…All that you need to do in the nearest future

is to open your hearts to Love,

Divine Love…

We offer you a universal method

which will help you to clear all features that are on your way

and which are not Divine away from your heart.



Purification of heart

Imagine yourself taking a clean piece of cloth

and dip it in sparkling absolutely clean water

splashing at your feet.

…Bend over to take some water in your hands.

…Dip the cloth in the water and imagine

you are holding your heart in your hands.

…Your heart is like a crystal vessel.

But it has become muddy during the time of your incarnations on the Earth

and cannot let Divine Light through.

…Take your vessel, your heart and imagine

how you wash all negative qualities and feelings

away layer by layer.

…Hatred, hostility, fear, anger, ignorance, laziness, envy...

…Each of you has several qualities to get rid of first of all.

…Wash all these coatings of negative qualities and manifestations off your heart.

…Repeat that procedure everyday.


 ...Strive constantly for keeping in your mind the image

of releasing from your negative qualities.


…Imagine how your heart passes

more and more Divine Energy through every time.

…Some time later

your heart will be completely cleared from all accumulations of the past.

And you will be able to assimilate in full measure the vibration of Divine Love

running through the whole world and Creation.

You cannot perceive these vibrations due to your own imperfection

and your unwillingness to get rid of it.

I am sure that each of you will think about it…

…and decide to change your approach to life

and will stop frowning

happily exposing your smiling face to the New Day.

Imagine yourself sitting on the lake shore,

when the sun is shining brightly in your face.

…The gentle touch of the rays of the sun is so pleasant!

… The sun penetrates deeper and deeper inside you every day.

And one day you yourself become the sun

giving your Light and Love

to all those who need Light and Love.

The time will come when the sun of your Divine consciousness

will be able to shine through you and give its warmth to many people

who haven't yet set themselves free of things that do not allow them to force their way to the sun

of Divine Presence in them.

…You are sunlike.

…You just need to clear centuries-old coatings of dirt off your vessel

so that it can become clean and transparent.


…And you will fill your vessel with Divine Energy

and you will give a chance to everyone who is thirsty to drink from your vessel.


…Divine Energy never comes to an end.

This is only the human consciousness that limits the flow

of Divine Energy in your world.


…The New Day is coming

when there will be no limitations,

but Divine Freedom and

Divine Love…


The meditation is composed on the basis of the dictation given by St. Archangel Michael on 5th January 2007.

Designed by Tatyana Martynenko.