Joint spiritual practice

March 6 - April 14, 2017


Dear friends!


The joint practice in reading the Messages of 2015-2016 that we held from 1st to 10th of February 2017 has caused a huge amount of grateful and positive feedback from those who participated in this practice.


The responses are available on the Sirius-Centers website, and can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


The vast majority of people who responded have expressed their desire to continue this practice.


A joint reading of the sacred texts is a type of spiritual practice. This practice is very popular in our time as the rhythm of life may not always give us an opportunity to pray or even just to read.


When we gather together in this joint reading of the Messages, we use the group momentum of achievements; and what was hard for one person is much easier to do in a group. This practice is particularly suitable for beginners, for whom it is much easier to read together with those who have advanced on the spiritual path. However, for those who have already read all the Messages more than once, this practice provides a new understanding and new discoveries in acquisition of the Divine science, filling with energy, and a new sense of Life.


This time, I invite you to take part in the reading of the Dictations of the first cycle. We will sequentially read the first 40 Dictations in the period from March 6 to April 14, 2017.


We are all in different places on the globe. However, this is precisely our advantage!

If we all read the same Message from the same Master at the same time, and during this spiritual work we strive to reach the most elevated state of our consciousness, then we will bring the energies of the Master, who gives the Message, into this world, in different places on the globe.

If we succeed in reaching a state of inner peace, unconditional Love, and strong faith during our spiritual work, then we ourselves will become a source of Light for our world.

And if enough people join together in this spiritual practice, this will have an impact on the entire planet, raising the vibrational background and many events around the globe can move in a positive direction.

What is most important for positive evolutionary and structural rearrangements are not the powerful but the super-weak efforts. It is not the amount of active energy that is important, but rather the number and variety of the points of application that have an impact. In that regard, we can recall the words of the great Lao-Tzu the weak overcomes the strong and the silent overcomes the loud.

For our concerted efforts, I suggest reading the Messages together at certain times.


Times for reading the Messages:

Before March 12: At 3:00 am, 6:00 am, 9:00am, and 12:00 noon (U.S. Central Time)

Since March 12: At 4:00 am, 7:00 am, 10:00 am, and 01:00 pm  (Central Daylight Time)

You can read one and the same Message one, two, three, or four times a day, at the times convenient for you as provided above.

If you have the book "Words of Wisdom -1", you can read the Messages in this book.

If you do not have this book, you can read the Messages on the "Sirius" website at:

Do not try to necessarily read the Messages four times a day. Maybe it will be enough for you to read the Message once a day. It is more important to perform this practice every day non-stop for 40 days. This will reinforce discipline and bring the habit of daily practice.


However, do not forget that the Divine energy that you attract during the practice, begins to raise the negative energies contained in your aura, and your karmic deposits get activated.


This means faster working off of your karma. But it may happen that you will not be ready to meet the stream of negative energies that arise within your being. It can be your negative states of consciousness, awakened bad habits or strained relations with your environment at home and work... If you are not able to neutralize and overcome the risen energies of the past, take a break in the practice for a few days or stop the practice altogether.

The next time you will be able to overcome yourself and will certainly pass the whole practice.

Each day, an announcement of the following three dictations for the next few days will appear on the home page of the "Sirius" website.


You can read the Messages aloud, or silently. Unfortunately, the audio-recordings of the Messages of the first cycle were not performed, as there was no technical feasibility at that time.

To strengthen the presence of the Master who gave the Message, you can make the following call:

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I invoke the Electronic Presence of [MASTER`S NAME]. Let God's Will be done. Amen."

Your state of mind before reading the Messages is very important.

So, in order to get attuned for reading a Message, you can:

        listen to music

        watch a video

Or   meditate on the image of the Master who gave the Message.

Please, see the recommendations from the Masters on how to read the Messages following the link: to read messages.htm

I invite you to take part in this joint spiritual practice reading the Messages of the Masters!


T.N. Mickushina

Light and Love!