SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

How to read or listen to the Masters' Messages.
The Masters' recommendations given in their Messages
(Fragments of the dictations)

Master Kuthumi, January 14, 2010

"…We regularly repeat our recommendations about working with our messages. And I know a lot of people who do not follow our recommendations. Many times we told about careful work with the messages and that it is not desirable that you read more than two messages per day, for example, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Every message contains the energies of different Masters who give those messages. And at times the energies are not from a very high plane, while sometimes the energies belong to a very high plane of Being. And if you start reading several messages one by one, you expose your organism to a very big tension. Your external consciousness may not track the danger because your carnal mind is used to deal only with the informational component, and it does not take into account the energy component of the messages.

I will give the following example. Your organism needs food. And when you are hungry or thirsty and you eat a piece of bread or drink a glass of pure water, your organism feels satisfaction.

And now, imagine that you take a huge amount of food, all food, and take unlimited number of drinks with that. I know that many of you do so in their life, being attracted by abundant party meals and gluttony. But don't you feel bad the next day owing to the uncontrolled eating and drinking?

There are compatible types of food, and there are types of food that cannot be taken together. However, most part of humankind is at such a low energy level that it cannot understand these simple truths which were known thousands of years ago and followed by all wise men.

When you read many dictations that belong to different Masters, you may have exactly the same indigestion in your consciousness, similar to an indigestion that happens owing to uncontrolled eating.

You have to approach reading of our messages very carefully, otherwise, you risk to feel inner discomfort, dissatisfaction and, what is even worse, to direct all your dissatisfaction to our messenger or the Masters.

Your have to prepare yourself for reading every message very carefully. You have to tune to the Master who is giving the message with the help of music, with the help of the Master's image or by using a prayer or a meditation before reading the message. That way you align your energies, elevate your consciousness, and the messages will be good for you.

I will give you another example. The sun is shining to all the people and all living creatures. And there are people who sensibly use the solar energy. They stay in the sun for a certain time, and after that they take a break and then expose themselves to the tender rays of the sun again.

There is another category of people who stay on the beach from morning till night, in the hot sun, and the next day they suffer from the received burns and temperature.

Who is to blame for your getting burns? The Sun? I think that the answer is obvious. You alone are to blame for misusing the energy of the sun.

The energy contained in our messages does not have such an evident effect, but there is still a sufficient number of individuals who quickly read a dozen of our messages, without going into the heart of the matter and without tuning themselves appropriately before reading every message. And the result comes in due time. Some time later they start feeling irritation and even anger.

Who is to blame for your having those feelings? The Messenger? The Masters? I think that the answer is obvious. No one around is to blame for your ignoring the Masters' pieces of advice.

As everything in your world, our messages have a dual effect. And some people acquired a smooth aura thanks to reading our messages, those defects of their aura disappeared that had been present for long years. They became more balanced and friendly. Their relationships with the family got better. And peace came to their soul and home.

Others, on the contrary, feel anger, hatred and hostility after reading our messages. Their aura melts every day, and they simply destroy themselves.

Beloved, we wish you Good, Love and Harmony. You can get all of that thanks to our messages. But there is a valve within you that directs the energy contained in our messages either to good or to evil. Everything in your world, beloved, has a dual effect. And there is a mechanism within you that either makes you walk cheerfully along the path of evolution or throws you away from the path."


Beloved Babadji, December 5, 2009

"… I would like to make sure that you have taken all the safety measures that are necessary when reading our messages.

Those who read our messages for the first time may wonder. However, those who have been reading our messages for a long time are probably aware of the safety measures that need to be followed. First of all, you have to realize that you deal with energy, as our Word carries a definite charge of energy. And as any energy, it requires careful handling, otherwise, the result of reading our messages may be unpredictable.

So, you have to realize that you are talking with the Masters who considerably excel you in their level of consciousness. Therefore, you are obliged to have a feeling of esteem and respect within yourselves. You cannot talk with God by the way, in passing. You cannot drink tea, talk to your colleagues at work, check your children's homework and read our messages simultaneously. If you do all that and read our Messages at the same time, you will create karma proportional to the energy contained in our Messages.

I am warning once again that you are talking with God. Therefore, you have to do this with awe, with huge reverence in your heart. Your whole being has to be tuned to communication with God. You have to put all your problems aside or do the opposite, do not read the Message until there is a favorable moment.

If you are imbalanced or you are under the influence of any negative quality, then the energy contained in our Messages will lead to intensification of any negativity within you. And vice versa, if you are harmoniously orientated and are full of inner peace, then this state of harmony and peace will also be increased proportionally to that energy, which is comprised in the Message."

Master Hilarion, January 2, 2008

"Why do you have a feeling that spiritual work can be done between times or on the run?

Until you form the right attitude to spiritual work in your consciousness, you won't get any significant result.

I regret noticing that the lack of attention and concentration is the scourge of your time.

You try to learn diverse things at the same time. You listen to the radio, talk on the phone or watch TV and try to read our messages.

Until you collect your strength to concentrate on accepting the spiritual food and throw away all the rest, your reading of our messages will not be helpful but bad for your development.

I'll tell you why. If you are busy with some lay activity, for example, you are listening to modern music on the radio or watching a commercial break on TV and trying to read our message at the same time, the energy that we put in our messages is used irregularly. And you slip back instead of going further in your development.

Realize that you are talking to God, you are communicating to the Masters who are far ahead of you, who climbed higher steps of the evolutionary development. Where does that lot of disrespect come from?

Why haven't you got the elementary decency in your communication with us?

I would like that you stop seeing the Teaching that we give you through our messenger as something self-evident and ordinary.

Thousands of Beings of Light work at delivering every our message. We spend precious energy of God, we collect it grain by grain and pour it to our messages.

...Because unless you change your attitude to your communication with the Masters and overcome some attendant negative features of your character, you can hurt your soul badly. Remember that when you get the Divine energy, you yourself direct it in your world with the help of your thoughts, feelings and state. When you get the energy reading our messages while being in the wrong state, likewise you can use it irregularly, direct it towards the increase of illusion and create your karma.

At your stage of the evolutionary development you have to use the Divine energy with more responsibility."