About World Government


We received an interesting question from a reader of the Sirius website, Antonina from Bulgaria.


“I am very curious and interested to know whether the Law of Karma is enforced on those few families who rule the world. Those are: the Rothschilds, the Bruces, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and others. They do not want the money. They own almost all the money on Earth. They control almost everything on Earth: our planet's resources, all the loans that enslave people, the banks, including the World Bank and the currency markets, huge enterprises and corporations. They need people's energy. They manipulate people's values and push them towards the illusion of this world. Why do they do this? Isn't this a dark force outside of us? Why do ordinary people receive the return of their karma, but these human beings, who did so many bad things to the people of Earth, still live in luxury, prosperity and rule the world for many years? Don’t they get the return of their karma?"


If we consult the Teaching that the Masters give, then there are two forces on Earth - the forces of good and the forces of evil that constantly interact with each other and shift one into another. And there are certain ideologies, based on which the human society develops. A few centuries ago, a turn started happening in the people's consciousness, and God began to take up less and less space in their consciousness. That was the choice made by more and more people.


If we look at the history of Russia, Russia made its choice in 1917, having turned away from God. We know that the Tsar was betrayed, he was overthrown and later killed. Most of the churches and monasteries were destroyed, and we know that about 300,000 clergymen were killed and tortured. Thus, the Orthodox Church was also betrayed. And, practically, it ceased to exist then, because it is actually very difficult to revive the church. This choice that the people made, this choice determines the future. And also in all other countries, people were gradually rejecting God. Thus, the ideology which is called the cult of the golden calf, or the consumerist society, had won. And over time, the power became concentrated in the hands of those people who are the priests of this ideology. What are the main features of this ideology? God does not exist for them and everything is limited to the material world, consequently, if you only live once, you need to get all the pleasures from this life, and since the resources of the planet are limited; it becomes necessary to control them. It becomes necessary to control all the financial, material and mineral resources, thus implementing global supremacy on Earth. This fully corresponds with the ideology they are pursuing and in this case, people are just following the ideology of worshipping the golden calf, but it is not because this ideology was forced on them.


One of the fundamental Laws that exist in this world is the Law of free Will. Everyone has a free will and everyone acts according to his or her free will. However, acting in accordance with the free will implies responsibility. If we act in accordance with our own free will, but violate the Divine Law, we create karma and this karma must return to us in one form or another. Thus, when people gradually move away from God, the Law of Karma comes into force. Yet, why doesn't the Law of Karma apply to those people who, as Antonina wrote, rule the world?

This question is even more difficult to answer using commonly accepted sources and knowledge.


We know that the evolution of planet Earth is cyclic and, at this point in time, a great cosmic cycle is coming to an end, and another one will begin. It happens so that not all the people who live on planet Earth now, will be able to transition to the new cycle; because they need to have a higher level of consciousness in order to move on to a new stage of cosmic evolution. Therefore, when people make choices in favor of the consumerist society, reject God and do not want to develop themselves, that is they turn away from the evolutionary path of development.


Some of the souls of these people will have to completely stop their evolution; for other souls, some other decisions will probably be made regarding them. Yet, it will be necessary to rid the planet of these souls. Someone has to do this dirty work of liberating the planet from those souls who are not suitable for cosmic evolution; for further spiritual evolution on the planet. Therefore, in my opinion, the people who are now part of the corporations that rule the world, they are the ones who do this dirty work of relieving the planet from those souls who are not capable of further evolution.


How is it done? This comes in the form of wars, in the form of genetically modified foods, in the form of vaccinations, there are different means: the promotion of violence in the mass media and computer games. All this eventually leads to the degradation of people, and their death, and that is the work that these families are doing. It is very difficult to understand, since all the information sources that we have are only generated by the mass media. But if we refer, for example, to Hinduism, there is a book that I think is called “Srimad Bhagavatam”. It mentions the story of Jay and Vijay.


The essence of story is that when they were in the spiritual world, they were the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu. Great sages, the four Saint Kumaras, one of whom is known to us as Sanat Kumara, came to offer obeisances to Lord Vishnu. And when they came to offer their obeisances to Lord Vishnu, these gatekeepers did not let the great sages, the Saint Kumaras in. Since they were not let in, the Kumaras became angry and Jay and Vijay had to be punished. Lord Vishnu suggested to them that they either take seven births as the devotees of Lord Vishnu - Vaisnavas, or take three births as demons, that is, Asuras, the godless. So, Jay and Vijay chose to be incarnated as the godless, three incarnations instead of seven. And thus, they became demons in each of the cycles: Satya-Yuga, Treta-Yuga and Dvapara-Yuga. They incarnated as demons in each Yuga, and these demons were fighting Lord Vishnu. Each time they were fighting against and opposing Lord Vishnu, So, practically, those quite highly developed spiritual beings were opposing Lord Vishnu, while in fact they were his servants. That’s the paradox.


We must always understand that everything that happens in this world is some kind of a game, the Lila of God. And you just need to understand what is behind all these things. Similarly in Christianity, not everything is clear enough. There is the book of Job that states clearly, you can actually read this book, that Satan is, in fact, in the service of God, that is, when it was necessary to deprive Job of his family, his health, it was Satan who did all that.


What is Satan? Satan is the enemy, i.e. he is the one who takes the side of the opposing forces, but, in fact, Satan serves God. Thus, when we refuse the evolutionary path of development, this karma must return to us in the form of punishment. When we reject God, we must suffer some punishment, but someone has to do this punishment for us. So, I think, the world government has been successfully doing that; it is just eradicating the population. This chip implantation that is coming, the vaccination that is ongoing, that is, we are just being turned into some kind of bio-robots, but, in fact, we turned away from God before that. Therefore, it is the karma that is waiting for us and that we have to work off.


Is there a way out of this situation? There is always a way out of any situation. God always gives us the opportunity to continue the evolutionary path of development. Therefore, the Masters constantly come and give the Teaching through different people. We know Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who wrote books approximately 130 years ago. Her most fundamental work is “The Secret Doctrine”. I also attempted to explain “The Secret Doctrine” in a more modern language in the book “Good and Evil: An individual Interpretation of “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky.” Also this theme repeatedly comes up in the dictations given by the Masters.


What is the essence of this Teaching? The essence of this Teaching is that if, for example, in conventional religious systems, there exist God and the devil; and God and the devil confront each other, that is when we think that we take the Divine side, then we think that someone who opposes us takes the side of the devil, and we practically just kill each other, in the name of God, of course. Thus, there is always someone who should be killed, and someone who should be taken out, and whom we can fight against.


But it is inherent in the ideology itself, which also exists in this world now. First, the ideology changes. The ideology must be accepted by the critical percentage of people, approximately 1% of the population of planet Earth. And when this ideology is accepted by some critical percentage of the population, then absolutely everything changes, because the ideology is a very subtle thing. And by changing the ideology, the whole situation on the planet Earth changes quickly.


But the new Teaching, which is coming into the world, states that there is only God. Nothing exists in this world except God. And that devil is simply something inside of us, from which we must free ourselves and which is within us, that is, in fact, God and the devil exist inside of us. And therefore, if we look for enemies outside of us, we will always find them. But if we understand that when we defeat only one devil, if we kill just the one devil that is only inside of us, then there will be nothing outside of us that we have to fight against. The Masters have been giving this Teaching for over 12 years, but for now, only no more than one thousand and several hundred people can understand and accept the Teaching, that is, the level of consciousness of people is such that they are not able to accept this Teaching as their level of development does not allow it.


When we put God at the forefront, at the top of all our life and understand that it's all the fault of our level of consciousness, and we try to change our consciousness. This can also be done by changing the external situation that exists in the world. We do that consciously and actively.


Because we can also change our consciousness inside. But you can also change it by taking positive external actions aimed at goodness and justice. Therefore, if we actively do this, we can rectify the whole situation. The entire situation in the world will change very quickly and there will be no need for any world government. It will simply not be able exist in those conditions. Everything can be changed. But if we don’t do it, then it just makes no sense to maintain this civilization.


For example, in our garden, in order for the carrots and beets to grow, we remove the weeds from the soil.


God acts in a similar way. But in order for Him to act like this, he needs Satan who will carry out this dirty work. That's how I see it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I am talking now in terms of the Teaching that the Masters give. Good and evil are inherent in our world. And if we remove one of them, the world will cease to exist. Our world is the mixture of good and evil, but we need it to develop and make the distinction, so that we can improve. And if we get into ideal conditions, we cannot develop there.


It is sufficient to look the example of Gautama Buddha. He lived in the palace, and he had everything, but for some reason, he realized that he was lacking something. Upon leaving his palace he saw old and sick people, he saw death, and he realized that there is also evil in this world, in the form of suffering. And when he realized this, he then began to think that there must be some path that would allow people to get rid of suffering. And that inspired him to find this path. But if he had continued to live in the palace, he would never have reached this Truth.


Everything is relative. We wouldn’t be able to develop if there were only good or only evil. Our task is to make the distinction between the good and the evil. We must always strive to do good things and avoid evil. That is the meaning of our lives. When people make the pursuit of pleasure and money their meaning of life instead of seeking goodness and justice, it is called degradation.


And the devil, or the so-called world government, it simply offers us a form of choice. What is it that we choose? We either chase money and the pleasures of this world, or we defend Divinity, even at the cost of our own life, and uphold the principles of the Divine world. That is, what do we choose?


And when we, even at the cost of our own life, stand for goodness and justice, God and our ideals, then we save our life, that is, the eternal life, the life of our individuality. But when we make a choice in favor of this world and continue to chase pleasure and money, then we actually lose our soul; and the physical bodies will still be removed one way or another.


99% of the population of Earth live by the law of the consumerist society, they practically worship the golden calf. That was their choice. According to the free will, people made their choice. The choice that they made is actually to reject God. There comes a time and the window of the Divine opportunity closes. That's it, you tried your best to develop yourselves, but you didn’t succeed. A new cycle then opens, and only those who are ready, those who have gone through the necessary stages which enabled them to reach a new level of consciousness, can enter this cycle.