Tatyana MickushinaТs books

presented at the Expo in Berlin

on February 13-15, 2015


Dear Friends,

Tatyana MickushinaТs books were recently presented at another major exposition Ц the Spiritualitдt und Heilen Expo in Berlin. We have collected feedback from the expo participants and organizers, in which they shared their experience and feelings about the expo. Please find some of the excerpts below.



Six months had passed since the first exposition in Berlin and we were able to present at the second expo.

We went there with great feelings of love and joy that God is giving us the opportunity to spread the Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood.

It is such a great feeling of joy, light and love. When you imagine that another soul will receive a sip of life-giving water Ц the Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood, that at least one more soul will find what it has been searching for so long, my heart gets filled with a great feeling of Love and tears come to my eyes. It means that all this is not for nothing!

People of different ages and faiths came to our booth. <Е>

ЕThere were many people who returned to our booth several times.


It was a great joy to be distributing the brochure УA Path to the New WorldФ. This brochure was very popular and many people had a lot of interest in it. After they learned the content of the brochure, many people wanted to take extras for their friends. Seniors were uniform in their opinion that Germany should be friends and companions with Russia and that one should not blindly believe in what mass media say. There was not a single person who was indifferent to the World Peace. Everyone said that peace cannot be built using weapons. We distributed many copies of this brochure. <Е>




When talking about the book УGood and EvilФ I was astonished that everyone understood that both good and evil reside within each individual and that these two forces are needed for our development. I was shocked that nobody believed that somebody in the external world was guilty of things, versus the person him- or herself.



There were many souls who were striving to receive knowledge and information. I experienced a great feeling of joy and happiness when I saw how people opened up during the conversation. Thank God for granting us this opportunity to serve.


Thank you, Maria Fliman, Zhanna and Inga for the materials and especially for moral support.

Thank you, Lidya Shvan for the priceless help, Kristina, Elena, Victoria and everyone who helped and invisibly assisted with our work at this expo.

I am expressing endless gratitude to the Masters for the given opportunity and rendered help. Thank Lord for everything. I was reassured once again that we can do everything with God and that we are all one. Glory to the Lord!



Valeri, Berlin



* * * * *



Our long-awaited expo has come to an end. 


This was the second expo at which we presented Tatyana MickushinaТs books in Germany. It was held at the same location as the first one, and under the same conditions. However, it was different from the first expo.


There were a lot of visitors. Many people showed interest in the Teaching and the Masters. This time, there were more people who were interested and wanted to learn about the Teaching and the Masters in greater detail. <...>


Some people recognized us this time, came to us and asked for the УSutrasФ (scrolls with excerpts from the Dictations from the book УThe Sutras of the Ancient TeachingФ). We were very happy to see that. The expo helped us to slightly raise the veil and come in contact with the feeling of blissful love with which the Masters talk to us.



I would like to thank all participants. I would also like to thank everyone who were not present at the expo but who helped us organize it Ц Nadezhda, Elena and her entire family, and everyone else who supported us with their prayers. I bow to all servants of God Almighty! No matter how trivial this sounds, our expo demonstrated once again that together we are powerful and that God is with us!


I would like to end my report with the Symbol of Creed. This expo helped me understand its deeper meaning a little more.


I believe in One God - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,  
Who is present in the whole Life.
I believe in the justice of His Law
and with humility I submit to the Wisdom of His Law.
I believe in the Kingdom of God, manifested on the Earth, as it is in the Heavens.
I believe in the Oneness of God - the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Christina, Bremen


* * * * *


The LordТs Prayer

Our Father, Who art in heaven!
hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy Kingdom come;
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven;
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one,
for Thine are the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.
Amen! (Matthew 6:9-13)


I cannot say exactly why this prayer is the foreword of everything that is written below. This could be for only two reasons: it is either a call to God asking for His blessing, so that no unnecessary or inappropriately used words would be written, or I want to begin this letter in the same way as I started every day in Berlin during the expo.

The exhibition of Tatyana MickushinaТs books and the presentation УHealing in the Teaching of the Ascended MastersФ took place in Berlin on February 13-15, 2015.

...Еthe main and leading goal of the organizers was to spread the Teaching, inspire people, and open their eyes to the truth. Our task was to raise the veil in peopleТs consciousness, after which everyone is free to choose: whether to stay at the same stage of development where he or she is now, or to finally awaken and step on the path that leads to the Creator.
I will admit that it is very difficult to be talking to strangers. It is impossible to predict the reaction of each person.
There were various situations that we had to face during the expo. <Е>
Four weeks ago I did not know any of the people with whom I spent the last three days of my life. I did not know about the expo, and could not imagine how it would take place. I was scared to think that I would not be able to find the right words at the right momentЕbut I was led by the desire to help. I wanted to help the people who may have faced the eternal question of the meaning of life and are trying to find the answer, but cannot find it. I cannot say that my participation in the expo was important or indispensable, but, despite that, I was happy to assist with what I could. I am thankful that the Masters and God gave me the opportunity to join the like-minded people, whom I have already begun to love sincerely like my brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. They played a very important role in my life.
With Gratitude and Love,
Your Victoria.


Viktoria, Frankfurt am Mein