SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

for RUSSIA and the UKRAINE
9 p.m. Moscow time


I am appealing to the warriors of Light, to the souls of those people who are incarnated to create the superiority of the Forces of Light at the critical moment of human history. From the Divine point of view this time is called Armageddon, the battle of the Light and the dark.

Everyone will make his choice in this battle, on which side he wishes to stay. It is impossible not to make this choice.

The frontal line is in people's hearts. However, this battle is manifested in the physical plane as well.

The great battle is now taking place between the forces that stand for the old order and the forces that call for the New World.

The old order, the power of the golden calf, money, the priority of egoistic interests and exploitative attitude towards everything: mother Nature, material benefits and other people. The cult of money and pleasure. All for the body and for the whims of one's ego.

The new world means the priority of God, spiritual and moral values in our lives. It means we are guided by eternal values and ideals. They are Conscience, honor, dignity, heroism and holiness.

There is no country, nation or religion that stand for the Light or the dark. Everywhere there are the souls who stand for the Light and the souls who stand for the dark.

Every person is making his choice, on which side to act.

Now in 2014 humanity is on the brink of war as it was 100 years ago in 1914. Actually, the war is in progress. The propaganda machinery is at its full capacity.

The events in the Ukraine are just the beginning. The events in the Ukraine mean the problems for Russia, as historically Russia appeared as Kievan Rus.

The Forces opposite to the forces o Light use the good aspirations of people's souls, their aspirations towards Common Good, for their mercenary ends. Remember the history. To what results did the revolution of the 1917 lead? 10 million victims in the 2-year civil war in Russia. 90% of the victims were the civilian population. And 800 000 soldiers from the Red Army and the White Guard.

We are to make the choice, whether to drain the cup of sufferings in the form of a war, including the civil war, or to go along the Divine path of repentance and a prayer.

Any karma and any consequences of the wrong deeds of the past can be neutralized by these universal solvents: repentance and a prayer.

I suggest that we start the praying vigil. The first 9 days we will read the following Rosaries:

February 26 – Rosary for Russia
February 27 – Spiritual Mission of Russia
February 28 – Rosary of Lord Shiva
March 1 – Tenth Short Mother Mary's Rosary
March 2 – Ninth Short Mother Mary's Rosary
March 3 – Rosary of Elohim Peace
March 4 – Rosary of Lord Shiva
March 5 – Spiritual Mission of Russia
March 6 – Rosary for Russia

The Vigil starts at 9 p.m. Moscow time. You can switch on the broadcasting on the Russian home page of the site 'Sirius' (the additional site is The English site 'Sirius' .

In 9 days we will make a decision whether to continue the Vigil or not.

It is very important that all the participants of the Vigil read the Rosaries simultaneously. In this case the multiplication of the efforts takes place.

So, 1200 people, who are sincerely praying simultaneously, is enough to transform any situation in Russia. In this case the multiplication of the efforts takes place, and the efforts of 1200 people equal to the efforts of 1 440 000 people (1200 х 1200).

1 440 000 people is more than 1% of the population of Russia. The Masters say that if 1% of the population changes its consciousness, the situation in the whole country will change. The change of the situation in such a country like Russia will change the situation in the world.

We give the energy of our prayer to the Ascended Hosts. The Ascended Hosts make a decision how to allocate the energy of our prayer in the best way for the Good of humanity.

To focus the praying efforts you can say the following call prayer before each reading of the Rosary:

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of God the Almighty, I am asking Beloved Mother Mary, Master Nicholas (Tsar Nicholas II), saint prince Aleksey (Beloved Lanello – Mark Prophet), saint princess Anastasia (Ascended Lady Master Clare - Elizabeth Clare Prophet), Beloved Master Igor, Ascended Master Nicholas Roerich, Sergius of Radonezh (Master Morya), Seraphim of Sarov (Master Serapis Bey), all the Russian Saints and all the Forces of Light, who wish to take part in this Rosary, to reinforce the effect of this Rosary in order to transmute the negative karma of Russia, so that it can fulfill its Divine mission.

I am asking to transmute the karma of the revolution of 1917, of the civil war, of the repressions; I am asking to transmute the karma that prevents the majority of the population of Russia and the Ukraine from rising to the new level of consciousness. I am asking to transmute the karma between the Ukraine and Russia. I am asking to dissolve the whole cause and the core of any hatred, aversion, aggression, terrorism, nazism and fascism.

I am asking beloved Archangel Michael to prevent any bloodshed, war, intervention and revolution.

Beloved Archangel Michael, protect Russia and the Ukraine against any influence and attacks from the forces of the dark, the forces of death and hell.

I am asking for the Divine Guidance for Russia and the Ukraine.

Let God's Will be done. Amen."

The only revolution that we must manifest is the revolution in our own consciousness; this is the priority of God and His Law in our life.

According to the prophecies given by many prophets of the past and the present, the new consciousness based on the Divine principles is to come from Russia.

The opposite forces in their death struggle make the last effort to break the prophecies.

Therefore our unity and the energy of our prayers are needed now.

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!