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Call prayer to Archangel Michael

Call prayer to Archangel Michael


Firstly, we choose to expose ourselves to different imperfect manifestations of our world, including those that come from our mass media. We allow the mass media and other people to plant the seeds of hatred, aggression and aversion to a particular nation or country. Then it grows in the physical plane in the form of wars and armed conflicts.

We create all wars and conflicts ourselves, first in our consciousness. Then all this appears around us, and we find ourselves in a war.

There is a way out of this vicious circle of bloodshed: we must change our consciousness and give up all aggression, anger and hatred. This is what the Masters of Wisdom teach us.

We also have to develop the gift of distinction, when and where the truth is told, and when and where there is a lie. Besides, we must always remember about the right motive within. In this case, no one can control us, and we will be able to return to God!

Tatyana Mickushina

My angels and I are ready to come at your first call!
Saint Michael the Archangel, July 15, 2006

"You know that many… disasters happen, in which people perish, many people. People perish for different reasons; and you cannot judge about those reasons and analyze them. But you can help the souls of those people who make their transition in tragic circumstances. And if you read a call to me and my legions, and call us so we could take over the control of peoples' souls who perished in one or another catastrophe, it will make our work easier.

So please, …read the following call:

"In the name of God the Almighty, in the name of my Higher Self, I ask beloved Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angels to take over the control of the situation, connected with the following event (indicate the exact place and give a description of the event …). I ask you and your angels to render help to the people's souls perished in this conflict and escort them to the level of the higher plane according to their achievements reached in this and the previous lives. May it be done according to the Holy God's Will. Amen".

It is hard to overestimate your help to these souls, as you do not give these souls an opportunity to stray in the low levels of the astral plane, but to rise with our help to the retreats of the etheric octaves, where they will be given all necessary help and rehabilitation before the next embodiment."