The selected statements from the book
„All is God“
Sutra 7



You are an indivisible part of God and …you make up the body of God, just like all the other living creatures on earth.


You see your aim in helping all the living creatures, because you are each of these living creatures simultaneously. You are just a part of the indivisible organism of the whole Creation. Thus, you are no longer able to affirm that one of the parts of this organism or the class of organism you belong to is the most important one.

If the heart or the kidneys of your organism declare that they are the most important and deserve being paid a special attention to, it will be reflected in the whole organism. The whole organism will feel sick.

Your own separation from all the other living creatures of the Universe exists only in your consciousness, and is characteristic only of the given stage of evolutionary development.

Gautama Buddha, March 17, 2005


…All the living creatures together with me were created in the image of the Deity who had created this world and whose position in the Universe was much higher than ours. We are interconnected with Him and make an indissoluble Unity with Him. I understood that just as I had my Higher Self, the Creator of the Universe also has His own Higher and Lower Selves. And His Lower Self is nothing else but Me in incarnation. The Lower Self of Him is Me together with all the other living creatures in incarnation, and all the Earth as far as you can see.

All of us represent the incarnated Creator.

And He is living in us; He is creating and cognising through us. He is self-actualising through us and through each of the living creatures.

All of us are His cells and blood vessels. We make up His body. And we are interconnected with Him and with each of us.

Everything separating us from each other and from Unity with Him has to be overcome.

Confucius, March 31, 2005


God is everything. God is everything surrounding you as far as you can see. You are God too.

Lord Shiva, April 2, 2005


…The entire world represents by itself only the Divine Energy vibrating at different frequencies. As a matter of fact, there is nothing else in this Universe but the Divine Energy.

Cyclopea, April 7, 2005


All of you constitute the united body of God.

Mighty Victory, June 10, 2005


God does not have any restrictions. All the restrictions exist only in your consciousness and in your perception of the world around you.

Lord Surya, June 12, 2005


…There is nothing more important in your life than your relationship with God, your personal relationship with God.

God does not belong to any religion, faith or nationality. God is Great! And He is everything that is surrounding you: what you see and what you do not see.

Moses, January 3, 2010