SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations


Congratulations from the Ascended Masters


I wish you to face the moment of clarity already in this incarnation. I wish you to make your step to infinity and come out beyond the boundaries of the illusion fettering you as soon as possible.

Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2013





You should always control only two things in your lives: your inner state and your outer surroundings. Clear your consciousness of negative thoughts and feelings and remove incorrect, non-divine patterns from your outer surroundings.

These two things only can bring back the joy of life to you and fill your being with harmony and love.

The Great Divine Director

June 25, 2013



My wish for you is that you will take the path of defending the Divine Truth.

I invoke you to follow your ideals against all the odds! This is called the true Spirit of chivalry! This is called immortality!

I invoke you to enter the eternal Life! I summon you to follow me – your Knight Commander!

We will in dignity enter the New Age – the Age of Aquarius!

Saint Germain, June 26, 2013








I wish with all my heart that you always act on the side of the forces of Light. And together we will prevent any war, any aggression, any hatred and aversion.

Elohim Peace

December 23, 2012




May my ray of Mercy and Compassion touch your hearts. May all the blocks that separate you from your awakening for the Higher Reality disappear!

Quan Yin, December 23, 2009






May the world be well!

May all the living creatures inhabiting our dearly loved planet Earth be happy. Om.

Gautama Buddha

December 25, 2006



I wish you a victory!

A victory over your imperfections and a victory in the establishment of the Divine principles in your daily life!

Beloved Lanello

June 3, 2005





I wish you to attain enlightenment already during your current life.

Kuthumi, June 14, 2005





I wish you success on your Path towards the boundlessness of Existence.

The Presence of the One

March 6, 2005






My wish for you is to acquire that degree of awareness that will allow you to discern the slightest manifestations of the forces of the dark inside your being and outside it.

My wish for you is the reinforcement of your faith and devotion to the Brotherhood which will lead you through all the traps of the dual world and will allow your soul to return Home – to God!

Master Morya

June 29, 2013