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33-day praying vigil
Since the 30th of July up to the 31st of August 2012

The horror in my Ashram connected with the fires happened on the 19th of April and on the 19th of July 2012 seems to have spread all over Siberia and threatens to grow into a national disaster.

"You know that any action directed against our Messenger generates very burdensome karma, and this karma falls upon the entire country as well wherein the mission of Light is being implemented. Thus, the latest events have generated extremely negative karma for Russia. And this karma is comparable in its scale to that karma which was created by shooting the Tsar's Family."
Master Morya, June 29, 2012. "We no longer have an opportunity to continue our work in the land of Russia"

According to Russian Forestry, on the 22nd of July the forest fires in Tomsk region are registered over the territory of 6,1 thousands hectares, in Krasnoyarsk Krai – over the territory of 3,7 thousands hectares. Greenpeace Russia considers these data manifold underreported and states that the fires have gone out control of the authorities. "With the help of space technology sources we see that the area covered with fires in Siberia is about to reach 3 millions of hectares, the area of 500 thousands hectares is currently on fire. These data manifold exceed the data of the core departments in charge which, likewise, use the photographs from the space yet prefer to conceal the actual state of events. As a result, the situation is very severe now; the fires occupy vast territories since there has been no prompt reaction to them. The further situation will depend on the weather conditions which will most likely worsen the situation in Ural region and in the central belt of Russia: according to the weather forecast, within the next few days there will dry and hot weather set in," said the director of the fire-preventive program of Greenpeace Russia Grigoriy Kuksin. Thus, according to the satellite data, Greenpeace estimates the area of the fires burning in Tomsk region not as 6 but 450 thousands hectares, and it rapidly increases. Since the 17th of July the smoke has covered Kuznetsk Basin – dry fog caused by the particles of the ashes from the forest fires has covered Kemerovo. And on the 19th–20th of July the smoke has covered Novosibirsk whereto the fog of fires already came for several days in the beginning of July yet stopped at the border with Altai Krai. However, this time, on the 21st–22nd of July the smoke covered Altai as well."

This is how the smog currently looks in the Ashram. The Sun is not visible in the sky, yet the pictures were taken in the middle of the day.

The airports of Siberian cities of Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk operate erratically because of the smog.

Here is the map of forest fires provided by Yandex.

As one may see, the area covered by the fires is comparable to the area of Europe.

The disaster threatens to grow into a global one.

The desire of mass media to conceal the actual state of events is rather understandable, for it may cause panic. And, in accordance with the Teaching given by the Masters, panic as well as any other negative feeling contributes to the intensification of the element of fire.

The reason of the fires is our negative states of consciousness: aggression; fear; a desire to find and punish the guilty ones, who are to blame for everything that takes place, outside ourselves: in the government, among the authorities.

Our authorities correspond to our level of consciousness. The change of consciousness of the majority of population will automatically lead to positive changes in the authorities.

What to do in this situation?

God always leaves a chance for us. Repentance and prayer are needed.

The power of a prayer if a prayer is performed in the proper state of consciousness is able to stop any natural calamity.

I appeal to the people who, hopefully, read the dictations of the Masters given through me and perceive the Teaching given by the Masters. There are the people among you whose mission is to balance the situation precisely right now.

Maintaining the inner peace while the whole world is collapsing is a very high level of attainments.

I suggest performing a 33-day praying vigil since the 30th of July up to the 31st of August at 3 p.m. Moscow time for balancing the karma of Russia that has led to the fires and other probable negative consequences which has not been manifested yet.

Within the period from the 30th of July 2012 up to the 31st of August 2012 the internet broadcasting of Mother Mary's Rosary "The end of darkness is coming, and only Light awaits you ahead!" will be carried.

When reading the Rosary together, the praying efforts of the people are multiplied by the number of people participating in the praying vigil. Thus, if 500 people take part in the vigil simultaneously, their efforts will be equal to those of 250 000 people (500x500).

If you have an opportunity, you can pray as much as possible. However, doing so, one must remember that during a prayer it is important to keep as high the level of consciousness as possible.

The main purpose of the vigil is to neutralize the karma which has led to the forest fires and to prevent other unfavorable situations in Russia: anthropogenic disasters, financial crisis, mass riots and revolutions.

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!

In 4 hours, after this edition of "Sirius" the map was the following:

As we can see from this map the fire has been extinguished in 4 hours. It is a pity that the smog cannot lift so quickly.