March 24th - The Annual Festival of Hierarchy of Light



174. (March 24). The annual Festival of the Hierarchy of Light is of great importance in the life of the planet and the influence on the further course of world events. This is the Holiday of intense unification of all the Forces of Light associated with the astrological position of the Earth. Earth receives a cosmic-spatial impulse in the form of a flow of new energies, the effect of which extends over the coming year. We gather in the Tower collectively to accept these waves and further direct them to a demonstration already in earthly spheres. Waves of this inflow go all over the Ladder of Hierarchy from top to bottom, strengthening its power and unification. And wherever the warriors of Light are, they unite on this day in a single striving toward the Light, straining the press of the network of the Light of the planet. The protective network begins to shine a special energy. The impulse for new beginnings is received by each consciousness turned to the Focus. It is possible during these hours to postpone all the usual cares and thoughts and focus your heart on the Stronghold, holding before it the Highest that we have. The power of the integrated consciousness is invincible and is a strong defense against the forces of darkness and destruction. The forces of chaos and destruction can be stopped by a powerful unification of the Forces of Light and creation. The old world is doomed. Light will conquer darkness.

Facets of Agni Yoga, Vol.9, 1968



184. (March 24). Our holiday, the Day of Unification of all the forces of the Light and all of their staff, the Holiday of Masters! The luminous network of Light is strained, and the darkness is strained in opposition. Striving is deliberately forced to the Focus of the One Light. The day of new beginnings and sowing seeds of Light on the ongoing year. You can send good thoughts to all distant, but close. You can start your climb up the stairs with three hundred and sixty six steps. Every day is a new step toward the Focus. Life provides wonderful opportunities for climbing precisely because of incredibly difficult efforts. Together with strength we will pass one more spiral of time, and many of them are yet to come because the Path is infinite.

Facets of Agni Yoga, Vol.10, 1968



54. (March 24) The annual holiday means the birth and the beginning of new affairs. The cycle begins again. Each cycle is a spiral of approaching the future. In this aspect, it is also necessary to consider the current time. Not on personal, but on a global scale the course of events is determined and understood. It is favorable and very successful. Due to this circumstance, the personal karmas of people belonging to the time period begin to develop accordingly, until the personal and the planetary merge into a single stream. Victories are obviously everywhere, and Our Hand is above them. There was no time closer to implementation and an embodiment on Earth in the dense forms of the precepted fairy tale. But it is necessary to reach it on the Earth with earthly legs and create it with human hands. This is the main difficulty. Not everyone, not all consciously show the necessary degree of readiness. This delays the run of Evolution. But, nevertheless, victories are everywhere. Look at the events as if on a close prelude to judgement and do not quench the lights of the spirit, because the deadlines are running. And you, who are subject to deadlines, show understanding of what is happening. It is not necessary to personally seek a solution and resolution of all issues, but generally. The Common Good is included in the spiral course of Evolution. Consciousness should be included in it without separating. The personal does not give a satisfactory solution, because the personal separated from the general, cuts off consciousness from the World Source of Life. The course of Evolution receives direction from the Stronghold, and the Leading Master is at its head. It is necessary to adjoin it continuously. New time is coming. The magnet of the future works powerfully.

Facets of Agni Yoga. 1956