24-hour Prayer Vigil for World Peace


Dear Friends,


The 24-hour Prayer Vigil for World Peace that took place on February 22 - 23, 2015 is now over.


It is the 2nd time that this vigil has taken place (the 1st vigil was held in March, 2014. Website Sirius hosted seven different vigils last year, most of which were dedicated to Peace.) We were given one more Divine opportunity to alleviate with the help of our prayers that difficult situation that had formed in the world.


It is hard to understand the importance of this opportunity and this effort with our human consciousness. The vigil showed the unity of people and their sincere wish to help and take part in the common cause dedicated to Peace. While saying the prayer before the Rosary, asking that all people on Earth feel like brothers and sisters to each other regardless of their faith, religion, skin-color, nationality or origin, we felt all the participants of the Vigil with our hearts.


This time, 2292 people participated in the Vigil (according to the number of people who registered on the website), and 2964 people joined the streaming. It is a joy to see that this number has significantly increased from last year, when 1456 people joined the vigil.





The geography of the participants was tremendous. People from 51 countries and more than 600 cities took part in the Vigil (in contrast to the last yearís 43 countries and more than 400 cities).


There were participants from different places across the planet, from the isle of Mauritius near Madagascar in the South to Iceland in the North; from New Zealand in the East to Brazil in the West! In fact, we covered the whole world with our joint prayer! There were also participants from such countries as Costa Rica, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Australia and others.


The number of those who joined the Vigil also grew in every country compared to last year: Russia: 1315 people, Ukraine: 227 people, Latvia: 166 people, Lithuania: 124 people and Bulgaria: 81 people.


The number of those who joined the Vigil also grew
in every country 2015 year compare to 2014 year



Most of the participants were from Moscow (139), Riga (82), Omsk (67) and Chelyabinsk (59).


Most of the participants by cities



The average number of praying hours per person was 2,3 hours (vs. 1,8 hours last year).

The total number of praying hours was 5,443!


Until the last hours of the vigil people continued to call, email and add more hours of prayer. There were also people who dedicated almost the entire 24 hours to praying with only short breaks in between.


We hope that during this prayer, while saying the words of the Rosary of Peace, each of us got a little bit closer to the knowledge given by the Masters on non-violence, on the true meaning of the battle taking place in the world, and on th Peace on the Earth.


Each of us, by changing within, will change our world!




Below are some of the participantsí reviews:


Today, at 10 a.m., I participated in the Prayer Vigil. I took part in the Vigil for the second time. I joined the Vigil during the times when the world started seeing more wars, disarray and attacks against women. My only hope was to help prevent all this negativity. I awaited that work with great preparedness. Several hours before the Vigil, my prayer hour was in my thoughts. I kept looking at the clock in order not to miss it.


I feel good and will be very happy if I have made even a small contribution for the world peace. I wish happiness to all the participants!

With respect and love,

Korai, Kirklareli, Turkey


Restless times, anxious times. I want to help people who suffer in different parts of the world as much as I can. This 24-hour Vigil for peace is very timely. I felt unity, powerful energy that passed through my heart causing pain and tears. I also felt joy that there are so many of us, and will be even more! There was a realization that everything is in our power if we are together, going in the same direction.

I bow down to everyone who found the time during those 24 hours and gave their Love and aspiration to the World! God bless you!


Irina, Kemerovo, Russia



Dear Friends,

I was very very happy to attend that "Praying vigil".

To feel that all the friends who believe in the Masters in the world are together...

Those Masters who have led us along all the history of humanity as prophets, leaders, philosophers, etc.

It is an incredible journey and unity.

Masters and we are together and are shoulder to shoulder...

In different dimensions...
Hand in hand ...
No hierarchy...

The dimensions have come together:

Like in a factory and producing products...
or like on a farm: 
Some are digging the soil...
others are planting...
yet others are cooking...
In all the World ...

I loved that process of Alchemy a lot ...
I loved that experience and feelings and emotions.

Love and regards to all of Us.

Very much respect what we did in our "ONE HEART "...

Shanta, Brazil



I decided to participate in the Vigil because:

First: the time is in need for that, especially in the Middle East. 

Second: I'm always promising the Masters through my praying to give help to all living creation.


In the Vigil, I felt all my bodies were absorbing the energies which my bodies thirst for. I felt inner calmness so I heard my heart beats and my breath in my ears. 


There is one difference between last year and this year. That is, last year, my vibrations rose to their highest level so my body started vibrating on the highest level. This time, I didn't recognize this phenomenon, although my body vibrated on a high level but not the highest like the previous one.


Lubna, Beirut, Lebanon

Good day to you, dear Light-Bearers! I am seeking and waiting with all my heart when at least 4,000 enthusiasts out of 144,000 souls will join the prayer Vigil in order to save our common Home Ė planet Earth. Even the animal and plant kingdoms greet the Sun. If at least two or three compassionate and loving people from each country joined the prayer Vigil, we would receive help from the Ascended Maters. Why are keeping silent all those religious learned souls, intellectual minds, philosophers and teachers, actors and writers, artists and composers, and especially the mass media, which have a lot of influence?..

Levon Mossinyan, USA



For me, the 24-hour prayer Vigil was almost the last chance for mankind to demonstrate that people are still capable of uniting before the danger of the new world war and the danger of the destruction of life on planet Earth. That is why I was very happy to see how many people registered for the Vigil, as they kept joining all night until the last hour of the Vigil. From the call that Tatyana Mickushina gave, I understood that we had been given the last chance to pray for the Forces of Light to preponderate on Earth. This is what we need the most for those who instigate wars and hostility to become enlightened.

God, help us to attain the necessary preponderance of the Forces of Light on Earth!

Let peopleís hearts be filled with Love and joy, patience and compassion, so that people turn away from the evil, from the violence and find the Path to God in their hearts!

Thank you, Tatyana Mickushina, for organizing the Vigil and thanks to all the volunteers for their selfless work!


Lauma, Latvia



I thank God for another opportunity to improve the situation in the world! By coming together in the prayer for Peace, we can create the necessary preponderance of the Forces of Light! It was a joy to see how hour after hour, up until the last reading of the Rosary of Peace at 2 p.m. Moscow time, more and more light-bearers joined the prayer Vigil for world peace. I felt great responsibility and solemnity of the moment at the same time. Dear friends, with God, everything is possible. The Forces of Light will win!

Tatyana, Chelyabinsk


I am so grateful to the organizers for providing this tremendous opportunity to unite the Light of the World in a prayer for peace.

Mike, Chicago, USA


Donít miss this opportunity to join in with the voices from around the world as we say the Rosary, or any prayer or thoughtful meditation that you choose, at any time during this 24 hour prayer vigil.God will hear our cries!Help to bring glorious peace to the World!

Jean, Chicago, USA

I want to express my gratitude to the Divine Beings and Tatyana Mickushinawho organized the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil. Thank you for sponsoring such a fine event. The Teachings were direct and very helpful. I could feel the energy of the others on the call and look forward to continuing the Teachings on a daily basis to help bring Peace to the world. Thank you with all my heart.


Grant, Los Angeles, USA