The selected statements from the book

„The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching“

Sutra 4.





You either believe that the world around you is not the entire Creation and that the entire Creation is actually much larger, or you do not believe it.
You cannot start knowing something which you do not believe in. You cannot sense the things which you know could not exist. However, as soon as you begin to believe in the real world of God which is invisible and not inconceivable for your sensory organs but is not less real because of that, you almost immediately start conceptualizing our world.



Everything in this Universe is based on the great power of Love. And everything that there is in this universe exists only owing to the power of Love.
Love is the essence of this Universe. Therefore, your vibrations are solely the vibrations of Love if they are as close to the vibrations of the Universe as possible. And the more you are able to manifest the quality of Love in your heart, the more you get closer to the true reality and move away from your physical illusion.

No matter how you persist, you do not have a choice, and sooner or later you will follow the path destined for you by the plan of the great Creator of this Universe.
And that is the path of the highest Love and the highest bliss. Everything that separates you from that state is subject to gradual refusal and must leave your consciousness and your lives. For such is the Law. And you have to make your own choice and to follow this Law. The Law of the highest and unconditional Love.

In order for you to attain inner connection with us and with your Higher Self, you need unconditional Faith. Faith and Love are two sisters, two loving sisters, who are inseparable in eternity. There is also Hope. Hope can solely unfold your consciousness when it seems to you that there is no way out of the deadlock of disorder and storms of life.




We come, and you become filled with our energy and our Love again, because it is impossible to give the Teaching and not to love. All the knowledge and all the comprehension come within the feeling of deep and unconditional Love. We give our knowledge within Love, and you are able to assimilate the information given to you only in the case that you are able to be imbued with the feeling of deep and unconditional Love to me, to other Masters and to our Messenger.
Only within the feeling of Divine Love you are able to assimilate the Truth.

It is impossible for you to perfect yourselves in God if you are not able to cultivate the quality of Divine Love within yourselves.



There are only two main qualities that like a thread lead you out of the labyrinth of the illusion. The first among them is Faith. The second is Love.
For some people Love is in the first place and Faith is in the second. And somebody will say that there is no difference between Faith and Love because the true Faith is always based on Love. Love to God, Love to a neighbor, Love to the whole Life.



We do not urge you to believe blindly. We call you to move higher to the level of consciousness at which you can experience the true Faith. Not the faith that is imposed from the outside but the one that comes from your hearts. Only in this case we reach the result we aspire to. Because the man that truly believes can take the next evolutionary step




The situation in which your society is now in can be saved by your Faith in what is invisible. And this is the only thing that can save humanity now – it is your confidence in the existence of the Higher reality and your aspiration to this reality.