Happy New Year!


Congratulations from the Messenger T. N. Mickushina



I wish for you to wish for yourself to believe in God. The way you wish to buy a car, an apartment or a cottage, the way you wish for a happy future for your children, it is with exactly the same power and energy that you need to wish to believe in God, and ask God for this Faith.

And this is the only thing that you need. Nothing else is needed for happiness, success, prosperity and salvation; nothing more than Belief in God and Trusting God.





The coming 2017 will be the year of the Bright or Fire Rooster, and its color is red. Since ancient times, the sages believed that the element of Fire represents a continuous upward movement and possesses unsurpassed vital energy, and it is characterized by incredible desire for self-improvement and success.


The fiery red color displays strength, confidence and success. Therefore, in the coming year, you should safely set aside any doubt and bravely plunge ahead towards the new, not being afraid of changes and any possible transformations


The Rooster is the most powerful sign in the Chinese horoscope, as the song of this bird heralds the dawn. It symbolizes youth, strength, hope and purity. It also embodies the hero, the guardian and defender of life. The carved images of the Rooster were formerly placed on the roofs of the houses, and it was always on guard, looking intently at the horizon. People believed that it scares away the ghosts at night – the army of the forces of Darkness.