The project "Favorite books of Teaching". Results



Dear friends!

The project "Favorite books of the Teaching" is coming to an end.

We thank everyone who took part in it. Thank you for your heartfelt, sincere stories and reviews about your favorite books of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom, how they came into your life, how they changed it.

The books of the Teaching are our beacon and guide in this material world. They do not allow us to fall to the very bottom of disbelief, despair and despondency.

All the videos and written reviews we submit help us realize how important it is for all of us to maintain our moral guidelines and priorities at all times.



Some of the submitted reviews and videos are so deeply absorbed in our hearts and souls, so loved by many, that we can not part with them, re-reading and reviewing them many times over.

Each person's experience is invaluable, because it often reveals some other previously unknown facet of a particular book, and it helps to get to know the Teacher who gave the Message better.

Throughout this year, Tatyana Mickushina initiated projects that helped us maintain balance during life’s exams, not to get involved in the swirling stream of events, thereby preserving our energy and trying to walk the Higher Way, realizing our unity.

Thanks to all previous projects (Seven-Day Continuous Prayer Vigil to stabilize the situation on the planet, Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM", Helping Hand. Sharing of the spiritual experience), as well as this final project "Favorite books of the Teaching", we once again saw that there are not so few of us on the planet.

In almost every corner of the world, there are people who read books with Messages from the Masters of Wisdom and strive to spread the Teaching as widely as possible.

This is a very important service, and the most important thing in distributing the books of the Teaching will be our personal motive, our inner state, the state of our consciousness. Just as butterflies are attracted to the light of a lamp, so people are attracted to the energy we emit. And the vibrations of our energy increase as the Teaching permeates our being.


Tatyana Mickushina devoted a lot of time to this topic, reminding us that just a desire to distribute books is not enough. We have to do internal spiritual work constantly.

This is the key to the successful distribution of the books of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom.

This is our main task.

We have books of the Teaching, lectures and interviews by Tatyana Nikolaevna Mikushina, spiritual practices and methods, and recommendations of the Masters to help us with spiritual work.

All materials: Messages, Rosaries, mantras, movies are presented beautifully, carefully, with Love on the site "Sirius" (

All we have to do is to accept this Gift from the Master and Teacher with Gratitude and use it in our lives.

We also have recommendations from the Masters of Wisdom on how to act during this time period.




As the Beloved Sanat Kumara said in his “An urgent Message" on November 16, 2010:

“It is your turn. You have incarnated for the mission, and the time for that is coming.

You must step out of the crowd; you must separate yourselves and become those who you really are: the transmitters of Light, the electrodes of Light. Through you, through your conductors, the balancing of planet Earth must be carried out.

<…> The bustle of life must subside. Everything is to be silent within you. Your time has come.

<…> The balance must be restored at the cost of prayers, at the cost of establishing inner peace and silence.

There are few of you, and it is only possible to maintain the balance only by an incredible concentration on your inner work, by concentration on the Supreme during the whole day.

Do not pay attention to what is happening around you. Concentrate only on the heart, on God residing within you.

Let the wind blow, let there be a snowstorm, let the fires rage, let the world collapse. If within at least several people the flame is burning smoothly and peace and harmony prevail, then everything can still be changed.

I call upon you to keep silent. I call upon you to pray. I call upon you to meditate. I call upon you to become those who you really are: the sons and the daughters of God. Everything will fall silent within you and the balance will gradually be restored.”

The material was prepared by Irina Koroteeva and Maria Fliman.