SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Each of us is responsible for the state of planet Earth

Dear friends,

We offer to your attention a slide film made by Olga Kudzoeva.

Olga Kudzoeva: "… I received an impulse to create this ten-minute slide movie, entirely based on the Dictations of the Ascended Masters given to the humankind through the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina. Besides the Russian version, I felt it necessary to create an English version of this movie as well. Hopefully, this short slide movie will contribute to stabilization of the situation on planet Earth due to the probability of watching this movie by people living in the Western hemisphere, since this movie -- as a sample of passages taken from Dictations -- may remind them to reconsider their way of life and re-estimate their values, hence, create less mess…"

The fragments of the following Messages have been used in that film:

Beloved Alpha, December 14, 2005 and December 29, 2009;
Sanat Kumara, November 28, 2005; March 22, 2005; December 12, 2005;
Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2011;
Kuthumi, July 2, 2009;
Hilarion, April 10, 2005;
Lord Surya, June 21,2007 and May 10, 2005.

Music: A. Dvorak The Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"

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English version
Each of us is responsible for the state of planet Earth

Russian version -

I come in order to ask you for help that your sick planet needs

Beloved Alpha
December 14, 2005

I am Alpha. Today I have come to you in order to give you a small Teaching on how you should act in the nearest future and how you should get ready for the future.

Every time during my communication with the people who are in incarnation I feel an incomparable bliss. I feel your needs, and I treat you so tenderly and blandly, as none of the fathers of your world can treat his children.

That is because I am your Father, your real Father, who cares about you and who uses any chance to come and give you my guidance and teaching and to fondle you.

That is why I have come today, in order to do my fatherly duty to mankind of the Earth.

Your native planet needs your care and guardianship. Imagine that the Earth is your Mother. And your Mother is sick and needs your help.

If you are loving children, then you must respond to your Mother's calling, no matter how far you are carried away with your life problems or how hard it is for you. Because this is your Mother. And she is sick, and she needs your help.

And that is why I have come to you today in order to call you to your Mother and to tell you that she needs your help, your care and your guardianship. Now. As never before.

You have reached the age when you can assume the responsibility for your Mother who now needs your help.

There were times when you got help from your Mother. There were times when you got everything you needed: food, warmth, care.

And now the time has come to pay your debts and to thank your Mother, your native planet, for everything she has done for you.

Your Mother has a lot of children. But not all the children can respond to the call. Because they have lost the connection with the parental home. Because they have chosen the path that leads nowhere.

But you, those who can hear me and who can perceive my vibrations, you won't leave your Mother in trouble.

Can I count on you? Can I? That is why I come, in order to ask you for help that your sick planet needs. Now, as never before.

You know that the illness of your planet is connected with the consequences of those thoughts, feelings and deeds which the children of the Earth commit. You know that your Mother Earth worries about her unwise children. And that is why she is sick. That is why you should give to your Mother Earth the help she needs. And she needs your Love. There is no more valuable medicine you can offer your Mother than the Love of your hearts.

Please, make it a rule, starting from this day, to spare at least several minutes a day to send Love to your native planet. Please remember all the best minutes, you spent in the nature, in the mountains, at the river, in the forest. Recollect the minutes of happiness you had from the communication with the nature.

Recollect quiet summer days and evenings. Remember sunrises and sunsets.

Recollect a clear hot summer day and a chilly evening. Remember everything connected with the best memories.

Thank your Mother Earth for everything she gave you in the past. And now, if you can send Love to your Mother, she will be able to recover her health, her life forces and will be able to become a shelter and a refuge for many generations of people. Do not treat your planet as something constant and given to you once and for all. Your planet, the state in which it is now, is a reflection of your thoughts, your feelings, your level of consciousness that you have now.

That is why the future of your planet, the climate of your planet and everything that surrounds you on your native planet, your Mother, depends on you and nobody else.

I have come in order to give you clear understanding that the Earth needs your help. And you know how to give this help.

I have come to remind you of your duty; and I have come to say that the time to carry out your duty has come. The Cosmic opportunity has not been over yet. But you should constantly feel your responsibility for everything that surrounds you.

Because everything around you was created by your consciousness. And together with the rise of the level of your consciousness, the illusory reality, surrounding you, will be changed because it will become more Divine, closer to the Divine reality.

I have come. And I have said.

I AM Alpha, your Father in Heavens. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator: Ekaterina Reznichenko