SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Letters to the Karmic Board

According to the Messages of the Ascended Masters the Karmic Board have their sessions twice a year at the time of winter and summer solstice. The sessions usually start in December 20-22 and last up to the 1st of January and in June 20-22 and last up to the 1st of July. The Masters propose to apply to the Karmic Board with written requests for help during this period. How can we write such a letter? How can we make sure that it will reach the addressee? In what cases can we get help? You can read about that in this article.

The rules of writing letters

You can take advantage of the opportunity given to you annually and write letters to the Karmic Board. The content of those letters can be made up by you independently. However, I shall remind you of the existing general rules. First of all, you thank the Karmic Board for the favors rendered to you earlier. Then you can start stating your request. If that request concerns favors you expect to receive personally or by your relatives, then, after listing your requests, you should take obligations which you voluntary take upon yourself and which you will carry out in the following half a year until the day of the winter solstice and the new session of the Karmic Board connected with that day. Your requests and wishes should be stated very simply with the surnames and names of those people for whom you are asking.
If your wishes are connected with the general situation on planet Earth or with the requests, concerning the consciousness development prospects on the planet, it is not necessary for you to take obligations connected with reading decrees, prayers or with implementation of other actions. In that case your request will be fulfilled according to the good karma momentum already accumulated by you.
Therefore, before writing your letters, carefully consider your requests and motives.
Do not burden yourself with excessive obligations. Take exactly the obligations which you can fulfill without excessive effort. Very many people take so big obligations in their letters that the first problem met in their life forces them to forget completely about the obligations taken and to refuse to fulfill them. You may take a very small obligation, but fulfill it with joy and love every day. Do not aim at taking too much upon yourself. Sometimes one prayer read per day is enough for the help to be rendered. The purer is the energy that you put in your reading a prayer, the greater is the effect that you reach. And even one phrase: "Let good befall the world!", said by you sincerely, is enough to ease the destinies of many.

Lord Maitreya, June 15, 2006

Ask the Karmic Board to free you from what you would like to get rid of. What qualities and bad habits burden you and impede your development? Direct the momentum of your praying during the following half-year at eliminating your dear imperfections. And you will not recognise yourselves in a half-year. The more energy of the prayer you undertake before the Karmic Board to release during the following half-year, the sooner you will free yourselves from all your unlucky attachments and karmic problems.

So, in order for you to take advantage of the dispensation and to write letters to the Karmic Board, you must thoroughly analyse what you would like to get rid of first of all.

- Address to the members of the Karmic Board, list all your requests and wishes.

- Undertake either praying or other obligations upon yourself, which you are ready to perform regularly during the following half-year.

- Commit to writing your requests and obligations, ask Archangel Michael and the angels of protection to accompany your letter to the destination, directly to the Karmic Board, and burn your letter.

- You can leave a copy of the letter, and in a half-year, on condition that you fulfill the obligations taken upon yourself, you will see what has changed.

I am sure, you will get rid of one or several of your main faults. Do not forget about gratitude. And as soon as you get rid of your problems, write a gratitude letter to the Karmic Board.

Beloved Surya, December 21, 2006

Comments on letter writing

You can … specify in your letter what you concretely promise to do in order to direct the energy of your actions to unburden your karmic loads.
This may be a responsibility to say a certain number of prayers or Rosaries during a definite period of time. This may also be a responsibility to help the penniless and the infirm.
Only those responsibilities should be taken upon you which are not beyond your power to fulfill. If you take too many responsibilities upon yourself in the hope of working out as much karma as possible, you can find yourself unequal to the task. Do not forget that you will have to pass through the tests in your life and maintain the highest state of consciousness in spite of all the barriers and life disturbances you will have to encounter.
The negative vibrations and the irritation you can feel if you fail to fulfill your obligations taken upon you can blot out the positive effect from your right actions and deeds.
Your task is not first to sin and then to repent of the sins. Your task is not to create new karma. Yet, you will have to work out your old karma in one form or another. For that reason, be careful not to create the new karma.

Beloved Surya, June 23, 2005

When making a decision on rendering help, the Karmic Board is always guided by the degree of purity of your motives and the sincerity of your search for change. It is impossible to deceive God, it is impossible to make God play by your human rules.
The time has come when you must understand that all the possible deadlines have passed.
I do not know what the general decision of the Great Central Sun will be, but still do not forget in your letters to ask for mercy for planet Earth since the state in which the planet is now needs the urgent involvement of the legions of Light. The balance has been disturbed and it has been disturbed not without the participation of each of you.

Lord Surya, June 21, 2009

It would be good if you wrote letters to the Karmic Board and as opposed to your usual letters, in which you wish something for yourselves or for your relatives, it would be good if you could write about some positive facts from your life. And I personally would be very grateful to you if you took upon yourself the obligation to read a certain number of prayers or Rosaries during the coming half year up to the next session of the Karmic Board for the purpose of balancing the situation on the planet. We need the manifestation of your good will in the help of the evolutions of planet Earth. We need your efforts regarding prayers, and we need your willingness to serve the evolutions of Earth.

The Great Divine Director, December 20, 2009

All your requests will certainly be considered

Not always the members of the Karmic Board have an opportunity to interfere in your destiny. However, if you yourselves appeal to the Karmic Board with your letters, your requests will by all means be considered and all the necessary measures will be taken to either change or mitigate the circumstances. Everything depends on your aspiration and the energy, which you are able to give within the next 6 months for your requests to be satisfied.

Beloved Lanello in the presence of the Great Divine Director, December 24, 2008

We are ready to respond to your requests and to help you as far as the Law allows in order to make your load less burdensome. At times, in case if good karma created by you during your current embodiment allows that, we are able to answer your call and help you in a situation when you seem to have no strength to endure it any longer. And after your call when some time has passed you look back in surprise and realise that something that was lying on your shoulders as an insurmountable burden suddenly disappeared, evaporated, fell from your shoulders. In this case never forget to glorify the Heavens and to send your gratitude. The best gratitude for us will be the service you can realise for the benefit of Life on earth.
Now I will give you a formula which will enable you to receive an indulgence for your karmic burden if your good karma allows you to do so. So, you say:
"In the name of I AM WHAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my holy Christ Self (or simply in the name of Almighty God) I appeal to the Great Karmic Board with a request to use the impetus of my good merits for the purpose of wiping out the karmic debt which has led to… (further you should describe the situation for which you wish to receive help from the Karmic Board).
May all the things take place in accordance with the Will of God."
You can write a letter, read our call out loud and burn the letter, addressing it to the Karmic Board. If the amount of your accumulated good karma allows it and the Karmic Board thinks your request is fit to comply with, your karmic situation will be resolved to a greater or lesser degree.
In accordance with the opportunity given to you earlier, you will be called in your higher body during your night's sleep to the meeting of the Karmic Board and your soul will have to confirm your request which you wrote in your external consciousness. Sometimes there are cases when the external consciousness of a human cannot endure the karmic load any longer, but the soul of this human refuses help. In this case the Karmic Board heeds the opinion of your soul. Thus, if your request is not entertained, you can talk to your soul after some time and try to come to an agreement with it on this question. I highly recommend you to practise conversations with your soul and to write letters to the Karmic Board only after you and your soul have reached an agreement between yourselves.

Beloved Kuthumi, July 6, 2006

When you write your letters to the Karmic Board and ask for the fulfillment of some desires of yours, I take the scales and place your wish to receive some opportunity on one scale, and I put your karma, which impedes the realization of this opportunity on the other. And you receive what you ask for or you don't.
However, karma is not something fixed. It can be changed for the better or for the worse. When you write letters to the Karmic Board you take obligations upon yourselves to read a certain quantity of prayers or Rosaries with some periodicity in the next half year for the realization of your requests. And if the energy of your prayers is directed in the appropriate way then the karma on the scales decreases and the Divine opportunity may outweigh. That may happen or it may not. Everything depends on the weight of the karma that is on the other scale.
However, any karma can be balanced and any impediment can be removed. Everything depends only on your determination.
For example, I know people who tried to get rid of a bad habit, smoking, in particular. In the course of half-year, every day they read Rosaries, but they did not give up smoking anyway.
That addiction has been rooting in your consciousness for decades. Therefore, in very rare cases you can get rid of it in the course of half-year. However, every day you constantly have to show your determination to get rid of your bad habit.
Do you understand? Every day you have to wish sincerely to get rid of that bad habit and ask God to help you.
I don't know concretely how long each of you will need to ask God in order for your request to be fulfilled but I know that this will necessarily happen when your wish is constantly pressing down the pan of the scales of the Divine opportunity, opposite to the scale on which your karma between you and the realization of the Divine opportunity is lying.
That is the mechanism of the opportunity realization in your world.

Beloved Portia, June 18, 2010