The Rose Path



“I gave you the Path, the Rose Path, covered with roses and thorns.

 And there is no other path, to follow through which

 you may reach the Kingdom of your Father in Heaven.”


Beloved Jesus





My task, as the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, is to give the fullest understanding of the Path, which the Masters of Wisdom or the Ascended Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood teach humanity.

Therefore, I intend to make an attempt to present to your attention materials that reveal the theme of the Path of Initiations or the Inner Path, or the Rose Path as fully as possible, as much as internal and external circumstances will allow me.

The Dictations, which the Masters have given through me, as well as other publications, which from my point of view, reveal the theme of “The Rose Path”, will comprise the foundation of this publication.

                                                                                                                        Tatyana Mickushina

                                                                                                                       Love and Light!


“What a paradox that in spite of so much suffering and misery only one among thousands of men is shrewd enough to seek God; and that among such true seekers, perhaps only one will cultivate the unceasing spiritual tenacity to neutralize the effects of bad karma and of cosmic delusion and thus attain the Reality - God.” [1]

 Paramahansa Yogananda


“And so the Path that we are to study is the short though difficult way by which man evolves more rapidly than in the ordinary course of human and natural evolution. It is the Path by which, instead of going round and round the mountain by an ever-climbing spiral, man climbs straight up the mountain-side regardless of cliff and precipice, regardless of gulf and chasm, knowing there is nothing that can stop the Eternal Spirit...”[2]

Annie Besant


A warning to those aspiring to enter the Path

“There is but one road to the Path; at its very end alone the voice of the Silence can be heard. The ladder by which the candidate ascends is formed of rungs of suffering and pain; these can be silenced only by the voice of virtue. Woe, then, to thee, Disciple, if there is one single vice thou hast not left behind. For then the ladder will give way and overthrow thee; its foot rests in the deep mire of thy sins and failings, and ere thou canst attempt to cross this wide abyss of matter thou hast to lave thy feet in Waters of Renunciation. Beware lest thou shouldn’t set a foot still soiled upon the ladder’s lowest rung. Woe unto him who dares pollute one rung with miry feet. The foul and viscous mud will dry, become tenacious, then glue his feet unto the spot, and like a bird caught in the wily fowler’s lime, he will be stayed from further progress. His vices will take shape and drag him down. His sins will raise their voices like as the jackal’s laugh and sob after the sun goes down; his thoughts become an army, and bear him off a captive slave.”[3]


H. P. Blavatsky



Recommendations to aspirants seeking to enter the Path

“Kill thy desires, Lanoo[4], make thy vices impotent, ere the first step is taken on the solemn journey.


Strangle thy sins, and make them dumb forever, before thou dost lift one foot to mount the ladder.


Silence thy thoughts and fix thy whole attention on thy Master whom yet thou dost not see, but whom thou feelest.


Merge into one sense thy senses, if thou would’st be secure against the foe. ’Tis by that sense alone which lies concealed within the hollow of thy brain, that the steep path which leadeth to thy Master may be disclosed before thy Soul’s dim eyes.


Long and weary is the way before thee, O Disciple. One single thought about the past that thou hast left behind, wilt drag thee down and thou wilt have to start the climb anew.


Kill in thyself all memory of past experiences. Look not behind or thou art lost.


Do not believe that lust can ever be killed out if gratified or satiated, for this is an abomination inspired by Mara. It is by feeding více that it expands and waxes strong, like to the worm that fattens on the blossom’s heart.

 The Pupil must regain the child-state he has lost ere the first sound can fall upon his ear.”[5]



H. P. Blavatsky







What is your motive, aspirant?


It is well known that the motive that drives us sets the direction of our movement. That is why it is very important to understand our motives at the very beginning of the Path, to determine the right direction. Because even if we have a huge food reserve, a strong horse and a lot of strength, we will never reach the goal if we go in wrong direction.


There are certain aspirations and internal driving forces in a person, which are formed in more than one incarnation, which allow him or her to unmistakably choose the Path and start to advance along. Other people who do not have sufficient internal achievements will read the same books, the same dictations, listen to the same words, but all these seemingly right actions will only lead them further away from the Path into the wilderness of illusion.


It will not help if you hear somewhere which motive is right, and you begin to convince yourself that your motive is the same. The human psyche is organized in such way and the carnal mind is so crafty that sometimes a person has one motive, which is true and which is determined by his level of consciousness at the current moment, but he hears somewhere that the right motive should be different, and convinces himself that he has exactly such a motive. In this case, his actions will still be driven by the real, hidden motive, regardless of the fact that the person sincerely believes that his motive is different, the motive that he proclaims openly to everyone, including himself.


This explains why people who begin to follow the Path, after some time, turn off or get carried away with something else. This explains why very few people go along the Path and only a few people in a century reach the goal.


A few answers to the question, “What motive are you driven by when you enter the Path?” are listed below. Psychologists advise to answer without thinking. Only then is there the possibility to find out the real motive. Because when the carnal mind gets involved and you begin to think and analyze, then most likely your answer will not point to the real motive, and you will mislead yourself.

So, what drives you when you aspire along the Path:



-      Desire for communication with the Higher worlds


-      Striving to improve your health


-      Improve your financial situation


-      The desire to help your neighbor


-      The desire to realize yourself in this world


-      To part with the unreal part of yourself


-      Service to God


-      Service to all living beings


-      Self-perfection


-      Love for God


-      Other...



T. Mickushina


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