The selected statements from the book

„The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching“





When dwelling in the dense physical world, you have to be constantly on the alert and try to differentiate your motives and wishes every minute.

Saint Michael Archangel, April 15, 2005



It is only your own defects and imperfections that draw you to this or that religion or belief. Therefore, before entering any religious organization talk to yourself honestly and unbiasedly. What moves you, what makes you enter this teaching or sect?

Is it a desire to improve your health?

To improve your financial state?

An aspiration to realise yourself in this world?

A wish to help your neighbour?

The closer your motive is to the Divine, the more probable it is that the teaching which you are choosing for yourself to follow will highly correspond to the Divine Truth and the True Faith.

Do not forget that everything in this world draws to the like by vibrations. And you are drawn to exactly that belief and that religious movement which can give you the best teaching and the best exhortation at the given moment and at the given stage of the evolution of your soul.

None of the religions and the religious movements which you consider to be false would be able to exist if they were not backed up by the energy of people feeding these religions both with the spiritual energy and the material energy in the form of their money and offerings.

Beloved Melchizedek, May 4, 2005



The true motive would be to become the most humble being, the servant of all living beings, existing on the Earth. The true motive would be to liberate yourself from the ego and to help all living beings.





Now I would like to give you an idea how you should behave being in that sea of different currents which surround you. First of all, you must ask yourself, what is driving you when you try to join one or another spiritual group, because the purity of your motive determines the level of vibrations of that group or that religious leader, to whom you will be attracted. Have you ever thought that in fact the circumstances surrounding you simply help offer you for your choice exactly that, what is lying deeply in your consciousness and subconsciousness?


Here are the true motives, which are inherent in our disciples:


• Our disciples strive for giving up all their imperfections and all their attachments to the things of this world in order to render all possible help to all living beings of planet Earth, who need this help.

• They aspire to purify themselves and all their lower bodies in order to fulfill their service in a more productive way.

• Our disciples aspire to establish the connection with God, residing within; our disciples honour the Hierarchy of Light and consciously stand on the steps of the Hierarchy.

• And no circumstances of the external world can make them lose the Path, when they themselves hear the answers of their Higher Self and consult their Higher Self in all difficult life situations.

Beloved Lanello, July 12, 2006



The only true motive, which you should follow in any of your actions in any planes of being, is Mercy, Compassion, unmercenariness and your wish to help Life.

Sanat Kumara, December 22, 2010