A new stage has begun for spreading
the Teaching of The Ascended Masters
in the USA

Dear friends!

For the last two months in three cities of the United States, there were held five Presentations of the books of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood - Tatyana Mickushina. All of them went well with great success.
Like tender lotus petals, the creative talents and abilities of every member of our close-knit team are opening up; a groundbreaking increase in responsibility and discipline was felt, as we are getting ready for three upcoming All-American Expos, which will take place in February (Los Angeles), March (Chicago) and April (San Francisco) in 2017.
We are happy to announce, that within the last two weeks Presentations were held in three cities of the USA: in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. And we are happy to share our experience with you.

San Francisco


Dear Friends!

We are delighted to share some memorable impressions of our first presentation of the books by Tatyana Mickushina at the Main Branch of the San Francisco Public Library!

The meeting was very positive and warm! It was attended by our faithful friends, and also some new people who right away - even before the start of the
Presentation, came up to the table with the books and images of the Masters on them, and excitedly showed interest.
During the presentation, the atmosphere was filled with loving light, which was felt by everyone.
Sanat Kumara's big poster radiated such a strong Presence and the energy was noticed by all the participants!
The audience listened and perceived the information with a sense of awe at what the Ascended Masters talked about regarding the current state of humanity. They also showed great interest in the Messenger - Tatyana Mickushina and books written by her, containing the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.
After the meeting, our guests were happy to provide their contact information for further communication and connection.
We want to thank God, the Ascended Masters, and the Messenger - Tatyana Mickushina for this opportunity to serve!

With love,
Julia, Raushan.

Los Angeles

1 What an honor it is to participate in these presentations. The opportunity to share the Ascended Masters wisdom regarding their experiences and hopes for America is humbling. This event entitled What do the Ascended Masters say about America took place on Saturday afternoon at 4 pm.
The presentation itself seemed to be very well received; however most were pretty quiet until the end when we asked for comments and questions. It definitely felt like they were extremely interested and could feel the presence of the Masters, and all were paying careful attention to each and every slide.
Once again, we noticed a definite shift/connection as we played the video about the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina explaining The Miracle of Divine Messages. This short video is so powerful that people always seem to feel peaceful and connected after watching it.
The real excitement began when we finished the presentation. Everybody stayed for another 30 45 minutes and participated in a lively interaction with many questions and comments about the Tatyana Mickushina, the Ascended Masters, previous Messengers and the current state of the world today and the urgent need for these Teachings.
We were asked by quite a few people when the next presentation will be. Participants came from the local area in Los Angeles, including residents originally from Bulgaria and Belarus. The woman from Bulgaria told us that she had been studying Helena Blavatsky for years but has always been looking for something current or more up-to-date. She commented after the event that she had found it! There was a real shine in the eyes of many who attended as they expressed how much they enjoyed the presentation.
We are looking forward to returning and continuing the presentations in the Los Angeles area, and especially the opportunity to present the Books by Tatyana Mickushina to hundreds, if not thousands of people at the Conscious Life Expo in February of 2017. Many of the participants at this weekends presentation told us they would stop by the booth, and maybe even help.
All in all, it felt like a successful event in terms of reaching interested, open-minded people in Los Angeles that will help to continue to spread the Teaching. It would not be fair not to acknowledge the entire Team that helped create and fine-tune the presentation. It was truly a Team effort. Thanks to All.
Will Love and Light!
Tatiana, Grant



Presentation of books by Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina, was held on Sunday, November 6 in Chicago which finalized the autumn series of these momentous events.

The Presentation "What do The Masters say about America?" took place at RUAH, a Spiritual Education Center. It was very successful and full of joy.

We had been practicing the Presentation for many hours and there was a clear feeling that the event reflected the efforts we had made. Before the Presentation started, we gathered in prayer to ask for guidance and protection - we felt that our prayers were answered.
People started to arrive an hour before the Presentation. We were very happy to see so many new faces.

Since the Presentation was held in a Spiritual Education Center, our guests were ready for this meeting.
Jo Anderson, the manager of the Center kindly made available to us an open email address, so that all the staff and volunteers of the RUAH Center could receive our English "Sirius" newsletter. This decision by the center's manager reminded us of the quotation by Elohim Peace: "Your primary mission is to elevate the consciousness of the people of the planet Earth".
The culmination of the Presentation was the reading of Saint-Germain's dictation, with his keynote of Felix Mendelsohns "March of The Priests", playing in the background.
The presence of the Master was so strong that during the reading, the intonations and emphasis of the Dictation were mysteriously arranged by themselves. The dictation sounded very solemn and inspirational!
At the end of the Presentation we heard applause, but nobody stood up from their seats. There was a feeling that our guests didn't want to leave, but they didn't even realize it.
After some time, they started to ask questions and share their spiritual experiences, as well as ask, Where do your regular meetings take place?
The visitors were opening books of T. N. Mickushina with great interest, looking upon the Masters images and flyers. We also heard many words of gratitude, which with great pleasure we are sharing with all our American team who helped in preparation of this Presentation!
There was a wonderful sensation of connectedness and a feeling that we did the work, which the Ascended Masters talk about.
Serving the Masters of Wisdom, God, and The Messenger of The Great White Brotherhood is true happiness!
With Love, Obeisance and Gratitude for this opportunity.

Lina, Rick.