3-hour Prayer Vigil

for Peace in the Whole World

September 22, 2016

from 10 am to 1 pm CDT (Central Daylight Time)



Dear friends,

The 33-day Prayer Vigil for Russia has ended, and based on multiple requests from our readers we are already announcing a new Prayer Vigil for Peace in the Whole World!

In order to consolidate and multiply the prayer efforts that we have accumulated in our previous Prayer Vigils for peace, I suggest that we join together in a 3-hour Prayer Vigil for peace in the whole world on September 22, 2016 on the day of Fall equinox.

September 22 is the day of the Fall equinox. In astrology, the day of Fall equinox is one of the most important temporal cardinal points of a year.

During the Fall equinox a powerful emission of energy takes place in the outer space, which gives a start for new action, a new countdown. A powerful energetic impulse saturates all of life on Earth and gives the opportunity to make everything new, take initiative, and take action.

That is why on the day of equinox one can shift to a different lifestyle, a new loop of life, or new activity. Accordingly, at this new season and at this time new energies manifest in space. I suggest that we use this opportunity and set a peaceful future for our World.

The purpose of the Vigil:


Date and time of the Vigil:

September 22, 2016, from 10 am to 1 pm CDT (Central Daylight Time) the following Rosaries will be read:

Rosary of Faith at 10am CDT

Rosary of Love at 11am CDT

Rosary of Peace at 12pm CDT


You can join the streaming here:

at 10 am CDT

Rosary of Faith - http://sirius-eng.net/bdeniya/rosary_of_faith.htm

at 11 am CDT

Rosary of Love - http://sirius-eng.net/bdeniya/rosary_of_love.htm

at 12 pm CDT

Rosary of Peace - http://sirius-eng.net/bdeniya/rosary_of_peace.htm


You can participate in reading one, two, or all three Rosaries according to Your opportunities and desires.

It is suggested that you read the following Prayer Call in order to concentrate the efforts before reading the Rosary:


"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of God the Almighty, I appeal to all the Ascended Hosts and the Hierarchy of Light that are supervising the evolution of humanity and directing the development of humanity on the Earth along the Divine Path.

I ask that the energy of my prayer be directed by the Ascended Hosts to neutralize the activity of those forces that promote the rekindling of war, economic instability, animosity of national, property, or religious character, and that implement terrorist acts and creating the points of tension on Earth.

I also ask that the energy of my prayer be directed by the Ascended Hosts to create Peace in the whole world and to elevate the consciousness of the people on planet Earth to the level at which all the people on Earth feel like brothers and sisters regardless of our faith, religion, color of skin, nation, or origin.

Personal prayer. (Here you can say your personal requests and wishes.)

I ask that the power of my prayer be multiplied by the number of people who participate in this Vigil for peace in the whole world and by the energies of the day of Fall equinox!

Let God's Holy Will be done. Amen!"


Tatyana Mickushina

Love and Light!


Please, download or copy the text versions of the Rosaries in advance at:


and read them on your own if, for any reason, you are unable to connect to the streaming on the Sirius website.


Prior to beginning the Vigil, please familiarize yourself with recommendations about how to participate in Vigil:

Inner consonance with God: http://sirius-eng.net/news/2015/2015-10-06.htm

The quality of a prayer: http://sirius-eng.net/news/2016/2016-08-05.htm