Dear Friends, we kindly bring the transcript for the June 2015 Skype Conference of the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina with America to your attention.



Question from California, San José: What priorities can you underline for us, promoting the Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the United States in the near future?
What should we pay attention to, what directions for development should we choose?

What should we do first of all and how do you see the work of Sirius in the US in the future?


Tatyana Mickushina: This Teaching that is given by the Masters is addressed directly to the hearts of people. Even though I receive the Messages they are addressed to the hearts of each person regardless of which part of the globe he or she lives. And each person should be getting from within himself, all the instructions, inspirations and comprehension of what he should do. This is how the Teaching works. Therefore, to give some instructions, it can be done, but if these instructions are not coming from within, it doesn’t seem right. What I mean is that until a person starts receiving the directions from within himself, the outer instructions will not work. First of all we have to make the Teaching available to as many people as we can. We can talk about the Teaching, but then the Teaching will be refracted through the perception of the person who speaks about it. That is why the best will be for the people to connect with the Source itself: the book.



Question from Canada, Toronto: In the West people are not taught to control their thoughts, sometimes it is difficult for us to subject our human mind to our Higher Self.

Following the Teaching we do not pay attention to mass media, we have learned to do prayers and meditations every day.

What other practices, maybe from your own experience, would you recommend for taming our carnal mind?


Tatyana Mickushina: The most important is the regularity of your practice. And also another factor that is important is the time that you devote to your spiritual practice. You should have at least 1 hour a day for your spiritual practice,  but better if it would be 2,5 hours a day. So the most important is the regularity, daily practice, at least one hour a day. These are the most significant factors. Some time later, maybe in several years, maybe in 10 years, maybe in 15 years you will start feeling that all your life is gradually getting devoted exceptionally to God. No matter what we do in life, we need to do it with the right motive. If we do it out of responsibility for our children, for our parents, for our mother, for our friends, if we feel that it is our duty then we actually practice Karma Yoga. In other words, everything we do we devote to God.


A question from Chicago: On June 25th, 2015 the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in the USA. How should we understand homo-sexuality and lesbianism. If a person

If a person from birth cannot determine whether he or she is a man or a woman what should that person do? What should we do? Many of us know people who are called gay. They may be part of our family and we love them


Tatyana Mickushina: Thank you for your question. We all come into this world because each of us has his or her own imperfection. Our task is to overcome these imperfections in this incarnation. For some people the imperfection is their addiction to alcohol, others feel jealousy, that’s their imperfection. Some people get offended easily. Each of us has some imperfection. We do not know why a certain person feels sexual attraction not to the opposite sex but to the same sex. Maybe that is because in a previous life, for example, this person, let’s say, was a woman. And in this incarnation this person becomes a man and cannot adapt easily to the new social role. We have to understand why people get married. We need to answer this question. If people get married to get children, then same-sex marriage will not give that result. If people get married to attain sexual pleasure, in that case the Masters give us Their Teaching. When we direct our sexual energy not to conceive a child but to have personal pleasure, we misuse that energy and by that we create karma. If two men or two women engage in a sexual relationship with each other so that they receive pleasure, they create karma in the same way. Many people say that people of the same sex marry each other to help each other go through life. However, thousands of years ago in order to do that another method was used. It was a monastery or a brotherhood. Not so long ago in the Soviet Union there was a law under which people who had a homosexual relationship were prosecuted according to the law in the criminal code. In many cultures such people were stoned or even killed. Because we know the Teaching we can treat those people differently. With our love we can help them to overcome this imperfection of theirs. When we are too judgemental, when we feel a strong emotional reaction about something, for example about her being a lesbian or about this other person being a homosexual, gay, when we are judgemental about it, we feel hatred! By that strong emotional reaction we attract the same problem for ourselves in the future life. We shall be in the same way a lesbian or a gay in the future life. A very big problem for our society nowadays is that relationships that are not proper become protected by law and are encouraged in every way. The standpoint of the society is very important. When we put the priorities correctly towards the homosexuality, we allow people that are homosexual to overcome their condition. Many people do not have those imperfections but when they see that the society pays a lot of attention to it, they decide, why shouldn’t we try it? Therefore when the society addresses this problem incorrectly then it is very bad.



Question from California, San José: For those of us who have some relation to Islam, the following question is of interest:

Why over the course of all 10 years during which the Dictations have been given, there is not a single message from the Ascended Masters, who would be the “representatives” of the Muslim religion? This means not just Prophet Muhammad.

Are there any Ascended Masters who have been incarnated as Muslims?


Tatyana Mickushina: Many of the Masters who give the Messages have never incarnated on Earth. So we do not know at all to what religion they belonged, when they went through their evolution on their own planet. From those Masters whom we know, the one Who comes to my mind is Master El Morya. In one of his last incarnations he incarnated as Asper the Great. He was the Head of a State and the state was called Mogul Empire. The main religion of that state was Islam. Another example is Master Kuthumi. We know that in one of his incarnations he was incarnated as Shah Jahan and he also practiced Islam. The Masters do not have any problems with the religions. They perceive all the religions as different paths to the One and the same Truth.


Question from Canada: It was written in Dictations that after getting enlightenment, people will aspire to move out of big cities to be closer to nature. But living in secluded places they will have less opportunities of meeting people, sharing their experience, popularizing the Teaching. How to combine these two contradictory factors?


Tatyana Mickushina: I highly doubt that when living in big cities people can get enlightenment. I highly doubt that. In order to practice true spiritual practices seriously, one needs completely different conditions than those that exist in big cities. And there are needed some traditions; traditions that will allow the Teachings to be taught in a way it is supposed to be taught: from the Master to the disciple. The energy in your cities and other locations where people live are not pure enough to practice a serious meditation. In order to get enlightenment one needs to be in a secluded place like mountains or a forests, some place like that. And there must be a certain tradition in the society for those people who meditate. There should be other people who take care of them, bring them food and look after them. There is no problem if the Master is high in the mountains, if there is a disciple who is ready in accordance with the level of vibrations, this disciple will meet this Master sooner or later (she shows the connecting of those vibrations with her left hand moving up to her right hand). 15:44-15:50

We know a recent example of Lahiri Mahasaya. He lived in India and he became a yogi. Once, while he was working, building a road, high in the mountains he asked one of the workers if there was any yogi in the surrounding area. That way he was shown where a yogi lived and he met Babaji. And Babaji told him that Lahiri Mahasaya in his far incarnation was his disciple and Babaji needed to meet him again in order to pass on the Teachings of the Teaching of Kriya Yoga. Therefore we should not be concerned that we will not get the Teaching that we need to get. Everything will happen automatically when we are ready. All we can do is to make efforts to provide better conditions on Earth for the people who live in pure places and perform spiritual practices.


And the last question from Chicago: Tatyana, are you happy with your life? Are you happy performing this service as a Messenger? How would you begin to Teach a chela who would like to become open for communication with the Ascended Masters?


Tatyana Mickushina: I cannot say I am completely happy with what I am doing, because in the beginning when the Masters started to give Messages, they wanted to spread the Teaching everywhere throughout the world. Ten years have passed but the Dictations have not spread widely enough. That is why I cannot say that I am happy. Tatyana Martinenko said you aren’t happy because you are strongly attached to the results. I answered with the beautiful legend. Long time ago, Goddess Tara was born from a lotus which was growing in the lake. That lake was formed by the tears from the eyes of Avalokiteshvara. When Avalokiteshvara understood that no matter how hard he tried he could save a certain number of souls but he could not save all the souls that needed to be saved. After that, he began to cry and from his tears a lake was formed.


Regarding the second question: how would you begin to teach a chela who would like to become open for communication with the Ascended Masters, I only have one method. I always ask that person to help me. I ask that person to help me spread the Teaching in order to save as many souls as possible. Some people begin to help but very quickly they give up. And the true disciples, never stop helping their Master.