External or Internal Path?

Tatyana Mickushina



We go along an external Path. Maybe, that time I didn’t explain completely right. But the fact is, in order to follow the Internal Path, a society needs to be ready for it. Right now, society is on such a low level that we can influence it only with such simple things as: lectures, videos, websites, talks and books - all having an influence somehow, but is all external. In order for an Internal Path to be open, society needs to grow into it.

An Internal Path it is … not everyone can follow it. In order to go along the Internal Path, a certain atmosphere needs to be formed in the society. In other words, people should understand, that for those individuals who are ready to go along the Internal Path, certain conditions are needed to be created. They need to be thought of, to be taken care of, because the energy which they receive through their meditative practices is enough for everything to exist for hundreds of kilometers around them. But these people themselves, if they go along the Internal Path, are not able to take care of themselves. It means that there should be someone who would take on himself the function of their life sustenance, their safety.

In other words, certain conditions need to be created in the society, for society itself to let people follow this Internal Path, those people who are ready for this Path, do you see?

And now in our society… we are at a very low level, people don’t even understand it. No matter how much we explain to people how the chakras work, if they are not working in them, they will not understand, you know?

A Real Hierarchy, a Divine one should be restored in society where the rank which a person holds in society depends strictly on his spiritual level, on his level of spiritual attainments. Now everything is turned on its head in our society. And the general level of society is very low, and those people who control this society also have a very low level accordingly.

That is why the first priority, or task is to raise the level of consciousness of the mainstream population… in any possible way. Because if we don’t reach a certain level, then the further evolution will just be impossible, do you see?

That is why we need… I don’t know … we have just lost a lot of time. And now it is necessary to run really fast to be able to jump into the last train car… run very fast. We have already had the last opportunity, but this is the very last one. Possibly, there is nothing going to be any more…

When we don’t give back what we receive, we become like cancer cells. We fall out of living field of this universe and go to waste, do you see?

The upshot now is that when person is sentenced to death, his last desire is being fulfilled. For example, I don’t know… to smoke, to drink alcohol or something else. Now, Humanity is at the same stage, when everyone has an opportunity to satisfy his last desires.

And only a Divine Miracles can save us all. In order for God to want to manifest the miracle, we have to exert our best efforts. Do you understand now, yes?