Ascended Masters Books
in Chicago, USA

This year we participated for the 11th time in the Body Mind Spirit Expo which has finished with a success that exceeded all of our expectations!

We felt that we entered a new, light and joyous stage of our collaborative work on spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters here in the USA.

First and most importantly, we have developed a special team spirit during the years of working together.

Our tight-knit team includes: Jean Kana, Rick Wilde, Tami Gilbert, Kasia Prawdzik, Lina Fadina, Galina Chibireva, and Julia Kredich. Galina came from Vilnius, and Julia flew from San Francisco just to participate in the Expo!

It is hard to put into words the feeling of love, joy, and happiness for being able to work together and to offer so many people the opportunity to come in contact with the sacred knowledge the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, given to modern humanity through the Messenger of Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Mickushina. At least 250 people visited our booth during these two days.

The longer we are together, the closer and dearer we become to each other!

Sincerity, kindness, a gentle and respectful attitude, reciprocity, and cooperation are the qualities of our hearts that manifested themselves constantly during these two unforgettable days!

The visitors at our booth certainly felt our love, faith, and enthusiasm, and it worked like a magnet.

We were often told about the light that emanated from all of us and from our booth.

One of our guests said that when she came to the expo, she felt that there was light somewhere. She began to search for the place from where the light was emanating. When she approached us, she declared that she had finally found what she had been looking for

Some people came to our booth several times and spent a long time talking to us about lifes essential topics.

It is amazing all of us felt that the consciousness of people had changed, that it has elevated.

Many of our guests shared their thoughts about how important and how difficult it is to apply the knowledge from the Teaching of the Ascended Masters in their lives.

I would like to share a little wonder that happened at our booth. Two little children, about five and seven years old (a brother and a sister) came to us with their mother. They looked at the Masters images and said their names correctly, although they had never seen them before. They told us how they see the Masters in the form of angels, talk to them, and even relate the angels pieces of advice on how to act in difficult situations in life to their mother! By themselves, the children chose the books and images of the Masters that they would like to have at their home.

Our dear friends the English-speaking members of the team, shared their impressions about the expo:

Jean Kana

The Spring Body, Mind, Spirit Expo at Northlake was a great success!

This is one of the largest health and wellness expos in the United States; typically attended by nearly 4000 people. We could feel the support from the Ascended Masters as we prepared for the Expo, and during the expo when we delivered the news about the Divine dispensation that Tatyana Mickushina is the current Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and that she has been receiving Dictations from the Ascended Masters since 2005. These messages are for us, right now, in our time!

The booth looked amazing with all the posters, the display of the books, and new materials in the form of bookmarks and handouts. We also had a short book review and an ad in the current issue of Conscious Community magazine which boasts a readership of over 120,000 per month! They also had a booth at the expo and they were giving away copies of the magazine.

The joyful energy of the large staff of volunteers at the booth was tremendous. It was a great honor to be present with such a dedicated team of volunteers who are so committed to spreading the Teaching of the Ascended Masters! There was a lot of traffic by the booth - some people just walked by, some people took a handout with them, but the people who stopped by the booth to visit often had some knowledge about the Ascended Masters. About 40 people signed up to get the e-newsletter and over 250 people stopped by our booth.

There were about 40 people at the lecture on Ascended Masters Teaching about Compassion and Mercy. The presentation opened with the Mantra of Love, and everyone in the room closed their eyes and listened to the calming music for a few minutes that really helped to set the atmosphere for the rest of the presentation. We received several compliments after the presentation, and quite a few of the people at the presentation came to the booth. The expo was a great experience!

Rick Wilde

It has been my pleasure to again serve with the Ascended Masters booth at the Body Mind and Spirit Exposition this spring. This year we had many new faces visit our booth and many people stopped and asked questions. We are always ready to help people who are looking for answers and/or guidance. This year we were busy almost all day both days with few breaks in the people stopping by. The energy was high and most people were very positive toward Tatyana Mickushina and the Master's messages.

Everyone worked well together in and around the booth. Each of us worked with the people passing by, sometimes behind the table, other times in the aisle, but always as a team. If one got tired the other would act as relief. It was a very nice two days to spend with friends.

Tami Gilbert

Congratulations to Tatyana Mickushina's team of volunteers at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Chicago this weekend! What a great team work at the booth and great presentation by Maria and Jean! The positive energy was definitely high, and it shows by so many people that visited our booth. Well done!

The world around us is not always tender and kind, but with the flames of our hearts we can build at least on a small scale another wonderful world, filled with Love, Light, and Joy.

From the bottoms of our hearts we thank all our like-minded friends from all over the world who have been supporting and helping us for all these years!

We would like to specially acknowledge and thank the following people for their help in preparing for this Expo: Nesrin Hacioglu, Irina Karnova, Valeri Levtchenko, and Grant Vospher.

We thank God Almighty, the Ascended Masters, our beloved Teacher Tatyana Mickushina, and Tatyana Martynenko for the constant help, support, and trust in all our activities and plans!

With a low bow and Love from all my heart,