Reviews of participants of the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM”


The grace of God is limitless, and indeed, it is. The Lord gave us, the people of the Earth, one more opportunity to correct the situation in the world, and this opportunity is associated with singing the mantra "OM". This is a very powerful mantra, which purifies space.

From April 10 to April 22, 2020 at the initiative of Tatyana N. Mickushina the Worldwide Meditation on the sound "OM" was organized.

I participated in this meditation from the very first day, as long as possible, from one to several times a day (from 15 to 30 minutes), I sang out loud on record. While singing, I could feel the sound of the mantra pouring into a single stream with hundreds and thousands of other people. The sensations that come during meditation cannot be expressed in words, it is happiness, love, joy, etc. This is a wonderful practice, when the hearts of thousands of people are united in a single impulse for the common Good and Peace in the World.

I thank God for the given opportunity to contribute a piece of my soul to this great Cause. I thank the whole Universe, the whole Creation!

With huge Gratitude and a low bow to Tatyana N. Mickushina for serving the world.


With love,


Elizaveta, Tyumen, Russia



I am a Reiki practitioner who, among other things, studies metaphysics. I engaged with this group for a mass “OM” chanting. I want to say that I definitely could feel that mass energy, which for me is always the Heart Chakra "blowing up", or activating in a very rhythmic way. Namaste, fellow light workers! 


Valerie A., Oley, PA, USA




Thank you for providing the online support to participate in this group meditation. I appreciate the form and instructions, the opportunity to meditate with others, and the flexibility. I felt it brought inner peace and inner joy which gave me a rock solid way to relate to others, who were struggling or upset, and it made me feel grounded. I look forward to more meditations together. Thank you to all who made this possible, and to all who participated and all who shared. Love you, Love you, Love you.


Christine, Redwood City, CA, USA

 mantra "OM" sounds above the planet, blurring the boundaries between countries. At such moments, presented to us by the Higher Forces, we feel our unity! The mantra "OM" is a powerful spiritual instrument. With this Worldwide Meditation, we have joined a large number of people who meditate around the world, for example, in Tibet and in countries where meditation is practiced as a way to the Supreme. We joined those, who maintain balance on the planet.

I express gratitude with all my heart to the Masters, the Messenger - they allow us to serve, to learn, comprehending the new.

With trepidation, I began to chant the “OM” mantra and felt a keen sense of novelty. I used to love to sing the mantra “OM-AH-UM”, because I began my spiritual development, even before Sirius, with Buddhist practices, since my earthly teacher, who opened my way to Sirius, is a Buddhist.

We all strived for the best result. However, I wasn’t capable of doing everything, for example, it was difficult to combine the singing of the sound “OM” with the visualization, which was necessary for this meditation. Subsequently, white light was spreading to my city (I especially tried to fill the Kremlin with light), to Russia, to the planet. With the help of light I was removing everything that wasn’t from God, replacing negative manifestations with Divine perfection.

During the very first meditation, I transferred myself to the Cosmos very naturally. I saw myself against the background of stars, clusters of stars, in interstellar space with colors that are breathtaking in their beauty. At first, I saw myself as I was at that moment on the physical plane, i.e. in the same position, in a t-shirt for spiritual work with a graphic image of the sound “OM”. Then everything developed independently of me, and towards the end of this meditation, and during the subsequent ones, I already saw myself in the lotus position and in white clothes completely covering me. That is, I associated myself at the time of meditation with this image, forgetting about my physical body.

At first, believing that our task during this period was to concentrate fully only on singing “OM”, I temporarily abandoned other spiritual practices. Then, having received the clarifications of Tatyana N. Mickushina on this issue from the coordinator, I began to continue reading the Messages and Rosaries.

I allowed myself to write these details, since this practice is new and probably not only for me.

A little more than a day is left until the end of this event, uniting all those striving for the Light. However, I feel that I will continue this technique. As the heart will tell.

I received a new spiritual experience. Most importantly, that the Masters and the Messenger gave us the opportunity to be involved in upholding the Divine principles, in the work of the Forces of Light to raise the consciousness of mankind, to stabilize the situation on our beloved planet. What an honor it is for us!

Thanks to everyone, who put their efforts towards conducting a successful meditation, for maintaining the website, which was constantly being updated. What a wonderful clarification of the practice of meditation. I memorized it. How many options for mantra, new films ... Everything possible was done to help us. Thank you.

How much the Messenger does for us! And how Divinely beautiful!

Dear Tatyana N. Mickushina, we are infinitely grateful and devoted to you. You are very dear to us. Wishing you an abundance of spiritual and physical strength! and Health!


Lyudmila Shklyarevskaya, Moscow, Russia





Many thanks to Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Ascended Masters for the opportunity to take part in helping our planet Earth, to cleanse the planet of the negative and destructive energies, created by man himself.

I managed to participate in this meditation in the morning and evening for 15 - 20 minutes every day. Despite the short time involved in meditation, the sensations remained indescribable. When you merge in a single sound with the other participants in meditation, you feel unity with the whole planet, with all living beings.

The Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM” is the grace of Heavens, the ray of Light in our time, which helps us to live with Hope for a Bright Future.

All this time, the sound “OM” was resonating within me, even when I was at work or doing everyday tasks. It helped me to keep peace of mind, calmness, and to drive away all negative thoughts.

I want to stay with this vibration on the sound of "OM".


Kostya, Satka, Chelyabinsk region, Russia






What a good, warm feeling!

Meditation itself has not replaced the reading of the Rosaries, or other practices ... but HOW it united us all!

I sang both out loud and to myself ... But the most subtle sensations arose when the voice died down, and everything was revolving and trembling inside!

We are all the closest relatives to each other!

Grateful to everyone and Everything!

With deep respect and special gratitude to the Messenger!


Tatyana Ovsyannikova, Saint Petersburg, Russia





I immediately noticed a powerful sensation in my soul from the beginning of the Vigil. But gradually, the opposition started increasing as well. We live with elderly parents, and they asked me to turn off the mantra "OM", "It is annoying, turn it off!" We agreed on the singing of Mikhael Aivanhov.

A feeling - that precisely at moments when there is an increase in the number of people participating in meditation, the loved ones began to get irritated. This made it clear what a powerful opposition could take place in space and how difficult it was for people in the external consciousness to pass a pandemic test.

My husband also confirmed that at that time it was more difficult to tune in to meditation than to conduct the Vigil with the Rosary earlier.

It was easy for our baby to sing “OM”. She began to pronounce this word more often in everyday life and looked into my eyes, as if reminding me: “Mom, let's meditate on OM”, we smiled and sang together.

I can’t forget a few meditations when my nature seemed to crumble into atoms, as burning luminous particles were rising up and cleansing, uniting everything together. There was a case, when I felt that a wheel of external events, illusory roles from past incarnations, flew past me. It was superficial, that which surrounded me, and it was unwinding the tape, then winding the plot of karma around the essence of an eternal individuality. The impression was that time was absent, and space became more flexible. It became easier to realize the truth and much was cleared up.

Now I can only guess what kind of grandiose influence this Worldwide Meditation on the sound "OM" has had on all our souls. I thank Tatyana N. Mickushina, the organizers and the Beloved Masters for their help and support.


Anna, Kiev, Ukraine




On the first day, there was a feeling of uprising and joy, a sense of belonging to something great, to the universal action of the Light.

I had been inviting friends to participate, but not many responded ... And then my physical body began to suffer. The psyche also could not handle it sometimes. I was playing the mantra in the background, but when the passions in the family were heating up, I had to turn it off, but there was a constant awareness that I should not follow the negative states.

Day and night the affairs of past days flashed in my mind. It was as if disinfection was carried out in the soul and “cockroaches”, previously sitting in the corners, began to crawl out of all the cracks...

Then it became easier, but there was a dissatisfaction with myself that I was not working enough...On only one day, the 20th, I managed to sit for 1 hour.

From April 21st to 22nd the meditation was sounding all day, and all night, and the next morning until 12:20 p.m.

A great realization of miracles has come.

My granddaughter also participated a little and supported me. She sang "OM" and realized that she no longer wanted gifts but wished for peace on Earth.

Thank you Lord!

I thank Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Masters for this opportunity!

I thank everyone, who participated in this Meditation with me!


Natalya, Lviv, Ukraine




Good day! I would like to share my feelings about the World Meditation on the sound of "OM". I meditated at least 3 times a day for 30 minutes and saw a violet light that gradually turned  light violet and then green. This light enveloped everything, I did not understand where its beginning and ending was, or where I was. After meditation, for the rest of the day, I always heard this “OM” sound and sang it to myself again. There was a sensation that the whole space was vibrating. I was waking up at night, hearing this sound.

I will continue to practice this meditation on the sound of “OM”. I am writing this after the World Meditation that has already ended, but I still hear the space and everything inside of me vibrating in tune with this mantra.

I would like to express my gratitude to Tatyana N. Miсkushina for everything that she does for all of humanity, for the love and patience that she has for us.

 May the whole world be well!!!






From April 10 to April 22, 2020, our group, located in Ecopolice “Granidub”, participated in the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM". We tried to sing the mantra 2 - 3 times a day from 30 minutes to an hour. The number of people in the meditation was from 3 to 11.

All the members of our group noted that jointly singing the sound of “OM” gives a deeper meditation as a result.

One of the most memorable days of meditation was Easter. On this day, we were invited by our friends from the neighboring settlement “Anastasiya” to jointly pray the Rosary of Jesus and do the meditation. Many of them participated in the Rosary and the meditation for the first time. It was also interesting that one elder lady of 84 years old, showed a desire to join us. This lady, Vera, at the end of the practice of meditation stood in a circle with everyone (two men helped her, since it is already difficult for her to stand and walk), and we, hand in hand, sang “OM” several times, sending love to our planet.


Below are a few reviews.


When our voices, singing “OM”, resonantly coincided, there was a feeling of complete unity with the whole universe. Therefore, I liked to sing out loud and together.

Tatyana Kulik


There were a few special moments during the meditations: sometimes I stopped singing out loud and sang to myself, these were the deepest sensations, there was a moment of thoughtlessness, I was even surprised when the first time this state came, that there were no thoughts. Also, it seems to me that this meditation influenced my physical body, as if there was a reformatting of old programs in the body that stretched through many incarnations. One day there was a feeling of a strong cleansing of the heart, as if the bark from it fell off in pieces.

Beloved Masters, dear Tatyana N. Mickushina, please accept our gratitude for the opportunity of this practice! Thanks to all our friends from all over the world for a single and powerful «OM-M-M-M»!

With the love of my whole heart,

      Olga Papina


I am thankful for the unique opportunity, through the sound of "OM", to feel Oneness with our Teachers and to better understand the role of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana N. Mickushina in the life of the people of the Earth (she is like Christ, who keeps humanity from destruction and gives us her Love).

Also, during the meditation, the energy of the Messenger was felt, and my imperfections became aggravated, as after the seminar “Sutras of the Ancient Teaching”.

Mikhail Melnitsky


Group of like-minded people, Ecopolice Granidub”, Ukraine




I was singing the mantra "OM" as a tuning fork to tune my inner self, with the universe, with the Divine.

I was all wrapped up in myself.

The inner screen was changing, becoming clearer.

In the evening I was singing in silence. My inner universe was responding.

I didn't notice the time... Maybe an hour and a half of singing and listening.


Lyudmila, Berdyansk, Ukraine



Today, while working in the garden, I noticed a unique feature during the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM”.

I am listening to the sound of “OM” 24/7.

The day before, when the fire had burned down and there was a light smoke, I crouched near the raspberries, and started singing  the “Om” sound. When I opened my eyes, the smoke was clearly writing the letter "O" horizontally. I was so charmed by what I saw! While I decided to take a picture...the smoke smoothly turned into a spiral sign and returned to its usual position.

And today another miracle: neighbors who like to listen to chanson and all sorts of other music have been turning on the classics for a week and in a reasonable, quiet sound.

When I began to sing "Om", the music was turned off completely.

Truly, God performs miracles wherever possible.

Low bow and gratitude to the Lord God Almighty, all the Ascended Masters of Heaven, Tatyana N. Mickushina. And you, the helpers of Light Affairs.


Nesterova Lyubov, Talgar, Kazakhstan.




So the practice of singing the sound of “OM” has come to an end. Very unusual practice, very powerful!

When I sang this sound, the area around my third eye throbbed.

I sat with my eyes closed and imagined that a white Light envelops first our town, then country, then all other countries and continents...

I imagined that all the people are friendly and smiling to each other, shaking each others hands, hugging, rejoicing together!

How they revere each person and God!

And so it is all over the world! During this meditation, I felt like our Mother Earth responds with sighs of relief.

I could feel Her calming down, breathing in a slow rhythm in full awe. It made Her feel better and it made my soul sing!

After all, this is our home, our native planet, for which we are responsible!

Now I want to always continue with this work and to visualize how we were taught by Lord Shiva! After all, our energy and our pure motives will bring us closer to a happy future for every living being on Earth and for our beautiful planet!

I thank all the organizers of this practice and everyone who was able to participate!

Each heart has made its own contribution to this good cause in the right way this moment and time!

I have no doubt that our work was appreciated by the Masters, and together with Mother-Earth, we will reach a new level.

So let's go to a new level. The level where the priority is Unity with

all people, in all relationships, in all aspects and spheres of life, living in God and with God!!!


Nadezhda, Saint Petersburg, Russia





Infinite gratitude to our dear Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina for this gift, for another opportunity to unite us all in this spiritual practice of singing the sound of "OM"!


Joint spiritual work is becoming so familiar that you can look forward to this time to be secluded, to be alone by yourself, when no one can interfere, and to direct all the momentum, all the energy for the Benefit of all living beings, for the Benefit of all Life on our beautiful planet, understanding and imagining how important our work is right now!

For me, the spiritual practice of chanting the mantra "OM", was a new and amazing experience. The meditation usually lasted quite a long time, from 1 to 1.5 hours several times a day. In the first days of practice I somehow intuitively felt that 20 - 30 minutes would not be enough, I wanted to continue, to focus... For me, it was really a Fiery experience, after about 40 minutes of chanting the mantra there was a strong heat like a wave, first along the back and then throughout the body, which lasted for some time. At first, this alarmed me, and then came a clear sense of the need for this experience. The soul requires us to remain in these states of incredible peace, silence, goodness, inner quiet and happiness.

With great gratitude to our Teachers - Mentors, the entire Hierarchy of the forces of Light for all the Mercies and opportunities provided for us, for the opportunity to Serve together at this difficult time!


Let there be only Victory ahead!


Julia, Krasnodar, Russia





Dear friends, dear light-bearers from all over the world!

I thank all of you for uniting in this celebration of Light, the Worldwide Meditation on the mantra “OM”.

Before this, I had no experience chanting mantras for a long period of time, so the first days were a little strange, I sang for 15 minutes, studied, tried to catch a wave, find an inner feeling that I could tune into.

This happened during the online Kundalini yoga class, when before the meditation I remembered the words of Lord Shiva: "Connect to the breath of the Universe", and then I saw myself weightless, floating in the Universe, and we were breathing at the same rhythm. I felt a new sense of unity with the universe, complete security, calmness and some kind of detachment from the physical world.

I was filled with love, I wanted to send it to the whole Universe at once. When I did this, I felt a single field of Light, where each person is a part of the one, and the light is the essence of everything and everyone.

During the recitation of the mantra, at first, I sang it often (every 10 seconds), then less and less often (up to once every 1 - 2 minutes), as it was necessary to adapt and assimilate the energy from this powerful sound, then I began to sing more quietly, moving to a whisper, and finally began to sing silently. Then just meditated on this vibration, merged with the "OM", without chanting. It seemed that it was like meditating on an audio recording of a mantra without chanting it, and only then I could turn off my mind and lose myself in a sense of oneness with the Universe.

The most exalted states were achieved after yoga classes, and especially on the day of Easter.

If at first, I could not meditate for more than 30 - 40 minutes at a time, during the last days of practice I did not want to leave the meditation at all.

All the days of Worldwide meditation, I tried to keep the sound of the mantra with me everywhere: at home, during work, in the store.

The sound of the mantra in my head, the feeling of being part of the Universe and the illusion of the surrounding world in masks did not leave me.

Some situations that used to provoke emotions were no longer annoying.

Also on days of meditation, for easier assimilation of energy, I limited my food intake to once a day, the rest of the time I ate mainly fruits. At the same time, despite less sleep, I felt fine and at ease.

It seems that the energies of the Worldwide Meditation completely made up for the lack of physical energy.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank God, the Ascended Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina and Tatyana Viktorovna for this Gift from Heaven, for the Divine Opportunity of this magical practice of serving the World!


Let the World be happy!

Let our beloved planet Earth live!

May all beings in all worlds be happy and peaceful!


With Love,


Lina, Chicago, IL, USA





I cannot convey in words how glad I am about the priceless gift we received from the Ascended Masters through Tatyana Mickushina. My Gratitude for this Gift is unlimited. This Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM” brought a lot of happiness, joy, love and harmony to my life over these 12 days. Compassion, Mercy, and Unconditional Love from the Masters of Wisdom have no limits. Singing to the sound of “OM” gave me more Hope and Faith in this difficult time. My perception of the current global situation has also changed, and I have gained peace of mind. It was a very sublime inner experience, everything became peaceful inside and I felt the unity of everything and everyone as a single organism. All these days, the soul rejoiced that there is such a Divine opportunity to be the conductor of Light on our planet, to increase vibrations, consciousness, and to be united in the feeling of love to successfully enter the Age of Aquarius! I thank all the participants and like-minded people who sincerely wanted to help and support this Divine event! A low bow to the Ascended Masters and Tatyana N. Mickushina!


With Love,


Tatiana, Los Angeles, CA, USA  





During our Joint Worldwide Meditation on chanting the sound of “OM”, I felt togetherness and community created by this incredibly powerful sound.

I felt that I am not only united with the energy of other people into a single and whole “OM”, but also became aware of the extent to which separation between individuals is an illusion.

A low bow to Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Ascended Masters.


With the Love of all my heart,


Marina, Los Angeles, CA, USA





It was a truly amazing experience chanting the sound of “OM”!

Too bad it is over.

I felt great energies around me when singing Om!

My heart opened more and more every time!

Simply sitting on my chair I could feel the Love from the Whole Universe and from the high energies.

It made me tear up when I felt the connection with all.

Ah….. So much Love!

I feel gratitude in my heart and want to thank everyone who made it possible and everyone who joined the Worldwide Meditation!

Many thanks to Tatyana N. Mickushina and the Ascended Masters for the opportunity to serve the World.

Till next time!


Tatiana Ambarova, Los Angeles, CA, USA





The worldwide chanting of “OM” until 04/22/20 is very special. We have great hopes that it will change and shift the energetic balance in the world and bring an end to Covid-19. The chanting had been very peaceful and calming. It is a beneficial practice that can help the mind and body unite into a peaceful state. Thank you to all participating, and special thanks to Tatyana Mickushina.


Sue, Chicago, IL, USA





"Nowadays you are in the same battlefield, and you make wonders of courage and heroism, fighting with your life problems and disturbances, sacrificing your well-being and your free time for the sake of the establishment of the Divine patterns in your world. I wish you Victory! Victory over your imperfections and victory in the establishment of the Divine principles in your daily life!...Always Victory!”

Beloved Lanello

June 3, 2005


Thanks to God, the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, and Their Messenger - Tatyana N. Mickushina.

I was lucky enough to join the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM" and I must admit that it was a pleasure and bliss!

First, of course, because of the awareness of unity with all bright people all around the world and working together for the common good - for the Victory of Light over darkness, everything for the Victory of Love and Kindness over fears and aggression, everything for Victory!

Secondly, my nature itself is "meditative" - I am an introvert, phlegmatic, owl and Hindu - that it is not adapted to modern earth life, but to "unearthly" spiritual flight to the Spiritual World of God - it seems to be the only thing I do best!

And here is this God-given chance to be used fully:

- your favorite mantra has been and will continue to be heard continuously, on all media, on everything that could be recorded and played back, in all the rooms, quietly and gently, but persistently, disinfecting and cleansing the whole community:)

In this mode, of course, this melody sounds continuously both in the soul and in the head, and when you go out on the street, you still hear and sing it continuously:

if no one interferes, I would sing OM aloud while sitting in the Lotus, feeling real ecstasy all over the body: that is, in addition to spiritual Joy, getting real physical pleasure!

If someone is nearby, or I’m outside, or even while doing housework, it is still the same as in the "Lotus" position, I silently, continuously chant OM”, and yet I also imagine that at the first sound of "O", a ray of Light escapes from the heart and goes up to God, the Masters, to the Great Central Sun, from there the Light expands and a huge wave covers all our Land, of course, and Tatyana N. Mickushina.


People see clearly, the planet and people are purified of negativity, the energy centers of people are opened, all people become Buddhas, then the bodies of people become refined, everybody passes into the Subtle World and the planet becomes a shining star! God's plan for humanity has been fulfilled.


During the day I was able to sing in the "Lotus" pose, on average about 2 hours - indoors, on the balcony, looking out into the forest opposite, in a secluded grove on a convenient tree stump, enjoying singing quietly with headphones, with music and without...

In this case, from my side there was no sacrifice, it was my natural need.

What a bliss it is to watch how the table shows the people meditating from different continents and exotic countries and even Islands and unknown places.

God, what a joy to see and know that people are meditating together: and in the Arab countries, and in Africa, and in the Pacific.

I was struck by the steady and considerable number of people from Ireland, Romania, and gradually increasing numbers in Mother India...

Some may wonder how people from the West can get closer to meditation and yoga. Here's how, with some ancient Indian melody, which can cause amplifying sobs on the first note, with the thought "God, how good it was there! Back in ancient India...?"

Of course, many people were incarnated there, and we feel many things as our own..."


Thank you, dear Tatyana N. Mickushina, for this new opportunity to serve the World and God. Like everyone else, I really hope that my help was effective for saving the World.

May the whole World be happy! OM.


Natalia Limonova, Prague, Czech Republic





I have been participating in the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of OM since April 10.  

What has worked best for me has been to do the meditation in 30 minute sessions while listening to the chanting recording showing the monk sitting in front of the lighted doorway.

I have done 30 minute sessions first thing in the morning, mid-day, late

afternoon and last thing at night before bed. 

I focus on the Ajna Center between the eyebrows as I recite the OM mantra.

During this time of COVID-19 I have the vision that as the virus makes it's way throughout the world affecting humanity, that the sacred energies of the OM mantra are also flowing out into the world and being directed by the Masters to where they can do the most good. This gives me great comfort. Because I know I can offer this to be of benefit in the world, since I have to be quarantined at home and unable to be of much help out in the world at this time.

I also read one of Marys Rosaries every day. I read the daily Masters Messages first thing every morning.

Thank you for these spiritual opportunities to assist the Masters.


Blessings to all,


Ellen Turgasen, Madison, WI, USA




Hello, dear friends!

In the period from April 10th to April 22nd, we participated in the Worldwide Meditation on the mantra "OM".


 I've often wondered: “When is the “Sirius” newsletter, will we see detailed information about the practice of meditation?" I know that Tatyana N. Mickushina conducted earlier training on meditation in small groups at seminars (for example, in Altai). And finally, we had what we have waited for! Our dear Guru, beloved Tatyana N. Mickushina, published a method of meditation! Yes, even blessed by the Masters!!! Such an opportunity for all of us!


Many, many THANKS to the Ascended Hosts and Tatyana N. Mickushina for this spiritual practice!! Much gratitude to the organizers, programmers, activists, and everyone who could take part in this Meditation!

I can say that I have previously been engaged in hatha yoga for a long time and tried to meditate. But it didn't work out very well. Except for the state of relaxation, there was no peace, no other sensation. But not this time!

I meditated according to the method given by Tatyana N. Mickushina on the “Sirius” website (most often in the morning, at lunch, and before going to bed for half an hour). From the very first days, literally from the first meditation, a few minutes later, there were sensations (and they were purely physical) in the area of the third eye. When I begin to meditate, my mind was getting filled with only one thought - intention - to allow God and the Masters to pour Light into our physical octave! For this, as I understand it, you need to keep a tight rein on your carnal mind and feelings. I think that many people had the same thoughts.

When this intention reached a certain critical point (about 10 minutes) I had the same purely physical, titillating sensations on the top of my head (seventh chakra). Then there was a powerful flow in the heart chakra, which was felt like an energy blob, a ball in this area.

The truth of these feelings I can judge from the tears that flowed from my eyes. Those were not tears of sadness, despondency, and self-pity. Nothing like that! Most likely they were tears of awe, gratitude, and happiness... A very complex feeling, it's hard to put this into words. Sometimes, I get the same feeling when reading Rosaries. I don't think I've ever felt anything like this without collective support and assistance of the Teacher!

Therefore, I have no doubt that this Worldwide Meditation was a success! Not a doubt that we have been able to bring Divine Light into our world!

Once again, I thank all of you, my friends, for your cooperation and participation! God and the Powers of Heaven will evaluate how much we managed it!

I love you, dear brothers and sisters! THANK you!!!

May God's Holy will be Done!! OM!!

Vitaly Koida, Moscow, Russia





Dear friends!


Spiritual work differs from ordinary work because it does not know vacations and weekends, and thats why it is more joyous, more intense, and lasts longer...


So here and there are managers, experienced workers, and newcomers. I am one of the new people who is singing the mantra “OM”. Although I was happy that the Messenger of God and the Masters, our dear Teacher Tatyana N. Mickushina had announced a new initiative, the Worldwide chanting of the mantra “OM", listening to which I always feel peace, calmness and unearthly Love, I could not sing it myself.


The first attempts in the first few days of Worldwide Meditation were spent in persistent, responsible work, but not bringing joy to the heart. I was singing with a strange voice, did not have enough breath, the mind constantly interfered and jumped like a monkey, and I only had patience for barely a quarter of an hour...


Like a wise leader, Tatyana N. Mickushina posted on her website a section of Qs and As with recommendations about the possibility of reading the usual Rosaries and doing any spiritual work that is close to our heart as long as it goes in a general direction with common aspirations.


But I wanted to be in the shared flow of energy, to experience this magical feeling of the impact of the mantra “OM”!


And here again, help comes from the Messenger's website! This time it was a series of videos of the people who had shared their invaluable experience in chanting the mantra, their feelings, and thoughts, their experiences during this important work for Earth and humanity. I am very grateful to Nina Vasilyevna (Kusa), Alexander (Ukraine), big, friendly and such a beautiful team from Rostov-on-Don, Elena Bukatina (city of Podolsk). I’m thankful to all who opened their hearts with a great sense of Love and Gratitude. I’m thankful to God, to the Masters, to the Messenger of Heaven, Tatyana N. Mickushina and everyone who shared the experience and participated in the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of “OM” and invited others to join!


With tears in my eyes, I looked at the number of countries and participants, so many people and groups were united by this light-bearing work! Kind people were saying so simply: with God, everything is possible!


Ask God for help before you start practicing, ask to be a tool in His hands, do your job happily and gratefully, and God and the Masters will help and direct your energies in the right way! Even though this is a well known truth, it sounds like new from all those people. I understood my mistakes: the feelings of responsibility and aspiration are good, but they are nothing without LOVE, without God and his Supreme Presence in the heart!


After Calling to God to act through me, I began to sing drawlingly, smoothly, with a warm feeling in my heart.


On Holy Saturday, I took a day of silence. I had to sing to myself silently, and that was a completely different experience. I felt vibrations, especially in the area of the heart chakra, warmth in the chest, I was crying for some reason from my emotions and from joy... Once, our home planet Earth appeared green and bright blue in the sky, surrounded in the radiance of diamond Light! And more Light shone to the God-loved Russia!

The Earth was bathing in the radiance and fusion of pure energies during these blessed days!


Due to the fact that we are quarantined, everyone is at home and my family demands attention, I have not been on duty as often and for as long as I wanted to be. To my great joy, my son took a part in the chanting of the mantra “OM". On the first day, he even went on the “Sirius" website. He is more used to singing "OM" quietly.


Out of the many invited people, only a salesperson in the bookstore, where the books of Tatyana N.Mickushina were presented, decided to join the meditation. Galina Fyodorovna was very happy and promised to give the information to her friends and acquaintances.


Absolutely miraculously I found my old friend and colleague in Germany, through social networks, who visited Tatiana N. Mickushina’s website and said, "This is Cosmos!" She invited her daughter and niece to participate!


All these days, the mantra "OM" was constantly playing in my house. Also, I am very grateful to my old and new friends in Kazakhstan! I am thankful to all those who did a great job in the social networks, who prepared for us an uninterrupted round-the-clock operation on the "Sirius" website and the "Aquarius Constellation” site, and made beautiful videos with different versions of the mantra “OM”. I am grateful to those who stayed behind the scenes and who were unseen and relentless helpers to our dear Tatyana N. Mickushina!


Infinite Gratitude and Love to the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana N. Mickushina, our beloved Teachers, the Masters of Light and Wisdom for the new and unexpected opportunity to pour the Light of our United Love to the world, to our homes, relatives, all near and far, to all mankind and our own home – Planet Earth!


May the world be HAPPY!

Glory be to God for all things!

Sincerely thankful and grateful,


Lyubov, Kazakhstan






"You are forming the new reality in your consciousness”

Sanat Kumara, July 1, 2006.


Тhanks to the infinite mercy of Heaven, thanks to the care and Blessing of the Ascended Masters and the efforts of the Great White Brotherhood's Messenger, Tatyana N. Mickushina, who organized this Meditation, we have received a new, unique Divine Opportunity. For twelve whole days, we were given the opportunity to take part in the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM". Everyone with their own individual practice has made it possible to merge into the general flow of other spiritual practices around the world. The Sirius website showed what an extensive practice it was, covering a lot of countries.


"The practice of the meditation on the sound of OMwas blessed by the Masters. Therefore the Masters took responsibility for ensuring that this practice would not be distorted." Tatyana N. Mickushina



And we realized our great responsibility to the Masters. Because for us this practice is new, we have been preparing, and we have read the relevant information several times on the Sirius" site, then we talked, trying to understand some of the details of the practice.


Many thanks to Tatyana N. Mickushina for explaining some important points,


Each of us tried to participate in the Meditation according to the main recommendations of the Masters. We began to practice only in a harmonious, exalted state. Experiences could be different for different people, there are no standard ones. Some are most impressive and pronounced. For example, one of the participants of the meditation shared her experience:


"I always keep an image in my head: People holding hands around the Globe. I think about unity, that we are all one. That God is all, and All is God. Then I'll switch to OMsinging. At first, it is the vibration of a sound, but gradually this vibration passes to the whole body, and then there is only this vibration of sound... It seems that I am not there, there is only a sound. Then I feel an unreal lightness, renewal, joy, and love...


Another participant of the Meditation also experienced similar phenomena and figuratively expressed that for him this practice became his daily bread. He had practiced before on his own, chanting / playing the OMmantra and noticed that the surrounding people also changed, they became more friendly and trusting. And when participating in the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of OM he observed changes in himself, which brought inner calmness, harmony, and sometimes even different states, such as the sensation of flying outside the body, separation from the physical part, and feelings of merging with higher energies.


There have also been observations about the effect of the OMsound with water, which changes its quality, becoming tastier. This phenomenon is confirmed by scientific research, about which we know from the lectures "God and science" on the website of the University of life Ethics." Water as energy and information matrix of life.


Some felt ennobling energies while Meditating on OM:


Creativity, joy, cooperation! It was so nice to know and feel that people from many countries of the world are participating in the Meditation. It was a feeling of Unity for many, although many could not do it as perfectly as desired, because this practice is new, unusual, and conditions were not ideal for everyone. Therefore, for various reasons, some people spent less time on the Meditation than they would like to. But their motives and aspirations were pure and preserved for further individual practices in the future.


"By chanting the OM mantra, we elevate our consciousness and become a source of Light for our world...", and "we must become conductors of Light in this world, light electrodes!"



It would be great and wonderful if our high spiritual mood would be preserved even after the Meditation is over, so the surroundings really become better. Consciousness can rise easily, but, as the Messages of the Masters say, the main thing is to maintain the achieved level of stability, and this can be achieved by our own daily efforts.


"Your level of consciousness is determined by the Divine qualities that you gain on your Path, and devotion, sincerity, unselfishness, and humility<> aspiration and persistence are the next qualities that you will need.


Beloved Great Divine Director, July 2, 2006.



The Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom is our Foundation, our Helping Hand. Our first constant task is to work on ourselves, on our own qualities, gradually bringing our inner essence closer to Divinity while we are in incarnation. Constantly checking your course with the reference points given in the Teaching, constantly monitoring yourself, controlling yourself, and your own attitude towards the people around you. Its very important to root out all the smallest manifestations of spiritual pride in us, and sometimes even superiority over others. There is no end to learning, so there is no end to reading the sacred Book of Wisdom.


Some of the participants note that it is much easier to understand the Teaching of the Masters after the practice of "OM".  All of our people who joined the Meditation and continued reading the Teaching and the Messages, as well as the Rosaries, are already so used to it, they have literally grown into the practice that they can't imagine life without it.


The OMMeditation enriched the existing practice of reading Messages, and both of the practices perfectly combined and complemented each other. On the final day of the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of OM, April 22nd there was the International Mother Earth day. On the Siriuswebsite there was a great article:


The serious situation around the world has made people think more deeply about the main values of life, and at the same time the circumstances of self-isolation made it possible to concentrate on spiritual work by participating in the Worldwide Meditation.


If only more people knew about the true values, and would not doubt them, then life on the planet would be much easier and happier. With new hopes, with strengthened faith and love, we hope that we were able to give our contribution to the overall spiritual work to improve the situation on the planet and possible beginning of the formation of a new reality.


With Love and Gratitude,


Sirius Center Of Riga, Latvia






It is time to work to transform the planet Earth.


Two powerful Vigils, which took place one after the other, united people and continents for the common good, for the prosperity of the native planet.

This mobilized everyone to in tune with all participants in the prayer-meditative state.

Not only to wake up and fall asleep with the sound of OM but also to spend the whole day in an elevated state of unity with thousands of light-bearers scattered around the globe. Isn't this the state that the Masters have asked us to achieve for the past 15 years in our daily spiritual work?

But it was difficult for us to achieve such a meditative state on our own, and even more so to be in it continuously. It is impossible to achieve when you're tied to the surrounding physical world when everything is well there is health, food, shelter, job, family, when you are in a blissful state in the external illusory world. In each Message, the Ascended Masters ask us not to dwell on the external, to pay attention to the internal, to work on our sweet mistakes and habits, to elevate our consciousness, to harmonize ourselves, and to maintain a balanced state.

Did everyone listen to the recommendations of the Masters? Apparently not.

Because there was a thunderbolt, something happened that we were warned about, and we carelessly lived our lives.

Strangely enough, it took a kick to wake us up to reality, when not only the life of each of us is at stake, but the life of all mankind, when we realized that little depends on us and that we can only rely on God, on His Forgiveness and Mercy.

Thank God for the Messenger of Heaven, our Teacher and Mentor Tatyana N. Mickushina who walks on Earth.

She did not leave us alone with our troubles and took on saving the world by holding a Prayer Vigil, and now called us to join the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM".


We are grateful to the organizers of this meditation, we are grateful to Tatyana N. Mickushina for the opportunity to participate in the process of interaction with the Ascended Masters in changing and transforming the external manifestation of life on the planet into a more perfect model, and to become a source of Light for the world.

Now it is up to us, how we can involve our heart in the responsible work of singing the sound of OM so that humanity can return to the evolutionary path of development and harmonize the distorted energies.

I was daily connected to meditation without the sound of "OM". Every morning, when I woke up, I went to the Sirius website and turned on the playlist of mantras, first I sang the OM mantra aloud, then together with the Teacher Aivanhov I sang the AUM mantra. I repeated this several times during the day and always did the same before going to bed. I felt a sense of responsibility that lies on me: "Who if not me". And when I saw that there are so many of us all over the world, I was sure that with God and everyone who is in meditation, we will be able to do everything.


Olga Dumanskaya, Sirius Center of Kiev, Ukraine






Love and thanks to the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina, Tatyana Martynenko, and all the Ascended Hosts for supporting this unprecedented action.


The “OM” Vigil is amazing. So many people from all over the world chanting “OM”!


It brings a feeling of Peace, Hope, and Harmony. White light is everywhere!


OM is ringing in my ears.


Love to all,


Grant, Seattle, WA USA





Om Namah Shivaya! My name is Jaya, my family and I currently live in Saginaw, Michagan, USA. Originally we are from South India, Kerala, which is also known as God's Own Country. This state was created by Lord Parashurama (the incarnation of Lord Visnu). I am from a family that has a lot of spiritual background. Around 17 years ago my father received a sanyasa-diksa (monk initiation) from Adi Shankaracharya's Ashram. He spends many hours in prayer every day.

I grew up seeing all of my family and extended family members actively engaged in practicing spirituality. That tradition continues in our next generation too.


My family participated in the Worldwide Meditation on the sound of "OM" with great pleasure. Often we were chanting together, including my parents, my husband and my child.

I started doing the "Om" meditation at a very young age. We do that as a family, sometimes together with my siblings or alone. I enjoyed doing the meditation any time of the day but I most enjoyed it in the early morning hours, "Brahma Muhurtham" - a period one and a half hours before sunrise — or, more precisely, 1 hour and 36 minutes before sunrise. It is traditionally the penultimate phase of the night and is considered an auspicious time for all practices of yoga and most appropriate for meditation.


"Om" meditation gives me mental peace, stability, strength and bliss. I am also able to experience that with people around me wherever I am. The vibration and inner peace one receives with the "Om" meditation is beyond explanation. It can only be felt through experience.


It takes the person not only to a mental state which is filled with Joy and Happiness but, beyond that. It also nurtures and molds a person to be able to encounter and overcome any bad situation.


To receive the benefits from meditation, one should practice it on a regular basis - it should be part of your day-to-day activities.



Thank you very much!

Om Namah Shivaya!


Jaya, Saginaw, MI, USA