Events for spreading the books of Tatyana Mickushina,
a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood are held in the U.S.,
like in other countries of the World.

Last Sunday, June 12th in Glendale, CA (a suburb of Los Angeles), a long-awaited and joyful meeting with the leader and participants of the "Healthy lifestyle and Agni

Yoga" group took place; the meeting was dedicated to the donation of Tatyana Mickushina books, which had been received in Russia.

Time and place of the meeting itself: It was early morning in a beautiful park with majestic sycamore and eucalyptus trees located at the base of a mountain ridge Ц which immediately created a high-minded and happy mood! From the very first minutes of our meeting, we felt we were in a real, loving and warm-hearted family.

Levon Mosinyan, the creator and remarkable leader of this group has joined together so many light souls, and helped them to get in touch with the Teaching of Ascended Masters - himself being a wonderful example of soul purity and devotion to God's Will and the Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina!

The words of Beloved El Morya spontaneously came to mind:

"...and everyone who has managed to awaken his consciousness and to kindle the fire in his heart will become a source of knowledge, information and energy for everybody whom he meets in his life."

We were very surprised and happy to see that around half of the group were young people, girls and guys 20-25 years old, whoТs sincere interest in the Masters' Teaching was felt!

From the members of the group (there were 20 people in the meeting) 5 - 6 spoke and read Russian. They accepted as gifts the books of Tatyana Nicholaevna "Treasures of Divine Wisdom" and "About love and sexual energy" with great joy and gratitude, and they also asked permission to take books for their friends and family, who couldn't be present at our meeting.

Because the audience was multinational (we were communicating in 3 languages: Armenian, Russian and English), English books of Tatyana Nicholaevna we had brought were also very popular.

The whole atmosphere of the meeting was so light, high-minded, full of love and understanding, that we didn't want to leave our new friends in that magical place!

We are hoping for continued joyful, light-filled communication and cooperation regarding our common task in the future.

With obeisance, love of our hearts and gratitude!

Tatiana, Grant, Maria.