SiriuS” Publishing House celebrates its 15th anniversary!


Greetings, dear reader!

In August 2022, the Publishing House “Sirius” celebrates 15 years anniversary!

Do not be confused by the “adolescent” age of the Publishing House. Over the years, it has rapidly developed and shared with readers the most important - spiritual and moral values ​​in its books. Since the name Sirius means “the Light of the life-giving star”, the Publishing House is called to carry the Light of Truth, the Light of Wisdom, and the Light of Love.

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 The Publishing House “Sirius” was established to support and publish the books of our great contemporary, Tatyana Mickushina - a philosopher, writer and public figure, the founder of a new philosophical and ethical Teaching. Like every thinking person, I have always been interested in content-related questions, the answers to which I find in the books of Tatyana Mickushina; she receives knowledge from the Great Teachers, the Masters of Wisdom.






Our Earth is now going through a very difficult transitional time into a new spiritual era. The world is shaken by epidemics, wars, cataclysms. Many people suffer; they are shackled by fear of the future. The Supreme Knowledge that comes from the books of Tatyana Mickushina is a unique chance to realize from a spiritual standpoint what is really happening on the planet, and to break out of the vicious circle of aggression and contradictions that only lead to suffering.

Using the practical advice in Tatyana Mickushina's books, I can solve the problems that arise, by raising my consciousness to a new level and looking at everyday life from the position of a sage. Now I know what Laws govern the Universe and the life of each person. Using this knowledge, I can make the right decisions both in everyday situations and in relation to my better future and the future of people connected with me. Now I am living, and not surviving. I feel joy in every day and welcome any tests.





What are Tatyana Mickushina's books about?

- About the highest morality, which is defined as living according to conscience, without which any discoveries of mankind and human skills become destructive;

- about the revival of society, which is possible only thanks to such imperishable values ​​as honor and dignity, mercy and compassion, sacrifice and service to one's neighbor;

– about the understanding of Love as the highest feeling, without which any creativity is impossible,

– about God as the Supreme Moral Law, which every person must keep in his heart,

– about Good and Evil, which are the facets of a single whole and are called to teach our souls discernment,

– about Russia and its spiritual mission – to become a spiritual guide for humanity,

- and also about health, happiness, labor, money, upbringing and educating children - in a word, about various aspects of our everyday life - in order to understand how to become happy, how to create a strong, healthy family, and how to enjoy work.

All the practical aspects of life are covered in these books!


And now, here are some details for those who are convinced by concrete results.

For 15 years, the Publishing House “Sirius” has published more than 70 titles of books by Tatyana Mickushina.

Tatyana Mickushina’s books are in demand all over the world - they are read in 50 countries, they have been translated into 20 languages and published in 11 foreign languages: English, Armenian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, and French.

Some books have been reprinted four or more times and have also received recognition and awards at international book expositions and contests.

Thus, the book Treasures of Divine Wisdom was given the highest five-star rating at the largest international book contest “Readers’ Favorite book - 2019” held in the United States! In 2020, the book Sanat Kumara received the same award in this contest. In 2021, this award was given to the book Maitreya.




In 2016, the book "Emperor Nicholas II. The Way of the Cross", written by Tatyana Mickushina and co-authors, according to the results of the competition of the Association of Book Publishers of Russia (ASKI) was included in the list of the 50 best regional publications. In 2022, another book by the Publishing House "SiriuS", dedicated to the royal theme – "About Russian Tsars. Stories for children", was also included in the list of the 50 best regional publications.

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Unfortunately, these books are not available in English. But we hope that all the books by Tatyana Mickushina will be published in English.


Tatyana Mickushina's YouTube channel hosts hundreds of videos about books and the Teaching, as well as videos with interviews, seminar materials, and reader reviews.




Tatyana Mickushina's YouTube channel in Russian, by the summer of 2022, had 10.000.000 views!





Tatyana Mickushina's YouTube channel in English had 800,000 views!


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Join the audience of our readers and viewers!


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Some more information.


According to the results of the All-Russian business rating in 2017, SiriuS Publishing House occupied the first place among publishers in the Siberian region! And it was awarded the title of "Industry Leader – 2017”.




Tatyana Mickushina is the author of the project "National Idea of Russia.”

This project is an alternative to the dominance of the consumer society in the world. The "national Idea" defends the principles of goodness and justice in all areas of human activity, that is, the Highest moral Principles.


The project received positive reviews from famous people.


Information about Tatyana Mickushina is available on the website:, as well as on the YouTube Channel:









The reviews of the books.


These reviews speak about what unites us: firstly, about similar problems that many people managed to solve thanks to the books of Tatyana Mickushina; secondly, that books inspire and give joy to life.


Grateful readers shared their feedback in the project "Helping Hand. Sharing spiritual experiences." In May 2020, the project received about 80 videos and more than 150 letters from 26 countries in the world!






Mariika, Plovdiv, Bulgaria:


"The Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom has opened my eyes, soul and heart. I found it about 10 years ago.


I was at a loss; I didn't know what to do next. I wanted to find something for my soul that would take me out of this state... it would update me, give me a forward move, a landmark.


Now these pearls of Wisdom have helped me achieve awareness, find joy and love for everything that surrounds me."



Mariana Nikolaeva, Sumy, Ukraine:


"I was struck by the fact that the Teaching gives not only Divine Laws, fundamental concepts and foundations of the spiritual path, but also reveals their mechanisms and ways of application in everyday life!


After all, the most important thing is to learn how to APPLY the TEACHING IN PRACTICE… Life has changed dramatically, responsibility for each day has emerged. Now it's a search, it's about creativity, it's an experiment and a willingness to give…


The Teaching gives incredible help and support in literally any situation."




Vitaly Koida, Moscow, Russia:


"I got acquainted with the books of Tatyana Mickushina in 2016. The Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom inspired me, calmed me down, gave me love and harmony. At that time, my life was feverish due to the constant problems with running a business, which were interspersed with family problems; alcohol and tobacco were indispensable attributes of my life…


Of course, I applied to narcologists in medical institutions, but there was no long-lasting effect. Alcohol and tobacco addiction is a desire, i.e. a mental illness. And it is necessary to treat a mental illness with spiritual methods!..


It was the knowledge of the Law of Karma that I learned from the Teaching of the Masters that allowed me to understand where problems can start and how to deal with them.


This period of mastering spiritual techniques and expanding consciousness lasted a year and a half. As a result, I completely revised my life, sorted out everything inside myself and stopped using alcohol and tobacco… It all depends on our desire. Life or death. Are you with God or not!


I finish this story with tears of gratitude in my eyes, because once again I realized all the generosity and mercy of Heaven!”



The rest of the reviews can be found here:









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