Part II


The Great White Brotherhood in the philosophical, ethical

and spiritual teachings of the XX-XI centuries 



In the teaching of the Roerichs

S.N. Roerich. The portraits of H.I. and N.K. Roerich’s


The concept of the White Brotherhood” became a key concept in the teaching of Living Ethics”, or Agni Yoga by Nicholas K. Roerich and Helena I. Roerich. Helena I. Roerich claimed that each Brother of the White Brotherhood has many names.” Thus, the Great White Brotherhood includes Kumaras” - deities known in Hinduism and Buddhism:

“…the Sons of Flame, Sons of Brahma, the Great Rishis, the Kumaras, the first Teachers and Kings, the Founders of religions, leaders and philosophers etc.— all of them are the same Seven Greatest Individualities, who manifest in their various aspects on our Earth, and today, They actually form the Kernel of the White Brotherhood.” [1].                                                   

H.P .Blavatsky, A. Besant, N.K. Roerich and H.I. Roerich described the messages of the invisible teachers of humanity”[2], and also believed in the existence of an invisible world Government of Light on Earth, which is headed by the Great White Brotherhood. At the same time, H.I. Roerich considered the Great White Brotherhood to be the Center of evolution” on Earth.




N.K. Roerich. Maitreya.


L. V. Shaposhnikova in the preface to the book Abode of Light describes the role of the Great White Brotherhood in the worldview of N.K. Roerich:

The Great Teachers who brought knowledge to humanity in one form or another and contributed to the awareness of the upcoming changes caused by the energy processes of cosmic evolution, have passed through the entire history of mankind. They were the ones in whom the cosmic forces that advance evolution at all its levels were personified. Without them, such advancement would not have taken place. The Great teachers were spiritual mentors, religious reformers, and discoverers of new knowledge. The names of many of them are well known to us: Buddha and Jesus, Zoroaster and Nagarjuna, Krishna and Hermes, and many others. Each of them had its own step on the hierarchical ladder of the spiritualized Cosmos. The Roerich Teachers also have their high place there. This conditional ladder is endless and goes up into Infinity. Both Disciples and Teachers of Teachers are on it.”[3].      

H.I. Roerich believed that the White Brotherhood has its Abode of Light, or Heavenly Shambhala, in the Subtle World, but also, as a reflection of it, Earthly Shambhala in the impregnable Trans-Himalayan Stronghold.”[4].

The organizations in America


Further transfer of knowledge took place through the Messengers of the Brotherhood, most of whom were located on the territory of America.


Modern esoteric teachings differ from the works of the 19th to early 20th century by a simpler presentation describing the spiritual and moral standards that should be inherent in a person. The books of modern authors describe specific recommendations for the formation of the necessary moral and ethical qualities, despite the difficulties of acquiring them in the everyday life of modern civilization. In our time, the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood continue the tradition of transmitting the teachings.


In the 1930s, Guy W. Ballard (with a literary pseudonym - Godfré Ray King) and his wife Edna Ballard (Lotus Ray King) were the Accredited Messengers of the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain. They transmitted the Dictations of Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings and then transferred them into 20 books called “The Saint Germain Series”. Together Mr. and Mrs. Ballard founded the organization "I Am Movement" on the territory of the United States, and published a series of books about the Great White Brotherhood, as well as recommendations for personal spiritual development.


The "I Am Movement" became popular in the United States and by 1938 had up to 1 million followers.


Guy and Edna Ballard(left) and Mark and Elizabeth Prophet


The Ballards transmitted many so-called Discourses of the Ascended Masters – a Hierarchy of beings with superpowers, which included the Masters mentioned by theosophists, such as Jesus Christ, El Morya Khan and dozens of others, in addition to those 20 Ascended Masters of the Ancient Wisdom of the Theosophists described by Helena Blavatsky.

It is believed that these Ascended Masters were people who had lived a series of lives in physical bodies. But over time, They became very developed souls, able to overcome the cycle of reincarnation and achieved Their "ascension", becoming immortal.

In the mid-20th century, Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophet, being in the position of the Messengers, published an extensive Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the books "Pearls of Wisdom" [5]. In 1958, Mark Prophet founded the organization the Summit Light House in Washington, USA. The mission of the organization was to publish and spread the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. According to the Prophets, ascension is the complete unification of the purified inner self with the I AM Presence – the real identity, which is the unique individualization of God in each person. The purpose of the organization the Summit Lighthouse, was the liberation of all souls who are looking for spiritual freedom, all those who feel their own inner Divinity and want to develop it.

Prophet’s books describe the Laws of evolution and methods of personal spiritual work, and provide a detailed description of the members of the Great White Brotherhood in the book "The Masters and Their Retreats.”

In Russia in the 21st century

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian Messengerdownload.jpg Tatyana Mickushina presented a new philosophical and ethical Teaching, published in the series of books "The Words of Wisdom" and "The Book of Wisdom" [6]. This is a holistic Teaching that provides the knowledge of the Ascended Masters to modern people. The Teaching includes knowledge about the structure of the universe, the interrelation of all living things, universal Laws (the Highest Moral Law, the Law of Karma, the Law of Causes and Effects, etc.), it is also about the need to return to universal moral values in society, a new understanding of human evolution as the evolution of its consciousness is given. In addition to fundamental knowledge, the Teaching includes practical advice for the life of each person.

Tatyana Mickushina has written and published more than 70 books. The messages of the Masters of Wisdom have been translated into 19 different languages.

The Teaching received a lot of positive feedback from scientists and public figures.


The members of the Great White Brotherhood

Today, the Theosophical tradition countsthe following Masters to the Great White Brotherhood: Sanat Kumara, The Great Divine Director, El Morya, Kuthumi, Saint-Germain, Hillarion, Serapis Bey, Jesus, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Gautama Buddha, Shiva, Surya, Pallas Athena, Helios, Apollo, Lanto, Portia, Lanello, Babadji, Zarathustra, Godfré, Maitreya, Lady Claire, Buddha Vairochana, Alpha, Djwal Kul, Nicholas Roerich, John the Beloved, Padmasambhava, Elohim Peace, Moses, the Archangel Michael, Confucius, the Goddess of Liberty, Hercules, Nada, Cyclopea, Buddha Amitambha, The Mighty Victory, Melchizedek, Paul the Venetian, Krishna, John the Baptist, Padre Pio and many others.


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