Internal and External Path

T. N. Mickushina



How can each of us find this Path? Where does it lie?
Can we reach the top of the luminous Peaks alone?
What is the Path — the Path to the Light?

Mankind has always, at all times sought to know the Truth through a variety of methods: be it science, art, or religion. There are many people who in the process of knowing the truth have achieved more progress than those around them. They founded their own schools, religions, or philosophical systems. Other people choose to follow one or another external dogma, the external system. The founder of one system, ideology or religion sought to convey the truth to his followers and disciples as he understood it.

But you must admit that any manmade philosophical system, belief, or religion is restricted at least by reason of the limitations inherent in the human consciousness. How can one describe the Infinite God, the scheme of the Universe, with a reliable degree of accuracy, having at his disposal imperfect tools? This process could be compared to trying to measure the distance between the nucleus and electrons in the atom with an ordinary student ruler.

Human development takes place through the expansion of consciousness

Our consciousness is limited. The development of mankind occurs through the expansion of consciousness. In this process some are more successful than others. The only difference between us and the Ascended Masters is the level of consciousness.

In other words, we can say that the only difference between God and us is the level of consciousness.

The level of our consciousness is related to our vibrations; in other words, it can be said that the level of our consciousness is related to karma. After all, what is Karma? We know that karma is misused energy that is deposited in our electronic belt as “viscous treacle.” This energy binds us to the material world in which we live because this energy is in consonance with the world around us.

The greatest sages and philosophers of all time achieved their insights precisely because their vibrations differed in their level from the vibrations of most people. This allowed their consciousness to reach great heights from which they drew their knowledge.

How to ease your Path, support tools

Any dogma or restriction by an external religion, established by its founders, is aimed only at being a sign, a reminder of what needs to be done to make the Path easier.

Thou shalt not kill ... Thou shalt not steal ... Do not commit adultery ... Observe the fast ...Pray ...

In and of themselves these restrictions are not a panacea, rather they are as supporting means to ease the Path and throw off the fetters of this world, the imperfect energies that bind us to the earth, lifetime after lifetime.

And if we are successful in our efforts, our consciousness soars up, and we do not see the world as if through a muddy glass. We see things as they are.

Followers of Christ, Buddha, and others, (those who did not possess or do not have an expanded Christ consciousness,) tend to focus on external dogmas and limitations, forgetting why they are needed.

This is just as if we were carefully preparing to go on the road, taking with us all the necessary things — a supply of water, food, saddled our horses — and set out on the Path. The only thing that we did not do is define the purpose of our journey, and consequently we do not know in which direction to go. But we have set out.

If we do not set ourselves the goals that God wants us to reach, our movement would be meaningless. Yes, we will comply with all praying, restrictions on food and the rules of conduct, but — why?

What God wants from us

We know that the New Epoch, the Age of Aquarius, has come. New energies came to Earth. Our consciousness has even more opportunities for development. Maybe something has to change in our purposes?

How do we know what has changed? It is not on the radio or on television and it is unlikely that we can read about it in the newspapers.

God has always sent His Messengers and Prophets to enable people to obtain the necessary information through them. But who are the Messengers and Prophets? These are people who, thanks to their past achievements and newly acquired skills, have developed the ability to hear the voice of God, to understand His language.

This can be achieved by everyone.

Why do we so often focus on limitations and dogmas and why do we so rarely think about what God really wants from us?

God wants us to return Home, to Him. To do that we must give up, surrender, every part of our mortal selves. This is just a different level of consciousness that is available to all of us, right now. We just need to abandon dogmas and strive to God.

We just need to be aware every moment of our lives that the physical body is given to us temporarily. It is simply an instrument of God, required for Him to act in the physical world. It is not our body, it belongs to God. We must always remember this.

Our emotional body also belongs to God. We must surrender voluntarily our human feelings to God. Then more and more often we will experience Divine feelings. We will be able to feel unconditional, Divine Love.

We must also turn away from our mental and etheric bodies, from our human thoughts and aspirations. Then God can work through us.

The quality of Love is action

Yes, prayers are needed; they transform the subtle worlds and their action sooner or later affects our physical world. But we need concrete action on the physical plane.

The ability to act and interact is a manifestation of the quality of Love on the physical plane.

Whatever anyone may tell me about his achievements, or his ability to communicate with the Masters, I see the level of achievement of a person reflected in his ability to act. The ability to do the work of God in the physical octave indicates a high level of human achievement. But only to do exactly what God wants to be done, and not what we think God wants to be done. There is a difference.

We are here to do the work of God. We are here to realize our Being, to be God in embodiment.

How to determine our consonance with the world of God

Of course in Their time, Jesus and Buddha, along with others, have already told mankind everything that was needed. But God continues to send His Messengers and Prophets. Why? Because the illusion of this world is strong, because we need tuning forks by which we can determine our consonance with the world of God.

Someone can achieve everything himself, using only books and lectures, but I'm sure that there is something that is transmitted in addition to books from the Teacher’s aura to the disciple’s aura. Only in direct communication can a full exchange of energy be possible, allowing us to rise to a new level of consciousness and to accelerate and increase our vibrations. This reduces the travel time in one life — that is, of course, as long as we make the right choices.

Finding God within

Our world is dual. In every religion, in every church, there are people who choose an external path, the path of church dogmas and a church career. By and large this is the path of the world, leading to death.

And in every faith and religion, there are also people who opt for the inner Path, to seek and find God within themselves and to become God in embodiment. Any church is strong precisely because of these people. And the wise leadership of the external church will never persecute these people because it gains its strength through them. For example, in the Orthodox Church this strength comes from the elders and Saints, such as Saint Sergius of Radonezh and Saint Seraphim of Sarov in Russia. Surely there are such people now, and they can be found almost at every service, in almost every church.

I outlined my thoughts about God. And I think it will help you, my readers, to better understand me and my aspirations.


With all my Love to you,
Tatyana Mickushina



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