SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

A Teaching on Karma Descending at the end of the year

Among many important Teachings that are being given by the Masters there is a special Teaching on karma descending at the end of the year. Some of the points of this Teaching can be found in the citations of the Masters’ Messages given below.

Beloved Kuthumi,
December 19, 2005

I AM Kuthumi, having come to you through our messenger.

I HAVE come to give you a Teaching on how you should regard the karma which descends upon you at the end of the year, what this karma is and how you should treat its descending.

You know that your four lower bodies contain energetic records about the incorrect, abominable and non-divine behaviour which you perpetrated during your present or one of your past lives. These can be records of steady negative conditions which you were experiencing in the past and which you have not been able to get rid of up to this day.

You are aware of the karma which returns to you. You are aware of the karma which is activated within your aura in accordance with the Law of Cosmic Cycles and which crops up before you in the form of some situation, feeling or poor state of your consciousness. This return of karma takes place perpetually and gradually during the whole year. But when the annual cycle is nearly over you come up against a slightly different situation. It might happen that the karma which was returning to you during the year in accordance with the Cosmic Law was not worked off by you as much as the Law requires. And imagine that during this particular one-year cycle other people were also not able to work off their karma by making wise choices, praying or by doing good deeds.

In this case at the end of the year an accumulation of surplus karma takes place. This karma looms over humanity and is ready to make a descent upon it in the form of various states inherent in mankind - diseases, depression, famine or in the form of different calamities and natural catastrophes.

In any case, at the end of the year you can feel even by your subjective sensation that you experience some excessive heaviness. This is just that extra karmic burden which lies on humanity in the shape of non-transmuted negative energy.

That is why it is so important to maintain enforced discipline of your consciousness at the end of the year. In this case it is very helpful for you to consciously lay restrictions upon yourselves, such as fasting, refraining from talk, devotional vigils or help to the poor and destitute which you can offer as a sacrifice to the altar of service.

In so doing you create additional good karma which can be used for the purpose of balancing the situation on the whole planet in the worst extremity.


The probability…cataclysms increases nearer by the end of the year. That is why you are strongly recommended to undertake more consciously your spiritual practices, prayers and meditations precisely at the end of the year.


Do not think about others, think about yourself. Think about how you personally can mitigate your karma, your family’s karma and the karma of your country and planet.

You may not have a clear understanding of all the nuances of this universal Law, but you should have a general idea about it and you should tell those who are not yet familiar with this Law of Karma about it. The more people know about this universal Law, the higher is the probability that they will avoid committing unseemly deeds in their lives.

When karma descends upon you, most commonly you are unable to associate the cause-effect relations between your actions and their consequences that descend upon you in the form of different troubles and diseases.

And you exclaim, “For what, Lord?!” instead of accepting with humility everything that God sends you.

Believe me, God is very merciful. And the karma which descends upon you returns to you in the most possible mitigated way.

If you had a chance to understand which of your actions burden you with this or that karmic responsibility you would thank God for allowing you so mercifully to work off what you yourselves committed in the past.

There are several ways of working off your karma.

The first way is not to create karma at all.

The second way is to work off your karma by making right choices.

The third way is to work off your karma by accepting with humility any situation into which you get.

And, finally, you can mitigate your karmic burden by praying and true repentance.

This is what we request you to do strenuously during the period remaining till the end of this year.

Gautama Buddha,
December 25, 2006 I am ready to give you a small piece of information that will allow you to orient yourselves in the current state of things in the world. What is meant here is the catastrophic increase of the level of negative vibrations at the end of the year. A lot of people are seized with heaviness, and very many celebrate their Christmas and New Year holidays at a very low vibration level, drinking alcohol and being engaged in indecent and reproachful actions. All these things create an extra portion of the planetary karma, which can bring irreparable disasters on some continents. That is why I turn to you as always at the end of the year with a request to keep balance first of all within yourselves and to devote as much effort as possible to the balancing of the planetary karma and the karma of your country. If you feel such an internal need, you can devote every day remaining till the end of the current year to your prayer practice and make double and triple efforts. Do not hesitate even to obtain leave in order to work for the good of planet Earth at home in privacy or with a group of like-minded people. Read Rosaries, read other prayers or practise meditation. Send out your Love and Gratitude to Earth. Picture Mother-Earth as an alive being allowing you to live and to evolve and taking care of you. Send out your Love to Earth and to those elementals which maintain the human evolution on Earth.

At the end of every year we ask you for extra energy you are able to give us, and this in its turn enables us to balance the situation on the planet and to avoid many cataclysms...

Sanat Kumara,
December 20, 2006

The darkest and the most severe time of the year is approaching. This is the New Year's Eve, the New Day's Eve. And that is why the phantoms of the past, the phantoms of your previous blunders and errors in the form of unbalanced energies will arise around you and from your consciousness. And these energies will be dragging you away from the Path. And you will be required all the efforts of your will in order not to take the bait of these energies of the past and to aspire to the new day!

It is very difficult for you to believe that the thing which I am speaking about is very vital and urgent for you. Believe me. Not the festive fuss and buzz must hold your attention but the tranquil reflections by candlelight about the things which you are to do and how to remove the barriers which prevent you from fulfilling your mission. Do not seek for these barriers outside of yourselves. Analyse your previous course of life and try to understand what is there within yourselves which hinders you and prevents you from your advancement on the Path.