March 24-th - The annual Festival of Hierarchy of Light



174. (March 24). The annual Festival of Hierarchy of Light has very great value in lives of a planet and influence on a further course of world events. It is the Holiday of intense association of all Powers of Light, connected with astrological position of Earth. Earth receives a cosmic spatial impulse in the form of inflow of the new energy which action extends for going year. And We gather in the Tower collectively to accept these waves and further to direct them to demonstration already in spheres terrestrial. Waves of this inflow go on all Ladder of Hierarchy from top to bottom, strengthening its power and unification. And wherever there were Day breakers, they unite this day in uniform aspiration to Light, straining press networks of Light of the planetary. The protective network starts shining special tension. The impulse for new undertakings receives each consciousness turned to Focus. It is possible to postpone all usual cares and thoughts in these hours and heart to concentrate on the Stronghold, holding before itself the Highest that we have. Force thus the integrated consciousness’s are indestructible and are a strong stronghold against gloom and destruction forces. Powers of chaos and destruction can be stopped powerful association of Forges Light and creation. The old world is doomed. Light will win against darkness.



184. (March 24). Our holiday, the day of unification of all the forces of light and all his staff, feast of the Lords! Strained is brightly colored, and the network of light becomes darkness in combat. To Focus A Light aspiration is consciously. The day of new beginnings and sowing seeds of light on the ongoing year. You can send all distant thoughts good, but close. You can climb the stairs to begin with three hundred sixty six steps. Every day is a new step towards Focus. Life gives a wonderful possibility to climb thanks to incredibly arduous efforts. Together strong will go one more time spiral, a lot of them are yet to come, because the path is endless.



54. (March 24) The annual holiday means the birth and the beginning of new affairs. The cycle is started over again. Each cycle is a spiral of approach of the future. In this aspect also it is necessary to consider the current time. Not in personal, but the current of events on a global scale is defined and understood. It is favorable and very successful. Thanks to this circumstance and personal karmas of the people belonging to terms, will start developing respectively while personal and planetary won't merge in a uniform stream. Victories obviously everywhere, and over them is our Hand. There was no time closer to implementation and an embodiment on Earth in dense forms of the precepted fairy tale. But it is necessary to reach it on the ground terrestrial feet and to create her hands human. In it is main difficulty. Not everything, not all consciously show the necessary degree of readiness. It detains Evolution run. But nevertheless victories are everywhere. You look at the events as on a close threshold to judgment and spirit lamps not kindle because terms go. And you, who are subject to terms, show understanding to the events. Not in personal it is necessary to look for the decision and permission of all questions, but generally. The general welfare is included in the spiral course of Evolution. Also it is necessary to join in it consciousness, without separating. Personal doesn't give the satisfactory decision because personal, separated from the general, cuts consciousness from the World Source of Life. The course of Evolution receives the direction from the Stronghold, and at the head – the Leading Lord. Also it is necessary to adjoin it continuously. New time goes. The magnet of the future works powerfully.