SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Inner consonance with God
T. N. Mickushina

I will try to share with you my thoughts and my experience. Maybe it will be useful to someone.
We pay a lot of attention to prayer practice. We also try to observe certain restrictions in food. We read the Dictations and the books of the Masters.
If you carefully read and follow all that is recommended by the Masters, then the result should be manifested in two to three years. The Teaching of the Ascended Masters is the fastest Path to God.
Why are many people in the Teaching for five or six years already and do not see a significant advancement in themselves or in others? What is the reason?
The easiest way is to find the cause outside yourself. For example, it is known that the community cannot be successful if it does not include at least one Christ-being. It is also very difficult to keep the right course, not having an acting Messenger in the organization to which you belong. It is very difficult to do without a Teacher belonging to a successive chain of Guru - disciple relationships.
Yes, of course, most people need external guidelines, a compass, according to which they can verify their course.

A solo flight

Sooner or later there comes a moment on our Path when we must go by ourselves, alone. A solo flight. I now address those who are ready for the solo flight. This is a very complex segment of the Path. Not everyone is ready for it.
And one day you make a decision and rush to this dangerous section of the Path. The difficulty lies in the fact that we've already read all this hundreds of times, but here we have to really go ahead, and we do not always have the right quote from a Dictation or a friendly adviser at hand.
In fact, the only criterion is God within us. This is the most reliable adviser and the most reliable compass. But you need to get used to communicating with Him, to be able to distinguish a quiet inner voice from astral voices and your carnal mind.
How should one understand that he is ready for this dangerous part of the Path?
First of all, you need to closely monitor your thoughts and feelings. Every minute try to understand what you think and feel. If you often catch yourself on negative thoughts and feelings (you condemn someone, take offense at someone, experience some baser desires), then you are not yet ready for this section of the Path. You must wait and work with prayer.


Love literally flows out of you into the world around you

Once there is a moment of inner peace, silence, when annoying little thoughts stop jumping around like fleas, then suddenly, consciousness rises above the surrounding world and leaves behind anxiety and fear.
It is very important to realize your feelings at this moment. We are attracted to the sphere of the subtle world that we are consonant with. This state cannot be compared with anything. This is a state of complete inner peace and bliss. It seems that Love is literally pouring out of you into the world around you, and the more you give your Love, the more and more you experience the state of grace.
It is necessary to fix this state into every cell of your body, every nerve ending. The task is to learn from memory to fall into this state again and again, every day.
Actually, this is the whole secret. You get into a disharmonious situation on the street, at work, but you try to remember this state of grace and bliss. You forcibly keep your consciousness at the highest level available to you.
The difficulty is that you cannot miss a single day. At least a few minutes a day, preferably two or three hours a day, one must experience these elevated states of consciousness.
Remember your state after a good prayer, after a Dictation, after a long stay in nature or listening to classical music and reproduce this state again and again.
It helps me a lot when I'm in a state of Love. I am literally rising when I experience this feeling.

Bring your vibrations closer to the subtle worlds

I was given an exercise that helps to maintain an elevated state of consciousness throughout the day.
I imagine my I AM Presence in the form of the sun at the zenith above my head. And I imagine how I pull myself up on the rope to this sun.
When we are able to experience such states longer and longer, we bring our vibrations closer to the subtle worlds, and we can come into contact with the beings of these worlds and, above all, with our Holy Christ Self and our I AM Presence.
The criterion of the truth of such contact is our inner state. Like attracts like. We are attracted to those vibrations that our thoughts and our feelings are consonant with.
All knowledge comes from within. The most incredible things happen so naturally and simply when everything is consonant with God.
After all, I have said nothing new. We already know all of this, but for some reason did not consider it necessary to carry out.

I love you, my readers,
And I bow before the Light of God in you.