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Recommendations of the Masters on how to celebrate the New Year

You are used to celebrating your earthly holidays. And this holiday is one of the favorites. As a rule, even those people who do not believe that much in God and Higher Hosts feel some mysticism on this day.

You know that the Ascended Masters do not celebrate earthly holidays; however, we are with you during your holidays. That is because every time we see that people celebrate the change of a year according to our recommendations, it gives us an opportunity to join your holiday.

You know that the requirements that we have for an earthly holiday differ from the ideas that the major part of humanity associates with the idea of a holiday.

The fundamental and most important requirement that we would like you to take into consideration is to fill your holiday with the Divine mystical meaning. Anything that helps you raise your consciousness and enables you to take a glimpse behind the curtain at least out of the corner of your eye or with the help of your imagination is good from our point of view.

Therefore, we do not welcome all the holiday fuss that you are used to during your holiday. It will be good to remember about your Divine purpose during your holiday, about the reason for your incarnation. And you know that your Higher Self is always aware of where you have come from and where you are going. And those forces that try to hold you in the illusion aim to inculcate you those stereotypes of a holiday that in no way correspond with the Divine patterns cultivated by us. And the only thing that you achieve when you habitually and blindly follow the mass models of a holiday is that you strengthen the illusion prevailing around you instead of making efforts and breaking away from it.

I am speaking with you in a very clear language, but the majority of you hardly understand what I mean.

Still, I hope that among the people who read these Dictations, there will be a considerable number of individuals ready to break away from the habitual stereotype of a holiday existing in the mass consciousness and follow the pieces of advice that we give.

May your holiday resemble the visit of the Higher, etheric octaves that you sometimes happen to penetrate during your night sleep. Try to remember those impressions and feelings that you have during your presence in our octaves of Light. Have you seen drunken companies or any kind of inharmonious groups of people anywhere in those octaves?

No, there is no place for any kind of such manifestations in our world. Try to remember the smooth atmosphere reigning in our octaves. Soft, non-irritating but at the same time bright enough illumination so that you can see everything around you. Remember the sounds of the etheric octaves: very subtle chimes of little bells, calm rhythm of mantras, or choirs singing.

Remember the love and harmony that reign in our octaves. And even when you meet silent beings from the Higher Worlds who do not speak to you, their presence is anyway pleasant for you as you feel the flow of endless love from them. You literally bathe in this love, the mystic power of love that cloaks you like incense.

There is nothing that would irritate you. Everything is very harmonious. And you do not want to leave our octaves. And after those nights when you get lucky and reach our etheric temples and palaces, you especially do not want to wake up and return to your world.

Therefore, your task is to maximally bring the atmosphere of your place where you celebrate your holiday to the etheric octaves, to the extent your outward conditions allow you to. Oh, I understand very well that it will be difficult for you to overcome the resistance of your friends and families when you try to bring our patterns into your world.

And not all of you will succeed in it.

Therefore, I would like to warn you against excessive and futile waste of energy. You know that in your world everything is attracted in accordance to vibrations. And if you have reached a definite high enough level of consciousness, then during the holiday you will automatically get into the company that will allow you to realize your aspiration to the etheric octaves manifested in the physical world. At least you will get an opportunity to stay alone and experience the magic of the etheric octaves around you during your earthly holiday.

The evolution of the human consciousness is very gradual. And if you decide today that your holiday should be exactly like I have just described to you, it doesn’t mean that your holiday will be exactly that kind. That is because the stereotypes in your consciousness are very strong. But now you have an image in your consciousness that you should aspire to. And you know that if a seed has been sown in good soil, and you regularly water this soil with our Divine energy, sprouts will inevitably appear…

Beloved Melchizedek
December 31, 2005

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I have come to you on this day at the end of the year because this time at the end of the year and the sense of the New Year is disposed to consideration. Try to follow the inner need of reflection in your heart. Try to stay alone. Your friends and acquaintances and all the existing traditions will be telling you the opposite and will be urging you to join a noisy party and traditional New Year’s and Christmas table.

Do not rush to noisy companies. Do not create new karma to untangle for the entire next year. At the end of the next year, do not complain to me that it is hard for you and that you lack health and energy.

Follow the pieces of advice that I give you year after year, and every successive year will be happier than the previous one.

May God help you during the New Year!

Beloved Mother Mary
December 27, 2007

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