A Path to the New World



What Will Save Russia and the World?


"Russia will soar like an eagle above the earth and will overshadow the whole earth with its wings. Everyone...will recognize its spiritual superiority."


Russia will become beacons of hope for the world.

Edgar Cayce

"a big mission of leading the peoples along the spiritual Path is destined to this country. And at last, the Path is open, and Russia has reached the point of its Path from where the future mission is seen"

Words of Wisdom-6, 2007



Prophecies and Reality


We have heard many prophecies about Russia's mission to become a spiritual beacon for the world in the new century. It was mentioned multiple times by the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, eighty percent of whose prophecies have come true (while the remaining were mostly misinterpreted). A similar statement was made by the American “sleeping” prophet Edgar Cayce. This was also conveyed in the prophecies of Fátima, when the Blessed Virgin Mary came to three young shepherds and asked for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. The prophecies of saints and priests, including those of Seraphim of Sarov, monk Avel, Theophan of Poltava, Seraphim of Vyritsa, John of Kronstadt, and others speak about the high mission of Russia. In addition, many other prophets, clairvoyants, and messengers spoke about the important role of Russia for the destiny of the world, and about this role being fulfilled by this country at a certain time. According to the prophecies, these times are coming – the 21st century has already begun.

What are we seeing in action? We are seeing a real financial war. The entire “civilized” world has turned against Russia and imposed financial penalties on the country. Major pressure is put on the banking system, and foreign banks are not allowed to issue long-term loans for the Russian economy. The operations of the country’s major enterprises are being affected. Oil prices are artificially decreased, and the oil revenue determines Russia’s economic stability. What is awaiting Russia in the future? What can be the course of Russia’s future development?

Russia is at a historical point of choosing its further path, where even small interferences and internal changes may lead to major alterations in the direction of the country’s development. An old wisdom says that the weak conquers the strong, and the quiet conquers the loud. Therefore, Russia’s further path may vary and depend not only on the plans and actions of the forces that are trying to destroy Russia, but also on the choice of each of us. Our choices are that “weak” effect that can change the historical course of events and, despite all external factors, direct Russia towards the course of prosperity, spiritual revival, and evolution.

Based on the analysis of people’s choices and the consequences from Russia’s recent past, let us discuss possible scenarios of Russia’s development that are determined by our free choice. One of the possible scenarios is what the forces that are destabilizing Russia and the world are trying to achieve. That scenario is related to our negative choices. Due to the well-targeted and thought-through actions of political leaders of several western countries and those who stand behind the curtains of the world history, prices of goods will increase, while people’s pensions and salaries will not be able to grow at the same pace. This is because low oil prices on the world market will prevent the government budget from being refilled. Central Bank of Russia will continue to raise credit rates. Therefore, entrepreneurs will be unable to get loans to open and develop their businesses. This will cause a decrease in production, business closures, and, as a result, low incomes and unemployment. This will be followed by riots and overthrow of power…That is what the opposing forces are trying to achieve.

Does that mean that all clairvoyants and prophets who unanimously predicted Russia’s great spiritual future were wrong?! Based on the centuries-long history, it is clear that before something fortunate is supposed to happen, the opposing forces become activated and make all possible attempts to prevent it from happening. Thus, Herod killed infants to get rid of Jesus, the future “king of the Jews”. Thus, the great scientist of his times, Giordano Bruno, was burned in an inquisition fire because he rejected the old theory about how the Solar system is constructed, and he stated that the multitude of worlds of the Universe is infinite. Thus, winter resists the unavoidable coming of spring. Thus, night is dark before the dawn.

This dark time needs to be lived through! One should not give in to the panic and fear. One should not drift into the accusation and profanation of the government. One should not become like the ancient Romans, who asked for “bread and circuses.” One should not lose that light that has always been present in our souls – that moral base and deep understanding that man cannot live by bread alone, but by compassion and mercy, virtue and collaboration, honor and conscience.

Russia has suffered enough in the first and second world wars. Now it is being pulled into a third world war. Others are trying to solve their economic problems at Russia’s cost. Any war involves big money, great revenues. Whose revenues? Those of the ruling elite. At the same time, war never brought people any welfare, only pain and suffering, poverty, and deprivations.

All this happened to Russia in the past; we already made these mistakes. Will we have to repeat them?!



Avoiding Past Mistakes!


The present situation is a replication of what happened in the beginning of the past century, when Germany, Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey, together with USA and Japan, went against Russia that was ruled by Emperor Nicholas II. Russia was first weakened by rebellions and revolutions from the inside of the country. Then, after the ruler had been killed, the country was brought into devastation for many years.

During Nicholas Romanov’s reign, Russia demonstrated rapid industrial and financial growth. During the period of 1885-1913, industrial output was increased by 5 times, national revenue increased by 3 times, educational and cultural expenditures increased by 8 times. These growth speeds were greater than those in the most developed countries of the world. Russia became a world leader in the production of main agricultural crops. Railroads and river fleets were actively built, and aircraft construction was advancing. The value of the ruble pushed back against the value of the franc and mark, exceeded the value of the dollar and was getting close to that of the pound sterling. Under the initiative of Nicholas II, an attempt was made to stop the arms race (Hague Peace conventions of 1899 and 1907).

There was only one way to stop Russia: destroy its foundation – faith in God, the Tsar and the Motherland. Russia had always been governed by a Tsar – the Lord’s Anointed. It is the Divine principle of governance when the Tsar is the implementer of God’s Will on the material plane. By compromising the Tsar and the royal family, one could quickly put Russia on its knees. So, the bullying of the royal family through mass media was started. At that time of extensive freedom of speech, there were about 1,000 publishers, the majority of which considered it their duty to publish a caricature of the Emperor, the Empress and Rasputin, as the royal family attendant. Any situation which was not even directly related to the Tsar was immediately turned against him.

Thus, at the Khodynka Field, during the celebration of coronation somebody passed a rumor that there would not be enough presents for everyone. That caused the crowd of 500,000 people to rush to get their presents, pushing and running over each other. Thousands of people were injured, many were killed. That is when the Tsar was given a nickname – the “bloody” one. Tsar’s many virtuous deeds were crossed out in people’s consciousness instantly. Everybody was only talking about his mistakes and lapses.

Another example is the “Bloody Sunday” of January 9, 1905. On that day, a multi-thousand demonstration was led to the Winter Palace by a young priest, Gapon. He led the workers to meet the Tsar knowing very well that the emperor and his family were not even in Petersburg at that time.

The cause for the strike was ordinary – four employees had been fired. As it was found later, they had been fired for poor performance and absences. Yet, the spark created a fire. Thanks to Gapon and his assistants’ skillful propaganda, the workers readily signed the petition, which, by the end, was expanded with political demands on top of the original financial claims. Those demands were impossible to fulfill from the beginning. The workers came in front of the palace with completely different expectations and motives than the motives of the instigators - socialist-revolutionaries who directed Gapon. The instigators needed to discredit and abase the Tsar in front of the people. That goal was achieved.

Now we know that the provocative act of January 9, 1905 had been sponsored by Japan and America. Having been exhausted in the Russo-Japanese war, Japan applied its efforts to facilitate the growth of national dissatisfaction inside Russia, which would weaken Japan’s enemy. That was achieved.

In 1914, Russia was brought into World War I. In order to prevent the country from winning the war, new attempts were made to destroy it from inside. The cause of the revolution in February of 1917 was a criminal intent – bread was intentionally not supplied or sold in Petersburg. People started a riot. The government had no choice but to remove the troops from the forefront and use them to suppress the riot.

Tsar’s closest people, most of the military commanders, and even some Romanov family members betrayed the Tsar. He was left alone and was forced to sign the Decree of Abdication. That was followed by the deportation and execution of the entire royal family. Thus, Russia was left without God’s guidance, without the Lord’s Anointed, without God inside the soul for the long 70 years.

Cold war continued the politics of destroying Russia from the inside. At the end of 1991, USSR collapsed (based on the principle “divide and rule”). Russia became flooded with western “values”: ideals of satiety and comfort, pretty-looking products and packages, along with drugs, free sex, and destructive music. Opportunistic interests of the physical plane have begun to overlay the spiritual foundation. Everything holy is being forced out of people’s consciousness. That is because if the country is focused on consumerism, it will likely be less concerned about spiritual guidance. .

Yet, God loves Russia. He has given another governor to Russia. Now it is Putin. However, what do we see? We see the reoccurrence of the past. Many of the President’s decrees are being ignored by the “fifth column” of officials at all levels. The world’s developed countries are using all means to discredit the Russian President by evoking feelings of hatred towards him in people across the nations. Russia is being called the aggressor state. Sanctions are imposed to cause the crash of the ruble and to lower the living standards of Russian people. That increases dissatisfaction inside the country.

What will we choose? Third world war? A second Maidan?

Don’t the events at Maidan remind you of the provocative act of January 9, 1905? In 1905, the mass demonstration of workers grew into a bloody strike with the government. In 2013, in Ukraine, the mass protest against the suspension of the signing of the agreement with the European Union grew into a civil war.

In front of our very eyes the skillful method of launching controlled color revolutions was used in Ukraine in the same way as it was used in Tunisia, Libya, and Syria. There were also unsuccessful attempts to initiate revolutions in Venezuela, Egypt, Turkey, and China (Hong Kong). In December 2011, violations were found during Russia’s parliamentary elections. The instigators quickly organized a riot at the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow using the slogan “For Fair Elections.” Over 70 thousand people, including ambassadors of “civilized” countries to Russia, attended the riot. Trained militias initiated conflicts with the police. There were riots in other cities as well. However, the revolution was prevented.

All color revolutions are based on the same plot, which had been used for the red revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Do we want the same for Russia today?

In the near future, we will have to face the most important choice between material comfort and spiritual ideals, or, essentially, the choice between an evolutionary path of development based on spiritual values, historically cherished by the Russian people, on the one hand, or chaos and degradation on the other hand.

In the near future Russia will face price increases, decreases in living standards; some may experience poverty and famine. The bread supply may be stopped again by someone’s criminal order, as it was done in Petersburg in 1917. At that time the people of Russia made an immoral choice, the choice against their conscience, against God – they refused and killed their Tsar. Will we make the same mistake again?

At that time in 1917, of the people were supporting the Tsar. Now, of Russian people support their President. However, the revolution is not made by the entire population, but by a few percent of betrayers, who can skillfully lead the crowds to fulfill their personal plans of acquiring power and revenue. People are always at a loss when they blindly obey the mass media paid for by the elites, and give way to the propaganda, provocations, panic, and fear.

Russia must overcome the situation with the power of its spirit, preserving its dignity and awareness! This is not simply an opposition of nations. It is a battle between the Good and the Evil, the Light and the Darkness.

Dark forces are trying to outweigh the Light by destroying the foundation – our relationships with God. That foundation is currently undermined in Russia. If Russian people do not realize the mistakes of the past, do not repent, we will see the reoccurrence of what happened in the beginning of the past century, but in the form of more severe ordeals.

Russia made a choice when killing the Tsar. We have to make a choice again.

There is the Good and the Evil in each of us. We determine the direction in which we direct our consciousness. If we cultivate anger and aggression, we will follow the path of 1917.

The choice is first made inside the consciousness, and then it is realized in the form of material events. If people’s level of consciousness is high enough, if such values as honor and conscience play the primary role, then the overthrow of power, wars or cataclysms will not happen. The entire situation will change its direction to a more positive and favorable path.



A Divine Helping Hand


God indeed loves Russia. He always works “ahead of time” and sends into this world extraordinary rulers, as well as prophets and messengers who pave the way for perceiving God-guidance and bring the Divine teaching to people.

There are many examples. Such a situation occurred just before World War I, when the Great Masters of mankind gave secret knowledge through Helena Blavatsky. The same happened before World War II, when the Agni Yoga Teaching was given through the Roerich family. Now a New Teaching – the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom - has come to Earth.

This Teaching is very old, as the World itself, and it is universal, as it explains the reasons for the problems of society, regardless of the stage in human development – whether it is thousands of years ago or the beginning of the XXI century. It explains the present situation and ways to overcome the global crisis in simple terms, and, thus, it is especially relevant.

The Teaching has been given in Russian, and, therefore, it is primarily meant for the Russian people. The messages are a real Divine Helping Hand that allows the reader to maintain a high level of consciousness and perceive the reality from that level.

The Teaching is built upon three Laws of the Universe:

– The Law of Karma

– The Law of Reincarnation

– The Highest Moral Law

If these Laws are put into simple words, the following correlation can be seen.

The human is not just a physical or, in other words, mortal body. Beside the mortal part, people have the immortal one that evolves throughout many embodiments or incarnations. According to the Law of Reincarnation, the man returns to this world one life after another with only one goal – to overcome wrong beliefs and learn the Truth. In every life, he or she performs actions, which result from his or her wrong beliefs or illusions. Karma is created as a result of such actions if they do not correspond to the Higher Moral Law. According to the Law of Karma, the evil which we do in this life returns to us as misfortunes in the next life. This will repeat from one incarnation to another, until a person stops doing evil and acquires wisdom.

If we think about it, it is a very wise arrangement of the Universe! One cannot become perfect in one lifetime. If we had one life only, there would be no point in high morality; on the contrary, one could live his or her life indulging in all possible amusements without being concerned about mistreating other people.

That is why the impartial Law of Karma operates in the universe. That law postulates: “Each cause has its consequence“, or “One must reap as one has sown.” Every human being must take responsibility for his or her choices! Sooner or later, either in the current life or in the next life, that karmic responsibility will come upon that person.

Let us apply this Teaching to life. Today, in Russia, the generation of people who had dethroned the Tsar a century ago have incarnated again. Their souls – our souls – have incarnated to face the same choice again. At that time, a wrong choice was made: rejection of God, betrayal and assassination of the Tsar and the entire royal family.

Consequences in the form of devastation, famine, moral degrading, purges, wars, labor camps, atheism, and other troubles evolved shortly after that.

Which choice will this generation make today?

The Teaching of the Great Masters was given to assist people with making the right choice. It contains various Teachings, including the main Teaching – the Teaching of the transformation of consciousness, as one can make the right choice only when he or she is in the right state of consciousness.

A more elevated consciousness corresponds to a more perfect world.

If Russians accepted this Helping Hand, another war could be prevented. However, the majority of the country’s population has not used the opportunity offered to them. Therefore, it is difficult to predict, what awaits us in the near future.



Repentance Will Save Russia


The book “Repentance Will Save Russia. About the Tsar Family” was published by the Publishing House Sirius in 2013, and was dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Romanovs’ dynasty. It depicts Emperor Nicolas II and his family. The book portrays each member of the Tsar’s family in a way that is completely different from how they were described in school textbooks about the history of the past century.

With Nicolas II coming to the throne, Russia received a unique chance to gradually transform its society based on higher spiritual and moral principles. Russia had all the foundations needed to become a spiritual leader for the world, and to realize and show other countries the possibility of Divine Governance of a country through a true God’s elect. Alas, the opposing forces did not let it happen. By means of skillful manipulation of workers and intelligentsia of the two biggest cities in Russia – Moscow and Petersburg, by dragging the country into the World War outside and civil war inside the state, the opposing forces blocked this opportunity for Russia for a long time.

In fact, we blocked it ourselves by submitting to low instincts and choosing the wrong path.

Maybe, we should stop making the same mistake again?

The book says, “Everything can be changed. We believe that a great future awaits Russia. However, for the new Path of Light to open up for Russia, every member of the society must go through repentance and penance in his or her heart. To repent, there is no need to participate in human crowds, rallies, and demonstrations. Quiet repentance in the heart of one person may be felt by the entire nation. The spiritual achievements of a sole person are deposited into the spiritual bank of the nation.

By changing our attitude to past events and reconsidering our inner value system, we will change the course of historical development for Russia and the entire world, directing it to the Divine path.

We must return back to God!

• The first step is the understanding of past mistakes and repentance. Only by repenting of the committed action – assassination of the innocent, will people of Russia be able to make the next step.

• The second step is to make a firm decision not to repeat mistakes of the past.

• The third step is to maintain inner calmness and dignity, resist the instigation, make a choice in God’s favor, in favor of the Highest Moral Law, which means applying moral methods and performing moral actions in any circumstances. The Teaching of the Great Masters will help with this step.



What Will Save the World?


Nowadays, the West and the East see enemies in each other. It is necessary to become free from this stereotype. If Russia perceives European countries and the USA as enemies and, vice versa, and these countries consider Russia an aggressor, it will lead to a war. That is because sooner or later, everything that exists in the conscience of the critical mass of people comes down to the physical plane.

In today’s Europe, anti-Islamic dispositions are being developed. There are those who fund the unfolding of international dissention. There have always been forces that strived to destabilize the condition of world affairs by all possible means.

However, there are also forces of Light, which harmonize and stabilize the situation in the world. This border between light and darkness lies in the consciousness of every person.

Every individual, regardless of his or her nationality, beliefs, social status, and place of living, constantly makes the same choice: whether to act in accordance with his or her conscience, with God inside, or to act impudently, in other words, whether to act morally or immorally. These choices are added to the choices of other people, and create either a bright or sorrowful future for the entire humanity. The choice of every single one of us matters!

Today’s situation in the world is not only Russia’s problem. It is the problem of the entire world system: what will the humanity choose? Will it pursue material goals or turn to God?

Russia should only start this process. According to some predictions, it must become a carrier of the New World outlook. However, at the moment, Russia has nothing to share with the world yet. Russia needs the help of all light bearers of the planet. Right now!

The process of repentance involves not only Russia. During the rule of Nikolas II, the Russian Empire included numerous territories of countries that later separated: Ukraine, Belarus, Eastern Poland, Finland, Baltic countries, and countries of Transcaucasia and Central Asia. These countries are also responsible for the events that occurred in the Russian Empire one century ago. The USA, Japan, and Germany bear responsibility, as they sponsored the provocative act of 1905 and the revolution of 1917. Countries that fought against Russia in World War I, such as Germany, Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey share the responsibility as well. Therefore, these countries should not distance themselves; their task is to help Russia. Each of these countries contributed to the overthrow of God in Russia. By distancing themselves from Russia, people distance themselves from God. That is because according to prophecies, a New World Order, based on Divine principles, should come from Russia.

Other countries such as Great Britain, France, Greece, and Romania also participated in the intervention of Russia in 1918-1920. There are a total of fourteen countries. As one can see, in one way or another, many countries were against Russia.

If we want this world to change for the better, everybody should help Russia. By helping Russia, other countries are helping themselves and the rest of the world community to start moving towards the New World – a world without wars, murder, corruption, and numerous problems, which exist only because of the absence of high moral and spiritual values, an absence of the Divine Ideology.

In modern society, there are four types of power: legislative, executive, judicial, and the power of mass media. However, everyone shamefully keeps silent about the most important, the supreme power – the Power of God, the Power of the Highest Law. If all four branches of power and society as a whole do not follow the Divine Law, then such a society is doomed to degrade and become extinct.

The leading ideology of the modern society is the ideology of consumption. As a counterbalance to it, the ideology of High Morality, or Divine Ideology should come forth.

Thus, while there are racial, property, and religious inequalities in a consumer society, a moral society regards the humankind as a brotherhood of nations.

The consumer society, defined by all-permissiveness exploits the concept of freedom for the sake of desire, satisfaction, and entertainment, while in a highly moral society the freedom is a conscious need to follow the Higher Moral Law of the Universe. A human with the new line of thought receives boundless freedom to act within this Law.

In a consumer society, those in power take every action to keep the masses subjugated, follow political conjuncture, fight for leadership, and buy high ranking positions, thus generating corruption. In a new society, the best representatives of the nation with high moral qualities will occupy the governing positions.

In a consumer society, people view God merely as a source of fulfillment of their desires, seeking personal gain, and maintaining external rituals, while in a highly moral society God is seen as the source of absolute values that define all human life; the Supreme Law to which voluntary devotion is the main purpose of life.

Until humankind accepts the three Laws of the Universe – the Law of Karma, the Law of Reincarnation, and the Higher Moral Law as a foundation of life; until it stops living according to the concept of mortal existence of one sole life; until it takes responsibility for its thoughts, words, and deeds, it will not understand that the main purpose of human existence is the ascendance to God along the stairs of evolution; it will not find peace and the essence of life. Over and over again, humanity will harvest the “hell” of its ignorance, turning the consequences of their deeds against themselves.

Realization of these truths will let us accept the extended Helping Hand – the Teaching, which contains everything necessary to establish the New World – the World where the priority will be given to spiritual and moral values.

When a new ideology, brought through the Teaching, will develop in the minds and hearts of all people, the world will be saved!


Tatyana Mickushina

Elena Ilyina