SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching



The purpose of this book is to familiarize the reader with the fundamentals of the Teaching given to humanity by the Masters of Wisdom (Masters of Shambala).

This Teaching from the Ascended Masters is not new – it is millions of years old.  This is the Truth that the Masters had already revealed when we were incarnated in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. Humanity is gradually entering a new age, and requires a renewed transmission of the Teaching.

This book contains 26 fundamental ancient truths based on extracts from the Teaching given by the Masters through their Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.  It includes lessons about:   the Supreme Laws of the Universe, Faith and Love, Mercy and Compassion, all is God, multiple layer human nature, reality and illusion, good and evil, and the Path of Love – all of these Teachings and more will be open to the readers of this book.

Each statement from one of the Masters can be considered a Sutra, a rule or a treasure, containing the fundamentals of the Teaching, and needs to be meditated upon to understand the ancient truths. This book is intended for a thoughtful reader who considers the reading of each statement as serious spiritual work.

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The Masters talk about the current historic moment of planet Earth. They discuss in detail how to change one’s consciousness. They also speak about energy, vibrations, karma (the law of cause and effect), the Path of Initiations, the illusion of this world and the Divine reality, the human ego and service to others, the Higher Self and the lower bodies, the history of mankind… This is one of the most important books on spirituality given to Humans living at the current time.



"We come time after time not to give a new Truth, yet to enable you to recollect that Ancient Truth which you knew long ago but forgot since you have plunged into materiality too much. And now the time has come to remember about your Source and to return to it.


This is the Truth which you learned in ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, in all Schools of Mysteries of the past and the present that ever existed on the Earth.”

Beloved Serapis Bey,
June 24, 2007