For the 185th Birthday anniversary of
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Light that was bought by H. P. Blavatsky cannot be extinguished

since it was lit from the Great Source. 

H. I. Roerich


 «I made an oath to help people on the way to The Truth as long as I am alive»


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky  «In contrast to the dogmatic, I don't like to impose on personal beliefs, but if you out of kindness and generosity will let me open my heart for you, I will open it entirely, like I had to do it in front of Jesus and Buddha, when due to my development and, in fact, rather than in word, I will meet them both in a better world.

In speech, in actions, and in life itself, I will with all my spiritual being feel the same substrate of Divine Truth (...)

Neither Christ, nor Buddha, nor Hindu Krishna have ever preached any dogma...besides one great truth: «Love your neighbor as yourself» and «Love God more than yourself». 


«A lot of lies and slander was virtualized about me; it is time to restore the truth. Perhaps in your opinion I am crazy, but I serve my cause sincerely and passionately.(...) Believe me, I have already sown the seeds that are already coming up and will give magnificent young crops.»


«When I die and there will be no me anymore, people will probably give respect to my selfless aspirations. I made an oath to help people on the way to The Truth as long as I am alive, and I will keep my oath. Let them defame and insult me. (...) A day will come when future generations will learn to understand me better.»

H. P. Blavatsky, Letters to friends and coworkers



«I do His work and bidding»


«I will be asked: «And who are you to find fault with us? Are you, who claim nevertheless communion with the Masters and receive daily favors from Them; Are you so holy, faultless, and so worthy?»

D:\!!!ДОБРО И ЗЛО\Картинки\ЕПБ\01.jpgTo this I answer: I AM NOT. Imperfect and faulty is my nature; many and glaring are my shortcomings--and for this my Karma is heavier than that of any other Theosophist. It is, and must be so, since for so many years I stand set in the pillory, a target for my enemies and some friends also. Yet I accept the trial  cheerfully. Why? Because I know that I have, all my faults notwithstanding,  Master's protection extended over me. And if I have it, the reason for it is simply this: for thirty-five years and more... I have never once denied or even doubted Him, not even in thought.

Never a reproach or a murmur against Him has escaped my lips, or entered even my brain for one instant under the heaviest trials (...)

I felt sure that Master would not permit that I should perish; that he would always appear at the  eleventh hour--and so he did.

Three times I was saved from death by Him, the last time almost against my will; when I went again into the cold, wicked world out of love for Him, who has taught me what I know and made me what I am. (See below for a description of her cure – Author’s note.)

Therefore, I do His work and bidding, and this is what has given me the lion's strength to support shocks--physical and mental, one of which would have killed any theosophist who would go on doubting of the mighty protection.

Unswerving devotion to Him who embodies the duty traced for me, and belief in the Wisdom--collectively, of that grand, mysterious, yet actual Brotherhood of holy men--is my only merit, and the cause of my success...» 

H. P. Blavatsky
 The Theosophical Mahatmas



Helena Petrovna Blavatsky is a legendary person. The Russian patriot, who gave all her energy in studying ancient sciences and religions, became the founder of theosophical teaching. 

Her abilities were so far beyond a normal level, that they were too strange to the vast majority. Even her closest collaborator and helper, Colonel Olcott, admits in his diary that despite many years of life together, he often asked himself the question and couldn’t answer it until the end: who was Helena Petrovna? But everybody who knew her agrees on some definitions.

Everybody affirms that she possessed a great soulful strength which all the space around her was subjected to, that she was capable of incredible labor and superhuman patience, and when it was about serving an idea to fulfill her Teacher's will, then everybody also unanimously agreed that she had amazing borderless sincerity. This sincerity had an impact in every manifestation of her passionate soul, which was never stopped by what others would think of her or how they responded to her words and actions, and this is expressed in the strong language of her letters, and it shows through every detail of her stormy, troubled life.

She had a lot of followers and even more enemies among Christian Orthodox and atheists. The first people turned against her because she reproached them for the wrong interpretation of the Bible and other Sacred Books. The second group couldn't forgive her mysticism, calling her a charlatan and blackmailer.

Here is the incident of her last miraculous recovery.

 «In Ostende, in the eyes of Countess Wachtmeister her third miraculous recovery has happened. Two doctors found her condition hopeless and they were very surprised that she could live with such complex diseases. Her agony began at night, and Countess Wachtmeister was sitting by her for a long time before she went to sleep. "When I opened my eyes, the first morning rays had crept into the room, and I was seized with fear that I was sleeping during the time when H. P. Blavatsky could have died... I turned to her bed in terror, and instead of a corpse I saw H. P . Blavatsky calmly looking at me with her clear grey eyes. "Countess, come here," she said, and I rushed to her. "What happened? You are a totally different person than you were at night!" She answered: "Yes, Teacher was here; he gave me a choice to die and liberate myself, if I so wish, or to live and finish Secret Doctrine. He told me how horrific my sufferings will be and what a difficult time is waiting for me in England, because I will have to go there. But when I thought about the people to whom I am permitted to transmit my knowledge and about Theosophical Society, which I had already given the blood of my heart to, I decided to sacrifice myself."... she finished her speech with a joke. When the doctor and few other people came, she met them on her feet and began a humorous conversation with them, and their astonishment passed all bounds." (Memories of Countess Wachtmeister about H. P. Blavatsky.)

Helena Petrovna lived 5 more years and, from earthly point of view, the intense work that she carried until the last hour, despite severe physical suffering, can only be called a feat. A lot was done during those five years: two volumes of Secret Doctrine were written and published within her lifetime, and the third one remained unfinished; "Key to Theosophy" and "Voice of Silence" was written. Numerous articles were written in a magazine "Lucifer," which she started to publish right after returning to London. Besides this literary work, which according to evidence from multiple witnesses was taking her 12 hours a day, in the evenings she was surrounded with visitors, among them were many literary scholars and scientists. At this time, the English Department of the Theosophical Society was already quite formed, and on Thursdays the first Theosophical Lodge was getting together, which is still named "Lodge of Blavatsky." Helena Petrovna was always present at these evening meetings, giving answers to multiple questions that the members of the Lodge were asking her.

In May 1981, Helena Petrovna passed away in her desk chair, like a true warrior of Spirit, which is how she had been during all her life.


In conclusion, we present an extract from a letter of H. I. Roerich:

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky «H. P. Blavatsky was a fiery messenger of the White Brotherhood. Most certainly she was the bearer of the entrusted knowledge. Definitely, of all the Theosophists, only H. P. Blavatsky had the privilege of receiving the Teaching directly from the Great Teachers in one of their Ashrams in Tibet. She was the Great Spirit who accepted the bitter task of giving to humanity, lost in dead dogma and on its way to atheism.

Precisely, only through H. P. Blavatsky was it possible to approach the White Brotherhood, as she was the link in the Hierarchic Chain. But some of those who surrounded her were very much beneath her fiery spirit and heart; yet in their self-conceit they thought of reaching the Heights alone, ignoring the Hierarchical link as well as her merit. In their jealousy, they slandered, criticized and inveighed against her, the one who had given them everything, who trusted them. But all those self-deluded, arrogant people achieved nothing, for the law of Hierarchy is immutable. For the benefit of the general work, the Mahatmas corresponded with some of her coworkers; however, not one of those people was admitted into discipleship. In the writings of H. P. Blavatsky, and in The Mahatma Letters, you will find the statement that H. P. Blavatsky was the Hierarchical link which, if neglected, would cause complete failure...

H. P. Blavatsky was a great martyr in the real sense of the word. The envy, slander, and persecution of the ignorant killed her, and her work remained unfinished. The concluding volume of The Secret Doctrine could not be given. Thus, people deprive themselves of the highest. I much revere the great spirit and fiery heart of our country-woman, and I know that in the Russia of the future her name will be properly honored. H. P. Blavatsky should truly evoke our national pride. Great martyr for Light and Truth! May Glory always be with her!»


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