SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Dear friends,

A complicated year of 2012 has come to an end.

I thank all people around the world who have been rendering assistance and giving support to the Deed of the Masters!

The Message of Master Morya given on the 28th of December, 2012, caused a storm of reactions of people. Master Morya only summarized the situation. This is merely the effects of the causes that we have generated within the last years: since 2007 or even earlier.

It is necessary to create new positive causes, changing ourselves, changing our consciousness, making the right choices, and it will produce better consequences in the future!

The human consciousness is a very subtle thing. And a human is truly a crown of creation.
But, unfortunately, no one can change the consciousness of a human apart from the human himself. The Law of Free Will is one of the fundamental laws of this Universe.

God does not need ashrams, settlements, organizations and activities.
All this is necessary for us in order to fulfill our Divine missions and the obligations that we took upon ourselves before the incarnation.
God needs us only to return Home!

One Divine opportunity passes, yet the next one is beginning just at once!
It is necessary just not to miss it.

There is such kind of sport as surfing: when a person catches a wave, jumps on the board, and the wave carries him along.
A Divine opportunity is similar to an ocean wave.
And our task is not to miss it, then the Divine opportunity will itself carry us into the radiant future.
Only our free will is required!
There is not any end!
Only new beginnings!

I wish you in the New Year to manifest the level of consciousness necessary for receiving and realizing the new Divine opportunity!

I want to wish you Freedom in the New Year!
To manifest the Divine quality of Freedom in everything!
Freedom from the dogmas of the church!
Freedom from any dependence on money: from the problems associated with extra money or lack of money!
Freedom from any attachments to the illusion of this world, be it pernicious habits or external surrounding circumstances at home or work!
Freedom from the bureaucratic lawlessness of the authorities!
Freedom from fear!
Freedom of information!
Freedom to manifest your opinion!
Freedom of Creativity!
Freedom to manifest unconditional Love of God!
And the Miracle will take place!

I AM Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!

New Year congratulations from the Masters of Wisdom!

Beloved Helios, December 31, 2009

I wish all of you to learn to keep your consciousness at the level where there are only Love, joy, peace and harmony.

Cosmic Being Powerful Victory, December 29, 2006

I wish you to develop the quality of Victory and to aspire to your Divine Victory with all your being!

Gautama Buddha, July 9, 2007

An ability to sacrifice yourself for the Common Good is the quality of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the past and the present. I wish you success in attaining of the state of Buddha consciousness.

Beloved Hilarion, July 16, 2006

I wish you to make only the right choices!

Beloved Lanto, July 17, 2006

I wish you to manifest only positive qualities in your lives and to aspire constantly to the high summits of the Divine world!

Beloved Babaji, December 28, 2008

The New Time has come. The Time of those who are daring, of those who are open, of those who are energetic and of those who are hard-working. Hurry up not to miss the Divine opportunity! Hurry up to take your step into the New World!

I AM THAT I AM, December 25, 2007

I wish all of you to get … enlightenment in the New Year.
May the Earth live.
May the world be well!
May all the living creatures be happy.

Saint Germain, December 30, 2011

Do guard yourselves against all the negative energies of the past.
Be brave to enter the New Age, the Age of Aquarius!

The Great Divine Director, December 29, 2007

May all your New Year actions on the physical plane be guided by your Higher Self, God within you.

Happy New Year!
The Year of wise Snake!