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Ascended Masters Books
at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo
Chicago, IL, USA

August 2015



The magic time of our tenth anniversary "Body Mind Spirit Expo" in Chicago has passed so fast!

It is extremely joyous and exciting to realize that in such a short period of time, only 2 days, we have had the opportunity to open the door to sacred knowledge given on the books of Messenger Tatyana Mickushina for so many people, and tell them about her and the Ascended Masters of humankind!


So many people approached us and perceived everything they heard and saw at our booth with great interest. Sometimes it was a pandemonium.. we were not able to talk with everyone, so they united in groups and we talked to them, and it lasted for hours...



From time to time there were slow periods... then a person would come and his soul would open with a sincere story about his aspirations, doubts, joys or sorrows, and he would become ready to accept the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, Messenger Tatyana Nicholaevna, and to purchase the books and the images of the Ascended Masters..


I would like to particularly note that we have become an incredibly friendly and hard-working team of like-minded individuals. We have come to love each other so much in these years that our every meeting, our work that we are performing together brings great joy and light to our souls!



So we have gathered again during these days and completed our task with dignity!


Jean Kana, Rick Wilde, Kasia Pravzdik, Grant Vospher (he flew in from Los Angeles for 2 days), Lina Fadina, Linda Kleyman, Tami Gilbert, Pavel Zaborko, Nonna Tsatskin- each of us and all together we brought love, faith, devotion, and desire to help Life into our common cause!


Jean, Rick, and Grant have shared their impressions of the expo.


Jean Kana

The Expo brings to many people with different experience searching for something.

It is so wonderful when people are attracted to the Teaching of Ascended Masters.

Some people are just curious.

Some people know some of the Ascended Masters by name.

Some people are familiar with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

Some people are already reading the Dictations of Ascended Masters that come to us through Tatyana Mickushina, the current Messenger.


It's a joy and a privilege to represent Tatyana and share the Teaching of the Ascended Masters!


On Sunday, Maria and I delivered a presentation of the Ascended Masters Teaching about Changing our Consciousness.

About 40 people attended our talk.



We began by quieting the room with the music from Buddha Vairochana. Everyone closed their eyes, and a great calm energy filled the room.


We told the audience about many Ascended Masters who have come to help humanity. We showed them the video about the Miracle of Divine Messages - when Sanat Kumara came to Tatyana for the first time. We showed them the books that we have in English, and told them a little bit about each book. Then we read 5 messages from the Ascended Masters about changing our consciousness.

The presentation closed with the video "I love you Earth." The audience listened carefully and after the lecture they gave an applause. Many people from the presentation came to the booth to greet us and buy the books.

The Expo was a great success!



Rick Wilde

My impression of Body, Mind, Spirit Expo is very positive. Both days the people seemed to stay longer at our booth and talked at length about spiritual growth and the Ascended Masters. They asked questions and they seemed to be very pleased to have an opportunity to look and read the literature.

Almost all of them said that they will look at the website and many more people than ever before signed up for the newsletter.

I didn't participate at the presentation, but when I asked "How it went?" everyone said it went "perfect." There were many people and they were interested.

On both Saturday and Sunday, people asked if Tatyana was going to make the presentation. I had to say, "No".

Our message is and was, "We share the Messages of Ascended Masters," and people are more open and accepting of that then ever before.

I am honored to participate.



Grant Vospher

I am so happy to have participated in this wonderful event.

There was a new level of interest from so many people, including those who have been reading the Dictations for some time now, and also from people that have never heard about the Ascended Masters and the Teaching.

A common thread this time were numerous heartfelt conversations about the fact that the changes we are looking for are possible, however nobody is going to tap us on the head with a magic wand, and there are no shortcuts to enlightenments. There is no drive-through and we can't buy it.

We are starting to realize that the work has to be done by ourselves, and it is done by going inward and honestly looking at our own lives, and that our daylight decisions and actions can and will create the love and peace in our hearts that we are all yearning for.

Thank you for the love and opportunity to serve.

With Love,

Grant Vospher


We thank God Almighty, our Great Ascended Masters, our favorite Teacher - Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina, and Tatyana Martynenko for continuous help, support and protection, trust and opportunity to Serve!

We thank from the bottom of our hearts Valeri Levtchenko, Galina Chibireva, Zhanna Novicheva. Despite the fact that they live far from the U.S., we feel their constant participation in all our affairs and plans, they are by every right a part of our team!

We thank all our friends and supporters from different countries of the world for their prayer support and help during the preparation and holding of our Exhibition!


With a low bow, gratitude and love of all my heart!