Dedicated to the Baptism of the Lord!

Dear friends!

On the eve of the feast of Epiphany, we offer you material dedicated to this significant event.

Epiphany is celebrated on January 19th and is called the Epiphany of the Lord (Holy Epiphany). Epiphany ends after the period of the Christmas holidays.

This holiday is established in honor of the event of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River by John the Baptist.

According to tradition, during the baptism, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove; at the same time, a voice from heaven proclaimed: "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." (Matthew 3:17).



Unique properties of Epiphany water


Science has proven that water, due to the uniqueness of its structural features, has amazing properties: it is able to remember information, it can heal and has a high energy intensity. For example, ordinary tap water on Epiphany night can become bioactive and then retain its special qualities not only for a year, but also for much longer.

What happens to water on the feast of Epiphany?

Epiphany (Greek: "immersion in water") is one of the most important Christian sacraments. It is recognized by all Christian beliefs, although not in the same sense.

Almost all ancient peoples the Chaldeans, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Persians, partly also the Greeks and Romans paid special attention to immersion in water or dousing, not only in the sense of physical purification, but also that of moral purification.

This rite, called baptism, was performed in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, preaching to the Jews on the coming of the Messiah. Jesus Christ also received baptism from John. John's baptism became the prototype of Christian baptism.

From the point of view of the Church it's a person's sinful life of the flesh that dies during baptism, to then be reborn by the Holy Spirit into the spiritual life.

Studies conducted by Russian scientists during 2003-2007 show that tap water acquires an unusual bioactivity every year on January 18-19, repeatedly changing its structure for almost a day and a half. The studies included measurements of the water biofield as well as some physical parameters.

Specialists of the laboratory of drinking water supply of the Moscow Institute, named after A. N. Sysin, began to observe the water from January 15th. The water collected from the tap was isolated for some time, after which the number of ion radicals in it were measured. In the course of the study, the number of radical ions in the water began to increase starting January 17th. At the same time, the water became softer and its hydrogen index grew, making the liquid less acidic. The changes in the water would reach their peak in the evening of January 18th. Due to the large number of radical ions, its electrical conductivity was like that of water that had become saturated with electrons. At the same time, the hydrogen index of this water had exceeded the neutral one by 1.5 points. The researchers also studied the type of structure of the Epiphany water. They had frozen several samples from the tap, from the church spring and from the river. So, tap water, which is usually far from ideal, even in its frozen form was showing a harmonious sight under the microscope. In the morning of January 19th, the curve of electromagnetic activity of the water started showing a downward trend, taking its usual shape by the 20th.

In order to understand why the water became bioactive at Epiphany Professor Mikhail V. Kurik, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, decided to go further. He started collecting water samples, from December 22 the day of the winter solstice- in order to more accurately trace why and how the structure of the water was changing during January 18-19th. The scientist came to the conclusion that the properties of the water were influenced by the energy fields of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the fields of the planets of the Solar System, and various types of cosmic rays.

"Everything is explained by the laws of nature," says Mikhail V. Kurik. Every year on January 19th, the Earth moving through space together with the Solar System, passes through a special radiation, as a result of which all life on Earth gets activated, while the bioenergy of all the Earth's waters also increases. It is on January 18-19 that the water receives additional energy due to changes in the gravitational field in galactic space."



The properties of Epiphany water were studied by Stanislav V. Zenin, Doctor of Biological Sciences. These properties were tested by Stanislav Zenin and his colleagues, together with scientists from the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The condition of the water was monitored for a year. As a result, it turned out that on January 18th, between 5:30PM to 11:30PM, there had been a sudden change in the properties of water. A similar surge in changes in the state of the water was observed on Epiphany night, January 19th, from 11:30PM to 3.30AM. According to Stanislav Zenin this was due to the fact that the Earth was passing through certain points in space within those time frames, during which it was affected by cosmic rays, as such leading to a change in the properties of the water and the Earth as a whole.

According to the results of research conducted by another Russian physicist Anton Belsky, for a number of years, intense bursts of neutron flux exceeding background levels by 100-200 times were recorded in space before January 19th. Highs occurred on the 18th and 17th, but sometimes exactly on the 19th of January.

Before scientists started investigating these phenomena, people already knew about the special properties of Epiphany water and even of snow. During the Epiphany, old women and girls would collect snow from the haystacks. Old ladies-to whiten the canvas, since it was believed that only this snow could make it snow white. And girls - to whiten the skin and become more beautiful. They believed that after washing with this snow, the girl would become very attractive. In addition, the Epiphany snow, according to legend, could even remain in arid wells to save water for the whole year. The snow collected on Epiphany evening was considered as curative, and various ailments were treated with it.

How useful is the Epiphany water?

It is believed that you should drink it regularly, preferably every day and on an empty stomach. It perfectly raises the immune system and makes a person resistant to many infections. For example, if a child is regularly sprayed with that water, he will catch a cold less often. It is not only useful to drink Epiphany water, but also to wash your face with it in the morning and at night. Giving Epiphany water to animals and plants is no exaggeration. All will gain weight and grow more actively.

The Monk Ambrose of Optina sent a bottle of holy water to a terminally ill person, and much to the amazement of the doctors, the incurable disease receded. Elder Seraphim Vyritsky always advised sprinkling food with Jordan (Epiphany) water, which, according to him, "sanctifies everything itself." When someone was very ill, he would suggest them to take a tablespoon of the holy water every hour. He said that there was no medicine stronger than holy water. St. Seraphim of Sarov always allowed the pilgrims to enjoy a cup of holy water after confession.

The outstanding Russian space scientist Vladimir Vernadsky wrote: "Water stands alone in the history of our planet. There is no natural body that can compare with it in its influence on the course of the most grandiose geological processes. There is no earthly substance-mineral, rock, living body that does not contain it. All earthly matter is permeated and covered by it."

What are the properties that make water so important for life on the planet? What do we need to know about this vitally important matter? How can we use the properties of water to live in harmony with nature, maintaining our health and the health of the planet?