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Invitation to a Prayer

It's known since ancient times that a pure righteous man's prayer has the strongest influence on everything, occurring in the physical world. And it is obvious: a righteous man can transmit through his conductors more of the Divine energy sufficient to manifest any Miracle.

Any actions that we undertake in the physical plane cannot have as strong influence as a prayer. The finer is the influence, the stronger is its impact on the physical plane.

Very few people can keep their consciousness at a high level. It is very hard to maintain a lofty state of consciousness, being in the thickets of cities.

However, even here God gives us a chance. A collective prayer can multiply the efforts of every praying person tenfold and hundred-fold. The coming Age of Aquarius is exactly the age of collective actions, the age of Community.

We have been offering Sunday Rosary broadcasts for 3 years from the site of Sirius. No more than 200 people in different parts of the globe get involved. The efforts of those 200, who apply their praying efforts simultaneously, are equal to the power of 40 thousand people's efforts (200 x 200).

If 40 000 took part in the prayer, it would be equal to the individual efforts of 1 600 million people (40 000 x 40 000). That power would be enough to change any situation on the planet and to turn it in the most favorable direction.

Join our Internet broadcasting on the site of Sirius.

It starts at 3 p.m. Moscow time every Sunday.

We can ask for the Miracle that awaits Russia.

We can ask for protection of Russia, of every country and of the whole world.

It is within our power to descend the Miracle that awaits Russia and the whole world.

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!

Together we can work that miracle which awaits Russia

Beloved Mother Mary
June 23, 2011

I AM Mother Mary.

I have come today to talk to you again, my beloved. I have come with the only thought: to strengthen you in your Service. Now that very time has come when those few who are still committed to God and to myself – His faithful servant – can show their faith and devotion.

The new Divine mercy allows the opportunity for Russia to continue. And you know that for me it is a special country. This is the country that I have been patronising for many hundreds of years. And now it is the time when you can render your invaluable help to the Ascended Masters through your Service.

Beloved, I am asking you to take my words seriously. I wish that my words will burn into your hearts and stay there for all the time while you are in incarnation.

So, beloved, I have come with a request. And that request concerns your prayers. Your prayers are the help which you can give now.

Very few devoted and sincere hearts are incarnated now. Too high is the pressure on them. However, muster up your strengths. You will not have to wait long, beloved. We are expecting the New Day to dawn over Russia and thereupon over the rest of the world.

In recent times in history I appeared to many Saints of the land of Russia. I begged them for help at those moments when storm clouds were gathering over the Russian land, before foreign invasions and threatening times.

You know St. Sergius of Radonezh and St. Seraphim of Sarov. But you do not know the many hundreds of other Saints who prayed at my request and gave me the energy of their prayers for protection during hard times.

There is no longer that protection over Russia now which was obtained by prayers in those glorious times when devotees of the Spirit moved to deserts and forests to give me the energy of their prayers.

When the space is not protected by prayers then all manner of abomination of desolation penetrates in there. And you see that around you; and you do not know how to escape it. You seek protection and ask for protection. But, beloved, Heavens can give you help only when it can be seen that you too are applying all your efforts and spending all your free time in praying.

The space over Russia needs protection. And all the hosts of Heaven cannot protect you if there is no free will and aspiration on your part, if there is no effort applied from your side.

We come at your call and answer your prayers. But now it is the time when you should answer my call. You must show your free will and diligence.

There cannot be an unlimited flow of mercy from Heavens if Heavens do not see your efforts.

Many people do not know what to do and how to help in that hard situation that has formed on the planet. I am telling you that your prayer is that simple help. There are no limitations and cannot be any on the prayer. Your belonging to any religion is not important. Your nationality is not important.

When a person prays sincerely, even the words of that prayer are not important because you rise to the level of the Ascended Hosts in your consciousness, and there is a direct energy exchange between our planes of being. And then even the most impossible thing may happen. The miracle for which the people of Russia have always hoped can occur.

Your land needs protection. Your planet needs protection. Each of you needs protection from those forces that are raging, as their time is coming to an end. You do not have to wait long for more joyful times to come.

Praying is also needed in your time, as it was in those old times when the Saints prayed for my land and protected it from hordes.

Not many of you can devote even one hour per day to praying. And I can count on the fingers of one hand those who dedicate all their free time to praying or meditating on my image.

Beloved, God grants you an opportunity. And a very little thing is needed: to respond to my request with your daily efforts.

The power of prayer is that weapon with which you can oppose any violence, any bloodshed and any injustice that exists in your world.

There cannot be miracles that do not have Heavens' support. And in your time there is an opportunity for a miracle to happen. And you can foster that miracle by the efforts of your hearts.

Stay in peace and goodness. Focus all your efforts on praying for those who are unwise and enchained by ignorance. Pray for the enlightenment of your rulers.

Even the utmost sinner can repent; and he will be able to direct at serving God all his abilities and talents that he was wasting on sinful acts.

Pray for the enlightenment of those people who take decisions in education and the public health service. Pray for the salvation of the souls of those who lost all sense of shame, robbing invaluable riches of my land.

Sin and ignorance can be replaced in a flash by sanctity and awakening. And God's voice will stop them, as it stopped Paul in his time with the exclamation: "Is it hard for thee to kick against the pricks?"

It is impossible to struggle against God. Your every step against God and His servants creates very heavy karma that should be worked off with suffering, blood and sweat.

Enough suffering has been taken by Russia and its people.

There is a bright opportunity ahead that can be manifested.

I ask you to replace your despair with faith and aspiration.

I ask you to find in your hearts that feeling of unconditional Love that can grant salvation to many lost souls in these hard times.

I am calling you to the most elevated states of your consciousness.

Pray in that language in which you can, in those words which you know.

Aspire to me; and I will stay where you are praying.

Together we can work that miracle which awaits Russia.

I AM your Mother Mary and have been with you today.