Cosmic Being Mighty Victory
“The Tall Master from Venus”

Mighty Victory is a Cosmic Being from Venus whose devotion to the Flame of Victory for more than a hundred thousand years has given Him the authority over that flame through vast reaches of cosmos.

His Love for the Victory of Christ is an example for those souls that evolve on Earth.


Also, His Love for the Victory of Christ was His answer to the request for cosmic assistance to the planet Earth, made by Saint-Germain in the 1930’s.

He provided His momentum of Victory to fulfill the plans of Saint Germain for the planet Earth.

Due to the fact that Mighty Victory and many other Cosmic Beings came to help Saint Germain, His petitions for mercies for the humanity of the Earth were fulfilled by the Masters, members of the Karmic Board.


When He first became known to the people of Earth, Victory was referred to as the “The Tall Master from Venus.”

The master explains how He came to be known as Victory: “I was given the Name of ‘Victory’ by the Ascended Masters who have made the ascension from your Earth, because all that I have attempted to do, has been Victo-rious!
There is no such thing as the memory of a single limitation in my conscious-ness, or world of activity, and has not been for a tremendously long period!” “I have known only Victory for thousands of centuries.”

The Mighty Victory and His love for Victory is truly the Star of Victory, this is the Star of our own causal bodies, and our personal Victory is the Victory of Love!


Together with Mighty Victory, twelve Masters - His assistants, as well as the Legions of the Angels of Victory carry out Their Service.

The House of the Mighty Victory is the whole Cosmos.

Today, the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory has come, having overcome space and time from the vast expanses of His House.


He gave His three inspiring Messages of Victory through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina.

In His first Message given on June 10th, 2005, the Mighty Victory announced that the Hour of Victory had come!

He brought us happy news:
“Your planet is entering a new stage of your evolution and this pro-cess is taking place right now”.

The Mighty Victory says that at this time, as never before, we must be sensi-tive and attentive to ourselves, to those internal changes that occur in us:

“You must heed yourselves. You must sense yourselves and under-stand yourselves. You are not your reflection in the mirror; you are mighty spiritual beings. And the time has come for each of you to feel it”.

Further, the Cosmic Being Victory explains that He came just to tell us about our ability to gain the consciousness of a person of the New Age:

«“You are progressing to the stage where you will be able to estab-lish your connection with your Higher part without applying energies as before. At all times there were people who stood independently and kept within themselves the secret of communication between the worlds even when the veil separating these worlds was the most impenetrable.
…now there comes a time when this veil becomes like an openwork veil, through which you can see and get a partial idea of our world.
The veil between our worlds is ready to be torn right now.
The higher energies are literally penetrating through you and mold-ing your consciousness, a new consciousness, and the consciousness of a human of the New Age “.


The Mighty Victory reminded us once again that humanity does not exert suf-ficient efforts to join the subtle worlds, while the Ascended Masters do everything in Their power to make this communication take place. But the Law of the Free Will operates in the Universe, and no one can violate it.

“The Ascended Hosts do their best to initiate you into our world. If, in or-der to gain an opportunity to communicate with us, you applied just a thousandth-share of the energies we are applying, you would be able to perform in your consciousness an instantaneous breakthrough to our worlds and into the endlessness.

A wonderful time is coming. Look out the window. Is the world you used to see outside? Everybody is being given a chance. Everybody is making his own decision based on the law of free will “.


Mighty Victory came like the Star of Bethlehem, which announced the Birth of Jesus Christ, He came to announce the birth of Christ in us, in those who triumph over their mortal consciousness:

“I have come like the Bethlehem Star that marked the birth of Jesus Christ. I have come to announce the birth of Christ within you. And those of you who have gained victory over your carnal consciousness will receive an opportunity to obtain the Christ Mind.


You are climbing the summit of the Divine consciousness with the help of your victories that you gain one after another over the unreal part of your-self, over your mortal carnal mind.

The Christ Mind is radiating from within you. It is being born inside of you and it is running to your world out of your hearts through the ra-diance of your eyes, through your service, and through the actions you perform for the sake of the entire life “.

At the end of His fiery Message, the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory calls us to choose Victory, and move to our Victory because the cosmic opportunity for this Victory Hour has come!

“…this time can become either the time for some to gain a great vic-tory or the time for others to suffer a defeat.


Beloved, never forget that you are in the belly of God. All of you consti-tute the united body of God. The time is coming when little depends on your wish. You are destined to win. You have no other choice but to win.


…choose your Victory and choose moving towards your Victory. I have come to announce an approaching cosmic opportunity that has already come for those who are ready to accept it.

Victory is in sight! “


In the second Message, given on December 29, 2006, the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory explained the essence of His name:

«“I AM Cosmic Being Powerful Victory!
As I am Victory, I am triumphant!

The Mighty Victory claims that it is the quality of victoriousness that we simply need to develop in ourselves:

“The whole evolution of the Universe is destined to Victory. The quality of being triumphant or victorious is what you need to develop in your-self. That quality is extremely necessary for you because that is the quality that you have been lacking during the whole period of musty human history”.

He also reminds us of our Divinity, our Divine origin and the need to triumph over our unreal part, because without the attainment of Divinity, our further evolu-tionary development in this universe is impossible:

“…I came to teach you to firmly establish Victory. At the time when you reject any human imperfection and faulty condition to overcome the un-real manifestation, you establish Victory in yourself.


…I came to remind you of your Divine origin and the necessity to over-come your unreal part. <…>

You have to turn to Divinity and leave your unreality, or the further evolutionary development of this Universe is impossible”.

In this Message, the Cosmic Being, the Mighty Victory, gives us a very im-portant Spiritual Practice for developing a sense of discerning reality and illu-sion in ourselves. He offers us to conduct this practice every day:

“You have to make it your everyday rule and begin by analyzing the manifestation of unreality in yourself that comes up on your way to the Victory. Try to abstract your mind from the world around you and imagine that you are in the Divine World. There are no usual forms in that world. There is nothing that has to be made with the hands. You don't have to take care of the body.


That is the Fiery World, the world where fiery thoughts rule, the world created by the power of thoughts, which lives because of the Divine Love that fills all the space of the Fiery World. Thanks to that Love, that World ex-ists.

Now think of the things of your world that may be necessary in the Di-vine World?

Will you need the things around you such as money, luxuries, food, or clothes?

No, none of the listed things will be needed in our world. So, what is left then?

What can be left with you in our world?

I will tell you. In our world only your Divine qualities may stay with you: unselfishness, devotion, faithfulness, love, compassion, Divine mercy and charity, and purity… There are so many qualities in the Divine World that you may keep with you. But in order for you to have these quali-ties, you have to develop them in your physical manifested world “.


Further, the Mighty Victory painted a vivid picture of what we will feel when we return to our Father's House imperfectly.

“When it is time to return to your Father's House, you will appear there without your radiant garments of virtue. It is worthless to wander about the Divine World naked. You will always feel compassionate looks from the inhabitants of the Divine World, but you will feel embarrassed for wast-ing time during your earthly lives. That is why you have to find the strength and courage to leave your human qualities and try to acquire the Divine qualities and perfection based on the description of the Di-vine World that you get from our Messages”.


In the final part of the Message, Mighty Victory gives us the most important reminder and warning that we do not have much time left for experimenting in the physical world, and urges us to hurry up, since it is the physical world that pro-vides an unprecedented opportunity for our internal transformations:

“I come to remind you of your Divinity because in your everyday fuss you lose contact with that reality. It is time to remember your true Home and your Divine life purpose. Do not be afraid to look funny in the opin-ion of people around you. We will see who laughs when you get to the Di-vine reality. If I say that the cycles shorten and time accelerates, I mean that not so much time is left for experimenting in the physical world.

Due to the density of the manifested world, every action in this world has almost a flash-like result. And to reach the same result in the Fiery World you will need millions of years.

Hurry up, because what you can easily get during your physical life is impossible to reach when being in the Divine World.

Our worlds are complementary, and what is possible in your world is im-possible in our world. Unfortunately, you have to take that on trust because to reach my world you need millions of millions of earth years “.

Also, the Mighty Victory expressed the hope that His Message would help a very quick change in the lives of those individuals who are ready:

“…I hope that there are individuals for whom every word of today's Message brings such an important energetic and informational compo-nent that your lives will change so quickly you could not even expect it in your most daring dreams “.

Expressly inspiring, calling from outer space, the Message was transmitted to us by the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory through the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina on July 6, 2007..

Mighty Victory says:

“It is necessary for you to understand that there is a whole universe be-yond the borders of your gross world.


We are calling you to the cosmic expanses; we want you to learn in your consciousness how to leave the realms of the gross world “.

Mighty Victory tells of how we can gain Freedom and the ability to move through the vastness of the Universe. To do this, you need to overcome the attrac-tion of matter and ascend to the next stage of evolutionary development:

“…as soon as your consciousness attains a higher level, you become capable of tearing yourselves away from your home planet and getting drawn to the layers of the etheric octaves of Light which will allow you to ac-quire the Freedom of travel in the vastness of this Universe.


…this will happen to you no earlier than when you are able to overcome the gravity of matter of your planet in your consciousness”.


The birth of the New Consciousness is given with great difficulty precisely be-cause of the resistance of matter, and Mighty Victory continues:

“This process of new consciousness being born inside of you is not al-ways painless. In the same way as a new being is born into your world through pain, you have to be reborn in the throes in order to become capable of carrying the new consciousness. It is truly a burden, the same burden that was carried by all the martyred saints of the past. The resistance of matter is too strong and there are too many forces that counteract the coming of the new consciousness and the new thinking into your world. That is why you are acquiring the new with such difficulty. It is unlikely that the majority of the population of Earth understands what I am talking about”.

The Mighty Victory recalls what happened millions of years ago, when He was at our stage of development and what was the main difficulty He faced:

“Many millions of years ago, I was at your stage of evolutionary devel-opment. Now I am trying to remember the main difficulty that stood before me as an unsolvable problem. Do you know what it is? It is the gravity of the matter. It is the unwillingness to part with the gross world. <…>

You are simply afraid to part with your old and habitual state of attach-ment to matter. Matter is your Mother. However, there is also a Father, who is calling you to the ascension to a higher level of consciousness. Otherwise, you are risking staying in your cradle forever”.


Mighty Victory speaks of fearlessness that we must develop in our-selves. He reminds us that we are immortal and God cares about us.

“The new is always frightening. However, it is necessary for you to develop fearlessness and the ability to change your consciousness. You should not be frightened by anything. You should always remem-ber in your consciousness that you are immortal and that God is taking care of you”.

Victory calls us to the constant striving for the Higher worlds, to the constant change and constant tension of forces:

“You should simply maintain the aspiration to the Higher worlds in your hearts. You should constantly try to overcome Earth’s gravity of the surrounding illusion. Believe me, now there is no task for you more im-portant than the task of elevating your consciousness over all the manifesta-tions of your established, conventional life.

Constant change and constant strenuous efforts are required. In this constant process of overcoming yourselves you are capable of ascend-ing to the next stage of evolutionary development. Nothing can be achieved without effort.


You will have to put in all the efforts yourselves, rising higher and higher in your consciousness”.


At the conclusion of this fiery Message, the Cosmic Being Mighty Victory gives us an invaluable Teaching on the shortest way to ascend to the top of the Di-vine consciousness:

“…you also need to feel responsible for the people with whom you have a karmic connection. You need to stretch a helping hand to them, just like I am now stretching a helping hand to you by giving this Message.


Everyone who has a higher level of consciousness must help those who are lagging behind or have gotten stuck on the Path. When you were chil-dren, you were taught to help the younger ones. Now you need to remember that. There are many people around you who need your help and advice.

Believe me, there is nothing more significant that can help you on your Path of ascension to the Summit of Divine consciousness than to help the ones close to you. You cannot even follow the Path yourselves but if you help the people around you to follow it, together with them you will overcome all the barriers and obstacles on your Path”.


The article was prepared by Maria Fliman



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