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Великое Белое Братство



The Great White Brotherhood


The Great White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, the Lords of Wisdom, the Lords of Shambhala, the Brotherhood of Shambhala, Universal Brotherhood, the Great White Lodge (French: Grande Loge Blanche) is a community of Sages, Teachers of humanity that has existed since ancient times and has always transmitted knowledge to humanity for the benefit of its progress along the evolutionary path of development[1]. At the same time, evolution is understood as "the path ordained by God", the departure from what is defined as an involutional process that will inevitably lead to the spiritual degradation of people[2]. It is also argued that there is no single path suitable for all people. Evolution begins the moment a person becomes aware of God within himself, and when through this awareness an understanding of his own evolutionary path and his own destiny is initiated[3].

From a philosophical point of view, the Great White Brotherhood represents super consciousness, which is the next stage of consciousness development after man. There is a hierarchy of levels of consciousness up to a person (“from” minerals, plants, animals); it is logical to assume that man is not the final link and that there are more advanced levels of consciousness – Super consciousness- and even with their own hierarchy, which in their development are more developed as compared to man.

Various religious teachings refer to the members of the Great White Brotherhood as Lords, Mahatmas, Arhats, Adepts. Theosophists consider Shambhala to be the location of the teachers of the Great White Brotherhood - the "sacred island", which is supposedly located in the (etheric levels of the) Gobi Desert. However, there is no consensus as to its real location[4]. Shambhala is also associated with the legend of Whitewater, the Land of Happiness, where "bright people lived, shining like the moon”[5].

 The Ascended Master Teachings is esoteric in nature, and includes:

     The law of cause-and-effect relationships (Law of Karma)[6],

     The law of the rebirth of the soul[7],

   The spiritual and moral Law, from whose observance every person is able to reach the highest level of development.


It is believed that the evolution of a person is the evolution of his consciousness, which occurs through spiritual evolution and the acquisition of such inner qualities as love, mercy, compassion, honor, dignity, caring for one's neighbor, etc. These are universal values that were laid down in the basis of all world religions by their founders. With the development of his spiritual consciousness, a person realizes an increasing unity and interrelationship with other living beings, and he sees less and less contradictions between different peoples, religions, cultures. Accordingly, at a higher level of consciousness, humanity should leave behind such manifestations as hostility, hatred, wars, conflicts, terrorist acts, etc. Instead of satisfying personal selfish interests, the vector of human development will be directed at creation, mutual assistance and awareness of their responsibility to the world and other people.

Today, there are various theosophical, esoteric and occult movements around the world that are trying to develop the basic ideas of this teaching. 



The history of the term in religions


In Buddhism, the teachers of humanity are mentioned in connection with the country of Shambhala. Shambhala appears in the sacred Buddhist texts of the Kalachakra Tantra, which contains prophecies about future events on Earth, and “the kings of Shambhala” are described as the forefathers and teachers of humanity, who transmit their teachings (sacred texts) to them, from which humanity creates religions for itself. These teachers are the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who reside in the capital of Shambhala, Kalapa. Among them are Buddha Shakyamuni (Gautama), Buddha Maitreya, Buddha Amitabha, Padmasambhava and others, including those who were born “miraculously” on Earth[9]

                         N. Roerich. Tangla. The Song of Shambhala.



In Christianity, the mention of the Great White Brotherhood can be found presumably by the description of their appearance. In the New Testament in the “Revelation of John”, there are several examples of saints in the “white robe”. So, “those who had been put to death for the Word of God” – “... each of them were given a white robe…” About the people “who have not defiled their clothes”, in the same source “the Lord says that they ‘will walk with Me in white clothes, for they are worthy’. He who overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments ...” [10]


“Before the Throne of the Lord there are many people in white robes” - clothed “in fine linen, clean and light”. We can assume that it is white light, enveloping their “bodies”, invisible to the physical eye.


According to V.M. Sidorov, the President of the International Association “Peace through Culture”, the White Brotherhood is synonymous with “un-fallen mankind”, since “the spiritual and religious tradition of Christianity, in contrast to the Hindu and Buddhist, is primarily focused on the cosmic fall of mankind.”[11]


The history of the term in Theosophy and Occultism


In the works of theosophists, the Great White Brotherhood is presented as the Teachers of humanity, carrying out the mission of guiding evolution and giving people knowledge about the laws of the Universe through various people, called Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood or Initiates. In the theosophical tradition, the Messengers are highly spiritual individual, free from the influence of destructive feelings, desires, possessing a high level of emotional self-control, leading a moral and ecofriendly lifestyle. The Messengers are chosen by the Great White Brotherhood in a mystical way, after which they undergo training - life tests that lead to absolute liberation from human negative qualities such as envy, laziness, resentment, fear, pride, as well as to the all-round development of virtues. Messengers have the ability, using the power of their consciousness, to interact with the Teachers, who are on the higher planes of being, and thus receive and transmit the ancient teachings in a language accessible to contemporaries. Thus, according to theosophists, information comes to humanity in the most undistorted form.

Some representatives of the Theosophical movement considered themselves messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. The term “messengership” is also present in modern movements.





In the works of H.P. Blavatsky


Despite the fact that the concept of the Great White Brotherhood was known in the mystical tradition of the West since the Middle Ages, this term was actively spread in the 19th century, from the moment of writing of the works by H.P. Blavatsky.[12]

According to H. P. Blavatsky, in 1851 she first met a teacher (presumably El Morya) who acquainted her with spiritualism. Subsequently, H.P. Madame Blavatsky traveled a lot in India, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, USA, South America and Tibet, studying esotericism.[13] In 1875, H.P. Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society, and in 1888 her main book, The Secret Doctrine, was published. The work describes in detail cosmogenesis, the principles and fundamental laws of the evolution of the Universe and man and explains the symbolism of ancient religions.[14]

According to eyewitnesses, the teaching contained in The Secret Doctrine was transmitted by the teachers of the Great White Brotherhood, in particular, the material was presented in manuscripts from the Mahatmas, dictated to H.P. Blavatsky, or obtained through clairvoyance.[15] The author also calls the Great White Brotherhood the Great White Lodge, the Lords of the Secret Brotherhood.

In her writings, H.P. Blavatsky wrote that the only salvation of the planet is in the reunification of humanity with its highest part - the Great White Brotherhood.



In the writings of the followers of theosophical views


In addition to H.P. Blavatsky, the Great White Brotherhood was also described in the books of the members of the Theosophical community and other prominent public figures of the past. Among them are William Judge, Henry Olcott, Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and others.[16]
















                               Judge William, Annie Besant, Henry Alcott



The rising popularity of theosophical views led to the formation of societies and movements guided by the Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, including the community “The Temple of the People”,[17] which was formed in Syracuse, New York in 1898, headed by Francia La Due and William H. Dower, members of the Theosophical Society.


Since 1907, the Theosophical Society was headed by a disciple of H. P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant. She was also the author of many works on theosophy and the Teachings of the Great White Lodge, where she consistently revealed the essence of the law of reincarnation, the law of karma, as well as the spiritual evolution of man:


“That is the ancient pathway called from very long ago the Way of the Cross; for the Cross is the symbol of life, of life triumphant over death, of Spirit triumphant over matter. And there is no difference in this Path between East and West; there is only one occult teaching and one great White Lodge, the Guardians of the spiritual treasures of our race.”[18]


The Austrian doctor of philosophy, educator and lecturer Rudolf Steiner also saw the Great White Brotherhood as the bearers of spiritual knowledge:


“…in our times the same great teachers who have already guided mankind through the Egypto-Chaldæic civilization are working, so also in the twentieth century it will be these same teachers who will lead men out to behold the Christ as Paul beheld Him. They will show mankind how the Christ not only works upon the earth, but how He spiritualizes the whole solar system.” [19]


Charles Leadbeater described the Great White Brotherhood as “an Enlightened Community of Adepts on Earth and in Heaven, created for the good purpose of advancing the spiritual development of the human race” as well as great Beings whotook interest not only in awakening men' s spiritual natures, but also in all affairs that made for their  well-being on Earth.”[20]


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