Light!

Oh, let this Divine Joy last long; let it never leave us!

The visitors to our booth were extremely sensitive to it, kept coming up to us time and again, and this interest lasted until the last minute of the exhibition.

So much genuine and sincere interest in the Teaching and the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna were expressed by the visitors of our booth! How their souls were opening up right before our eyes, and their hearts were filling with Love!

A thought has often come from the depths of my being: "What we should do every moment of our life is to kindle with the fire of our hearts the hearts of the people around us!"

We thank God, the Ascended Masters, our Favorite Teacher Tatyana Nickolaevna, Tatyana Martynenko, and all our dear friends living in different countries around the world for their continuous help and support, for their inspiration and trust, and for the opportunity of such Service!

Take a bow and the great gratitude and Love of all my heart to each particle of Life!